Taking Flight Mission Walkthrough in BL3

Borderlands 3 Taking Flight

After the Cult Following Mission, Lilith analyzes the vault map but notices that something is wrong with it and will need you to take it to her Eridian expert for analyzing followed by the Crimson Raiders preparing for leaving Pandora.

You will be tasked with bringing the vault map to the Eridian expert as well as helping with preparations needed for a ship that Ellie has been working on that will bring you and the Crimson Raider out of Pandora.

Mission Walkthrough

Heading To The Dig Site


Grab a vehicle from the Catch-A-Ride so you can reach the dig site faster or walk if you feel like it and follow the waypoint.


The path to the dig site is narrow so you will have to continue on foot heading to the waypoint from there on.

Meeting Tannis


Approach the structure once you reach the dig site and wait for Tannis, the Eridian expert/researcher to exit her small research center.


After a quick chat with Tannis she will ask you to hand over the Vault Map which she will then take a look at inside her research center.


Tannis will tell you that you can start looting around the area while you are waiting which is a good idea, especially if you are low on ammunition.

Defend Tannis And The Map


Soon after you are looting or even while you are still looting the area, bandits will start attacking your camp.

You will have to fend them off while waiting for Lilith to arrive and help you which is pretty much after you kill a certain number of bandits.


Once Lilith arrives, the two of you will fight of the remaining bandits until there are none left so that the area is secure.

Analyzing The Vault Map


Tannis will reveal that the Vault Map is damage but there is still a hint in the map that leads you and the Crimson Raiders to set off to a new destination, Promethia.

Meeting At The Drydock


After the discussion about the next destination that the Crimson Raiders are to head out to, you will then be instructed to meet up with everyone at the drydock where Ellie has been working on a ship for the Crimson Raiders to use for their traveling.


Once you reach the drydock, Lilith and Ellie will teleport to the location via Lilith’s siren powers and you will have a quick chat before you are given your next task.

Collecting Biofuel


Your next task will be to help Ellie prepare for the departure of the ship which will require you to collect biofuel and an Astronav Chip.


To collect biofuel, you will have to use the custom vehicle which Ellie has prepared for collecting biofuel by means of running over enemies to convert them into the needed biofuel.

Take the vehicle and run over enemies and regardless of Ellie mentioning bandits and skags, you may also run over other enemies that are also biological.

To collect a sufficient amount of biofuel, you will need to run over 10 enemies in total to complete your quota.

Obtaining an Astronav Chip


The Astronav Chip is located in a cave that leads to a bandit camp where you may simply take it without fighting off all the enemies in the area.


Fight your way inside the cave and head to where the waypoint is marking the location of the Astronav Chip.


Grab the Astronav Chip that is plugged into one of the devices inside the bandit camp and either clear off the remaining enemies or head back to your vehicle.

You will need to bring both the biofuel rig and the Astronav Chip back to the drydocks so be sure to go back for the vehicle instead of running back or getting another vehicle.

Fueling Up The Ship


Head back to the drydocks and part the biofuel rig in the designated location so that the fueling process may begin.


Once the biofuel has been loaded into the ship, head towards where Lilith is standing to continue along with the mission.


There will be an explosion and a cutscene will play which shows Lilith getting ambushed and needing you to come to the rescue.

Saving Lilith


Head the other way and follow the waypoint to reach a lift that will bring you up so you can cross over to the other side where Lilith is downed.

Proceed with following the waypoint which will take you to where Lilith is downed so that you can rush to save her.


Once you arrive and see Lilith, proceed by taking out all of the enemies in the area but be prepared as there will be a bunch of bandits coming at you.


After you take out all the bandits, head over to Lilith who is still downed and revive her to continue on with the mission.


After helping Lilith up, she will make her way towards the ship and you are to head over to Ellie to talk to her.

Ellie will hand you the Astronav Chip and tell you to hang on to it for the time being and after this the mission will be completed.

Once this mission is completed, the Sanctuary mission will be active and will become your next main mission.

Taking Flight Mission Rewards


After the Taking Flight mission is completed, you will receive an epic pistol along with 530 Cash and there will also a new vehicle unlocked similar to the one you recently drove.



  • Try not to venture too far off when collecting biofuel as there are many enemies in the area which you can collect biofuel.
  • If you want to save time, especially if you level is higher than the enemies in the cave where the Astronav Chip is located, you may simply grab the chip and run out to avoid fighting enemies that wont benefit you a good amount of experience.
  • In the final fight, be sure to loot on your way as you might run out of ammunition and try to make use of cover as well as the objects that you may shoot for explosions or other effects for an advantage during the fight.

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