Blood Drive Mission Walkthrough in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Blood Drive Mission

Tannis has been taken by the Calypso twins and has be been sent over to Pandora where she will be killed to entertain her followers for their Eridian pledge drive.

Your task is to head back to Pandora and find a way to locate Tannis and the means to rescue her from getting killed by the Children Of The Vault so you can bring her back to Sanctuary.

Mission Walkthrough

Going To Devil’s Razor


You will need to meet up with Vaughn after fast traveling to Pandora who is in a zone called Devil’s Razor.


Grab a vehicle and drive towards the waypoint where the entrance to Devil’s Razor will be located within a small bandit outpost.


You will reach a gate with a giant “V” on it which is blocking the way and you are to destroy it to proceed to the waypoint.


It is up to you to either ram the gate with your vehicle or shoot it with the mounted weapons followed by you heading inside.


Once the gate is down head towards Devil’s Razor which is doable by accessing the zone inside the area you just opened up.

Talk With Vaughn


After entering Devil’s Razor make your way towards the waypoint where Vaughn is waiting for you to give you further instructions.


Do not worry if you did not bring a vehicle as there will be a nearby Catch-A-Ride for you to use and you should definitely use it because it’ll be a long drive.


Make your way to Roland’s Rest where Vaughn and his group of Crimson Raiders are holding down a base.


Speak with Vaughn once you arrive and he will tell you that you will need to head to another zone called Splinterlands which is where Tannis is being held at a bandit event outpost.

Going To Splinterlands


Head your way towards the waypoint which will bring you to Bollock’s Niche where the entrance to the Splinterlands is located.


Once you arrive at the gate, begin to enter the Splinterlands zone with your vehicle on foot to proceed with the mission.

Entering The Carnivora Festival


In order to save Tannis, you will need to gain access to the Carnivora Festival which will lead you to heading to their location.


For you to be granted access to the Carnivora Festival, you will need to make a sacrifice which are usually vehicles that the bandits choose to accept.


Park your vehicle on the conveyer and head up to the waypoint where the activation button is located and press it.


Your vehicle will be rejected and you will not be allowed to enter the Carnivora Festival since the vehicle is not pimped out enough to be a worthy sacrifice.

The Golden Truck


After being denied entry into the Carnivora Festival, you need to find a better vehicle that you may offer as a sacrifice.

Vaughn has remembered that a person named Big Donny won a golden truck and suggests that you take that and offer it instead.


There will be a Catch-A-Ride where you offered your vehicle nearby which you can use to get your vehicle to spawn again.

Hop in your vehicle and make your way to Big Donny’s chop shop which is marked by a waypoint.


Once you reach Big Donny’s chop shop you will need to continue on foot and search for the golden truck that you will need to steal.


Fight your way through the bandits and make your way towards the waypoint inside of the chop shop to search for Big Donny and the golden truck.


Big Donny will attempt to stop you along with the other bandits in the area so you need to kill him proceed as well as acquire the key from him for the golden truck.


Once you kill Big Donny, he will drop a bunch of loot as well as the key that you will need for the golden truck.


Grab Big Donny’s key and make your way towards the waypoint nearby which will require you to head up to where the controls are that will allow you to lower the golden truck.



Climb your way up to where the waypoint is marking the controls for the crane which will then lower down the golden truck so you can drive away in it.


As soon as the truck is lowered, hop in and drive off with it so you can make your way back to the Carnivora Festival to offer the golden truck as a sacrifice.

Sacrificing The Golden Truck


Make your way back in the golden truck so you can sacrifice it in order to be granted entry to the Carnivora Festival.


Park the golden truck on the conveyer just like you did earlier with your previous vehicle and activate the conveyer to continue with your offer.


The golden truck will be accepted and you will then be allowed to enter the Carnivora Festival to track down where they are keeping Tannis.

Searching For Tannis


Once you are inside the Carnivora Festival, you will need to make your way towards the waypoints that will change every time you enter an area.


