Beneath The Meridian Walkthrough in BL3

Borderlands 3 Beneath the Meridian Mission

The Crimson Raiders have finally acquired all the vault map fragments that they need and now make preparations to head into the vault that they have been seeking.

Your task is head over to the vault location and enter it to explore the secrets that it has hidden inside it and what else lies beyond what you find.

Mission Walkthrough

Give Tannis The Vault Key Fragment


Start off by handing over the last vault key fragment to Tannis who will work on it while you and the others are planning things out.


Head over to Lilith who will be waiting for you at the bridge where you will later be told by Rhys where the vault is located.


Rhys will tell you where the location is and you will then make your way there by following the waypoint heading form the Watershed base.


On the way to the location, Maliwan forces will attack you but Rhys will have sent back up along with Zer0 who will later on destroy the Maliwan shield blocking the way.


Talk with Zer0 and he will use his sword to destroy the shield, allowing you to progress towards the location the waypoint is marking.


Enter the Neon Arterial area where you will make your way towards the subway station that leads to the vault.


Once in the Neon Arterial, meet up with Maya who will join you going to and exploring the vault.


Ellie will digistruct a vehicle for the two of you to use which you may drive once Maya hops on the back.


Make your way towards the waypoint while blasting through the Children Of The Vault and several gates that are blocking your path.


Once you reach your destination, you and Maya will continue by foot leading to the Apollyon Station which is already occupied by the Children Of The Vault.


Fight your way through the enemies until a path is cleared out so Maya can open up the entrance which has been shut to keep you out.


Once Maya has destroyed the blocked entrance, head further inside the station and make your way towards the waypoint.


Fight your way to the end of the station which will bring you to an entrance to what appears to be a cave within the building.


Descend down into the cave and fight your way to the vault as you come across the vault guardians who will attempt to stop you from reaching the path.


As you make your way to the end of the cave, you will come across a large door which will bring you near a big boss fight.


There will be two vending machines for you to replenish your health and ammunition which is highly recommended since the fight can be quite ammo consuming.


When you are ready, head down a tight passage which you will not be able to come back from unless you fast travel.


As you and Maya move forward, you will later be instructed to use the vault key which will then open up a portal.


A cutscene will play where The Rampager will come out of the portal and soon after you will have to fight it along with Maya helping you.


The Rampager will have 3 phases so it could be a long fight and after it has been defeated, you will be allowed to enter the vault.


Loot what you can from The Rampager after you kill it and out of nowhere Ava will appear which causes Maya to tell you to go ahead of them since she needs to talk to Ava.


Make your way towards the portal and enter it to go inside the vault and explore what is inside of it.


Tannis will attempt to make contact with you since contact via ECHO doesn’t go through the portal and she uses a method similar to how Lilith would contact you.


Pick up the Eridian Resonator inside the vault and use it to smash the Eridian shards around you as well as the ones covering the chests if you wish to loot them a well as get some Eridian.


Head over to the waypoint and smash the Eridian deposit that is covering up the lodestar.


Once the lodestar is revealed, interact with it to proceed with finding where the next destination of the Crimson Raiders will be.


As you head back to through the portal, a cutscene will play where the Calypso twins attack Maya and Ava which ends in Maya’s tragic demise.


By the time you arrive, Ava will be alone and you need to talk to her and exit the vault, making your way back to Sanctuary.


A meeting will be held at the bridge where everyone has gathered due to Maya’s death and Ava gets mad at Lilith, causing Lilith to ask you to talk to her before the Crimson Raiders continue their journey.

Talking to Ava is a bonus objective which you can either do or just proceed with talking to Lilith.


Speaking to Ava will accomplish the bonus objective and you will then need to head back to Lilith to proceed.


Once you are ready, talk to Lilith to complete the mission which will then start the Hammerlocked mission that will set you and the Crimson Raiders on a course for Eden-6.

Beneath The Meridian Mission Rewards


Upon completion of the Beneath The Meridian mission, you will be rewarded with around 3,252 cash as well as the “Book Of The Storm” epic weapon trinket.

If you spoke to Ava, you will be rewarded with the legendary sub machinegun, “Cloud Kill” which was Maya’s weapon.



  • Focus on heading to the waypoints instead of fighting all the enemies scattered around so you can group them together for easier kills if you can kill them fast enough to save time.
  • Be sure to bring different guns and replenish your ammo whenever you can, especially before facing The Rampager.
  • The guardians can be quite strong, be sure to use cover when fighting them and try not to get caught in the middle of a large group.

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