The Guns of Reliance Mission Walkthrough in BL3

Borderlands 3 The Guns of Reliance Mission

The town of Reliance has been overrun by children of the vault and needs to be freed from their control along with the other allies in Eden-6 that still remain.

You will be tasked to meet up with Clay who will fight alongside you as you liberate the town as well as the prisoners that the Children Of The Vault have captured.

Mission Walkthrough

Meeting Clay


Head over to Reliance where you are supposed to meet Clay so that you can liberate the town.


Approach the gate which seems to have no enemies outside up to a distance until a cutscene will play.


A cutscene plays where you will see Clay for the first time as he kills two enemies at the entrance.

Entering Reliance


Head up to Clay and speak to him which will end with the two of you having a quick introduction and briefing.


Follow Clay as he finds another way into the town as the gates are locked an you won’t be able to enter from the main entrance.

Liberating Reliance


Once you and Clay enter the town, there will be Children Of The Vault bandits all over the place which you must clear out.


Once the bandits have been cleared out, follow Clay to the storage area which is locked that he is trying to figure out a way to get inside of.


Bandits will soon approach as Clay also tells you to free some of the captives which you are to set out to do immediately.

There are two cages with locks that may be shot which will release Kyle and another one that will release Jon Ryan.


Free both of them by shooting the locks on each of the cages and continue fighting the Children Of The Vault with their aid.


Clear out all of the Children Of The Vault that are or were guarding the cages until the area is clear.


Once the enemies have been all cleared out, head to Clay who will continue to examine the locked storage area.


Clay will ask you to find a way inside and you are then to shoot the control box which will cause it to explode, opening up a small entrance.


Enter the storage area and loot the chests and containers inside for gear then follow Clay once more as he inspects the area.


Clay will be searching for Dalton who was kidnapped by the Children Of The Vault since he was the gunsmith who created their weapons.

As Clay is investigating to figure out where he has been taken, you will need to guard him.


Children Of The Vault will start to attack the town and you along with the other survivors are to fend them off.


After clearing most of the attackers, everyone is to regroup at the gas station for further instructions from Clay.


Even more bandits will begin to attack and this time you along with everyone in the town are to fight back against them.


Clear out all of the bandits until none are left so that you can proceed with the next part of the mission.

Restoring Power


After clearing out all the enemies, it will be time to restore power to Reliance and Clay says that you should do the honors.


Climb up to the top of the gas station and pull the lever which will start the power in the town, this will be marked by a waypoint to be found easily.

Finding Dalton


Clay will instruct you to locate the gunsmith Dalton who has been taken to Fort Sunshine as a prisoner by the Children Of The Vault.

You are to head over to Fort Sunshine so that you can free Dalton and will begin by making your way to the location marked by a waypoint either by foot or by vehicle.


As you approach Fort Sunshine, bandits will begin to attack you and you are to clear them out before proceeding to the next step.


Clay will tell you to head over to a lookout spot to get a better view on how to enter Fort Sunshine since the main way in is blocked off.


Run or drive over to the location and make your way to the top so that you can get a better view of the area.


Your character will notice the cranes carrying cargo to Fort Sunshine which will then be the next brilliant idea that your character suggests.

Of course, being the one that suggested it, you will be the one that has to push through with the idea that your character thought of which is riding the crane into Fort Sunshine.

Entering Fort Sunshine


Drive over to Lumberhold which is where the cranes will be passing by and which is where you will get you ride to Fort Sunshine.


Either fight your way through the enemies or clear the whole area as long as you can get on a crane you will pretty much progress.


Make your way to where the cranes pass and prepare to jump onto either logs or a container to get a lift to Fort Sunshine.


Plan out where you want to jump down and get a good look at the area so you know what you are diving too.

The crane will steadily take you to Fort Sunshine so be sure to reload all your weapons and plan out your next move.


Jump down wherever you want when you are above Fort Sunshine which will cause Children Of The Vault enemies to begin to attack you.

Rescuing Dalton


Clear out all of the bandits in Fort Sunshine until there are no more left which will later on cause more to appear.


After clearing the last few enemies, an anointed Children Of The Vault enemy will appear names Muldock, The Anointed.


Kill Muldock, the Anointed an head towards the controls which will release Dalton from his holding cell.


Walk up to the control area and interact with the button that is marked by the waypoint to open Dalton’s cell.

Back To Reliance


As Dalton exits his cell, head up to him and talk to him where he will then give you a key and tell you to loot what’s in his gun cabinet.


Head back to Reliance and open up Dalton’s stash which will shortly bring the mission to an end.


Loot the weapon that’s inside and go out back to Clay to have a word before the mission ends.


Talk to clay and he will say a few things to you before the mission ands and you get your rewards.

Completing The Guns Of Reliance mission will set the next active mission to The Family Jewel.

The Guns Of Reliance Mission Rewards


Aside from already looting the “Loaded Hand Of Glory” legendary rifle in Dalton’s stash, you will receive around 7,676 cash and an uncommon head skin.



  • You will need to clear up a lot of bandits in this mission so be sure to restock on ammo as well as bring enough weapons of different types to fight with.
  • It is a good idea to free the captives as soon as possible to help you fight back against the other enemies.
  • When heading to Fort Sunshine, try landing on the roof of one of the buildings so you have a good view of the area and use the high ground as an early advantage when fighting the Children Of The Vault.
  • Muldock, The Anointed can shield himself which only blocks his front and fire a beam at you so be sure to time your attacks and take cover often.

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