Borderlands 3 Katagawa Ball (Boss): Defeating, Location, Attacks, Drops, Weak Spots

Borderlands 3 Katagawa Ball Boss

Katagawa Ball is a very large version of a death sphere, most likely Katagawa’s version of the Rhys Ball which Rhys had you help him set up from a sphere that you found.

You will come across the Katagawa Ball in the Space-Laser Tag mission and will fight this before being able to acquire a vault key fragment.


You will fight Katagawa Ball near the end of the Space-Laser Tag mission after destroying the Zanara using the orbital laser which is later followed by the Katagawa Ball appearing and destroying Rhys Ball which leads to you having to fight it.

Fighting & Killing Katagawa Ball


Using corrosive type weapons can deal a good deal of damage to the Katagawa Ball’s armor while shock can do a good deal against its shields.

Katagawa Ball will come at you with different attacks so be sure to plan out your movement in advance and also be sure to take cover to avoid taking too much damage.

There are certain areas which can be used as good cover for some or even all of Katagawa Ball’s attacks which would be wise since the lack of enemies in the area makes it hard to get a second wind and can make it extremely difficult for solo play.


When Katagawa Ball will do a certain attack, you can tell which of its attacks will occur depending on its movement as well as the distance it keeps from you.

Breaking its line of sight will usually cause its attacks to miss while you can pick off a few shoots every now and then.

Weak Spots


The Katagawa Ball’s weak spot is in its eye at the center which can be shot from small to medium distances.

This can cancel its current attacks, especially if they last for several seconds and can help you control the outcome of the fight.

Notable Attacks

Incendiary Projectile


One of Katagawa Ball’s basic attacks when health is still in its armor phase which basically tosses an incendiary projectile at you or your location.

Upon impact the projectile will deal damage as well as cause the ground below to remain burning for some time.

Avoid taking a hit directly by moving out of the way since the projectile does not travel very fast and be sure not to stay in the area which it has impacted.

Scattered Rounds


Fires multiple projectiles in random directions which does not have that much damage and doesn’t hit that well but still can deal quite some damage if you are very careless.

Simply shrug off the hits or hide behind something that can block the projectiles from reaching you.

Rocket Salvo


A barrage of rockets from Katagawa Ball’s sides which is fired from each side but can be reduced or completely disable by destroying the sides first.

This can deal a high amount of area damage and can end up killing you instantly if you get hit multiple times.

Be sure to listen to what Katagawa says so you know if he will launch such an attack and always be ready to hide behind an object that can block the explosions from the front.

Directional Beam


An elemental beam that can be fired in four directions which will be aimed at your location and channeled for a short duration.

Hiding behind something that can obstruct the beam can protect you but, in the event, that there is a space near you, the beam may have area of effect which may still deal a good amount of damage to your health or shields.

Elemental Tendrils


Tendril like beams come out as Katagawa Ball goes crazy, damaging anything that they hit which can deal a large amount of damage if you don’t stay out of the way.

This usually occurs when Katagawa Ball is down to his first shield after its armor has been depleted.

Simply keep a good distance and hide behind an obstacle to prevent taking too much damage.

Elemental Projectile


Similar to Incendiary Projectile except this time Katagawa Ball will lob out different projectiles with different elemental properties, leaving their existing status effect in the area of impact.

Just like the Incendiary Projectiles, keep out of the way and avoid the area of effect to prevent any unnecessary damage.

Shock Field


Katagawa Ball gains a field that deal shock damage to those nearby which can take out shields or health quite fast if you remain too close.

This can be avoided by running away or dealing a critical hit to cancel the attack.

Beware that this attack can reach you through obstacles and it is best to create distance instead of trying to hide.

Multiple Element Tendrils


During Katagawa Ball’s last bar of shields, it will lash out with multiple tendrils of different elements dealing damage and practically going ballistic.

Keep distance and continue firing at it until it is cancelled or until Katagawa Ball is destroyed.

Notable Drops


Katagawa Ball usually drops the normal boss loot with uncommon to rare loo with a chance as well to drop the “Tsunami” legendary sub machine gun more than other legendary weapons.



  • It is best not to fight Katagawa Ball head on, especially if you are the same level or not equipped properly due to the high damage it can deal to your character.
  • Make use of cover and looks for spots where you can hide as well as kite its pathing to avoid taking damage out in the open.
  • Aim to get critical hits often to cancel out as many of its attacks as you can to avoid taking on too much damage.
  • If you want to deal more damage against it, bring a corrosive weapon for the armor and a shock weapon for the shields.
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