Opposition Research Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Opposition Research Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Promethea
  • Location: Skywel-27
  • Level: 20

Gonner Maleggies, an undercover Atlas operative has lost his legs and can’t carry out his mission so he asks you to help him finish it before he dies.

You will be tasked to help him find his buddies who were searching for intel to use that could sever the alliance between Katagawa and the Children Of The Vault.

Mission Walkthrough

Finding The Spies


You will first need to find Gonner Maleggies’ fellow spies to see if they have found any intel that is worth sending to Atlas.


Follow the waypoint to the first spy who will already be dead and Gonner will tell you to search the body which turns up with no clues.


You will then head over to one of the cubicles and search the toilet nearby which will have the intel that the dead spy has hidden.


The toilet will have an ECHO log that the spy has hidden and you are to pick it up and play it which will set you towards the next waypoint.


The second waypoint sends you towards the second spy who has been tortured and has given up the intel that he has found.


This is found out once you inspect him and Gonner will guess that the spy had given up the intel, prompting you to search a nearby locker if it is stored there.


Head to the nearby locker that is locked which is marked by the waypoint and interact with it whill will cause the alarms to go off and an interrogator to spawn.


Once the interrogator spawns in the area, head out the room where you opened the locker and kill him.


The interrogator will drop a key that will open up the locker that you previously tried to open which you will now use to acquire the intel.


Grab the ECHO log that is in the locker to play it which will lead you to the search for the third and last spy.


Make your way to the waypoint where the third spy is and you will witness him fighting against Maliwan forces.


You will need to kill the Maliwan forces before you will be able to speak with the spy who is holding intel that he has collected.


Once the Maliwan forces are cleared out, approach the spy and take the intel that he is handing over to proceed with the mission.

Infiltrating The Data Center


Your next task will be to head to the data center which you will do by opening up the door by pressing a button at the side which is marked by a waypoint.

Accessing Data


Once you are in the data center, use the central computer to check for intel that is stored on the servers.


You will be prompted to enter a password which Gonner will begin to guess for you in an attempt to log in to the central computer.

After Gonner gives you the correct password, some intel will be revealed and Maliwan forces will begin to respond.


Kill all of the Maliwan forces to proceed but be prepared because after the Maliwan are cleared out, Children Of The Vault will also come to attack you.


When the Children Of The Vault arrive, begin taking them out until none of them are left to proceed.

Starting a Fight Between Maliwan And COV


A saved audio log of Katagawa planning to kill Tyreen and Troy Calypso will play which will cause the Children Of The Vault to become angry.


The Children Of The Vault will begin to fight with Maliwan forces which makes the mission a success and you will then be instructed to clear out both the Children Of The Vault as well as the Maliwan troops in the area.

Uploading The Data


After clearing out both the Children Of The Vault and Maliwan enemies in the area, head over to the console and upload the data that you have acquired to Atlas.

Gonner will tell you that the mission is complete and will begin to die but not before remembering your reward which you will receive shortly after the mission has gone successfully.

Opposition Research Mission Rewards


After completing the mission, you will be rewarded with around 1,736 cash and a legendary weapon trinket called “Stink Eye”.



  • You do not necessarily have to fight all of the enemies unless the objectives require you to do so and may go straight to the two spies if you wish to hurry through the mission.
  • This mission should be done along with the Space-Laser Tag mission to increase your level before fighting the Katagawa Ball boss at the end so you do not have a hard time as well as you won’t have to go back later on to kill all the enemies all over again.
  • You will be facing both Maliwan and COV forces in the mission so its good to be prepared for the fight and gear up with either stronger weapons or elemental weapons that can deal a good amount of damage to each type of enemy such as bringing shock, corrosive and incendiary weapons.
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