Fight through the enemies or run past them in order to keep reaching the waypoints and the ones that follow them.


After a few waypoints, you will arrive at an area called La Cage O’ Tinks which you will need to go down to by using an elevator.


Use the lever to send the elevator down and be prepare to fight a large amount of tinks that will be waiting for you.


Fight your way through the tinks and head towards the waypoint where another elevator will be ready to take you back up to where the main event is.


Take the elevator once you reach it in order to be brought back up from underground where Tannis is supposedly being held captive nearby.


Once the elevator has reached the top, proceed towards the waypoint to where you will find gates that lead to Carnivora.


There will be gates that are wired to a device nearby which you may activate to open them up so you can enter the next area.

Chasing Carnivora


It will turn out that Carnivora is a mobile outpost which is where Tannis is being kept prisoner and you will then need to chase after it.


Head over to the Golden Chariot which is also known as the golden truck as it is the closest vehicle nearby and use it to chase down Carnivora.


Keep chasing after Carnivora until you close the distance between yourself and the large mobile outpost and do not dismount as you will need to fire at it while driving.


Once you have closed the distance between your vehicle and Carnivora, you are to fire at its fuel lines which will glow red and become vulnerable to your vehicle weapons.


You will need to destroy all three of the fuel lines where one will be one the back as well as one on both the left and the right side of Carnivora.


Once the fuel lines have been destroyed, Carnivora will slow down and you will then be tasked with killing the support crews that come out from it.


You will then need to destroy the transmission of the Carnivora to completely stop the mobile outpost to cause severe damage.


Once Carnivora has stopped, more support vehicles will be released to attack you which you must also destroy before proceeding to the next task.


Once you have taken care of the supporting crew, destroy the fuel tank located in the bank to permanently stop Carnivora from moving.


The Carnivora will be completely disabled and you will soon board it after the explosions clear out.


A passage will become accessible from one of its damaged vents which will take you the inside zone which is called Guts Of Carnivora.

Inside The Carnivora


Just as you entered the Carnivora Festival, the inside of the Carnivora will have several waypoints that you must reach as you are searching for Tannis.


Fight your way through all the enemies and continue to make your way to each waypoint marked on your map in order to reach the next part of the mission.


At the end there will be an elevator which will take you up to a boss fight but before heading up you will need to choose one of the three buttons which will play your entrance music as required before the fight.


Pick any of the buttons to be brought up and wait for the elevator to bring you to the next area which is near the boss fight.

Destroy The Agonizer 9000


Once the elevator arrives at the top, there will be an area for you to jump down which will begin the boss fight.


Tannis will be held captive during the fight so you will be all on your own for the time being and will face Pain and Terror who are going to control the Agonizer 9000 that you will be going up against.


Engage the Agonizer 9000 in a fight and continue damaging it until its health bar runs out which will bring you to the next phase.


Once the second phase of the fight begins, the Agonizer’s Eridium Core will be exposed and you are to shoot it in order to finish the fight.


After the core is destroyed, the Eridian will power up Tannis which exposes her powers revealing she is a siren followed by her destroying what is left of the Agonizer 9000.


Pain and Terror will fall out of the machine and your new objective will be to finish both of them off.

Finishing Of Pain And Terror


Pain and Terror will no longer fight back and you can pretty much kill them with one shot and after killing them, head over and talk to Tannis.


Once you talk to Tannis, she will give a brief explanation of what happened and later on the mission will be complete.

Blood Drive Mission Rewards


Completing the Blood Drivemission will reward you with around 12,671 cash along with the “Road Warrior” unique artifact.



  • If you are a higher level than most of the enemies or simply want to avoid a long battle inside both Carnivora Festival and Carnivora, you may simple run past the enemies to the waypoints to finish the mission faster.
  • Be sure to use both attacks on your vehicle when chasing after Carnivora to destroy its weak spots faster as well as the support crews.
  • Corrosive weapons can help you destroy the Agonizer 9000 faster and aiming for its many weak spots can give you an edge when fighting it.

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