In the Shadows of Starlight Mission Walkthrough in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 In the Shadows of Starlight Mission

This is it as you can now finally stop “The Destroyer” from being unleashed after previously acquiring the Nekrotafeyo vault key and now have all of them in order to use “The Machine”.

You are to head back to Sanctuary to report Tannis and bring her back the last vault key for her to charge followed by all of you heading to the planet to power up “The Machine”.

Mission Walkthrough

Charging Up The Last Vault Key


Head back to Sanctuary so you can bring the Nekrotafeyo vault key back for Tannis to charge before going back to the planet.


Tannis along with the others will be waiting in her lab and will talk to you once you arrive.


Place the Nekrotafeyo vault key on the marked location so Tannis, assisted by Ava can begin powering it up.


Once the vault key has been charged, head back to the planet so you can make your way towards the vault along with the other Crimson Raiders.

Heading To The Pyre Of Stars Gate


Once you are back in Nekrotafeyo, head back to the Pyre Of Stars gate or “The Machine” as called by Typhon DeLeon.


Meet up with the others where you will need to place the last vault key in order to open up the path to “The Machine”.


Place the vault key which will then along with the other vault keys, in order to activate the Eridian bridge.


Cross the bridge with the others and proceed making your way towards The Pyre Of Stars where Tannis will run ahead and Typhon DeLeon will be using his whip to help him across.


Enter the next zone labeled “The Pyre Of The Stars” where the mission will continue and the others will be waiting for you.

Stopping The Destroyer


Follow Tannis as she leads the way to the first pedestal where she will begin to examine and figure out a way to prevent Tyreen from absorbing The Destroyer.


Tannis will ask you for the Pandora vault key and you will need to hand it over to her before proceeding with the mission.


As Tannis handles the Pandora pedestal, you and Typhon are to make your way to the Promethea pedestal while fighting through multiple guardian enemies.


Once you reach the Promethea pedestal, place the Promethea vault key in the are marked and proceed to follow Typhon to the next one.


Make your way through more guardians in order to continue along with Typhon, heading towards the waypoint.


You will come across a closed area with a switch nearby that you can interact with to open up another path out of the area.


Once you have used the switch, Eridian steps will begin to appear that you and Typhon will need to climb up on to get to the next area.


This time Tyreen will have her bandits attack you as well as guardians will be in the area fighting everything they come across.


Fight through all the enemies and make you way towards a beam that will push you up after jumping on it to get to follow Typhon to the Eden-6 pedestal.


Once you reach the area where the Eden-6 pedestal is located, follow Typhon DeLeon so you can later place it in the right spot.


Place the Eden-6 vault key in the marked location and continue with Typhon DeLeon in making your way towards the last pedestal.


You will continuously be facing bandits and guardians, the further you proceed to each pedestal and may have to clear them out to make Typhon DeLeon push forward.


You and Typhon will come across dual switches that must be simultaneously activated and will at any time when they are green, activate them and proceed further inside.


As you progress towards the last pedestal, which is the Nekrotafeyo pedestal, you must fight your way past even more guardians and push against them along with Typhon to get through their numbers.


Once you reach the Nekrotafeyo pedestal, place the Nekrotafeyo vault key to complete the sequence of placing all four vault keys.

Defending Tannis


Make your way back to Tannis who will then begin the process of closing Pandora which will cause Tyreen to interfere.


As Ava creates a shield, you are to protect her and Tannis as well as clear out all of the enemies that appear and come after you.


Clear all of the enemies until there are none left, including anointed enemies that Tyreen has spawned in the area.


Once you have cleared all enemies, a cutscene will appear where Tyreen interferes, attacks everyone and eventually brings Typhon to his demise.

After the cutscene the mission will come to an end once you are back with the rest of the group.

In The Shadow Of Starlight Mission Rewards


Upon Completion of the In The Shadow Of Starlight mission, you will receive around 33,498 cash.



  • You will need to fight through several groups of enemies which may take up some time due to the several areas but this can be solved easily with area of effect damage, weapons or skills that can pull enemies together for easier targeting or other weapons which may damage several enemies at once.
  • Typhon DeLeon may prevent you from rushing past enemies and heading to the next location which will mean you have to clear each area that you will be passing by.
  • It would be wise to change your load out to stronger weapons since the enemies can be higher levels than you or your previous weapons may be ineffective.

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