Hallowed Flame 2019 (Complete Missions and Gain Rewards)

Warframe Hallowed Flame 2019

The Hallowed Flame tactical alert is active as of October 26 2019 where you can receive some rewards for completing a special sequence of missions.

A new mission which seems like a combination of both survival and the fight with the ZealoidPrelate will be the way for you to acquire certain rewards for surviving the missions.

Hallowed Flame Mission


Hallowed Flame missions will be available until the end of the event which is on November 1 2019 where players will be able to play the tactical alerts and earn special rewards.

There are 3 Missions that need to be completed, each giving off a reward and upon finishing the third one, a endurance version of the mission will become available, offering a unique reward as well.

Hallowed Flame Walkthrough


You begin the mission by heading towards the lantern where you are to kill its bearer and pick it up to bring yourself.


The lantern will have brightness radius which deteriorates quickly over time but can be replenished by killing enemies.

Instead of being like an ordinary survival mission, in the mission there will be no life support but rather just the lantern being the priority of which you and your team must keep lit until the end of the mission.


Upon reaching a certain time, you will be able to extract from the mission which will unlock a reward which you will receive only once per mission and unlock the next mission.


Once you have successfully kept the lantern lit for the specified amount of time, you may make your way to the extraction to receive your rewards.


Hallowed Flame (15-20)


The first Hallowed Flame mission requires you to keep the lantern lit for 5 minutes and will reward you with an Orokin Catalyst but there will also be other rewards that you can find in most missions like mods, resources and credits.

Hallowed Flame Mission 2 (25-35)


The second Hallowed Flame mission requires that you keep the lantern lit for 7 minutes and the reward will be a Forma for you to use when changing your equipment polarities.

Hallowed Flame Mission 3 (35-50)


The third mission requires that you keep the lantern lit for 10 minutes and will reward you with an Aura Forma for changing the polarity for your aura slot.

Hallowed Flame Endurance (55-100)


For the endurance mission, you will need to keep the lantern lit and accumulate at least 900 points to receive a Naberus Ephemera which is mostly tied to the Halloween theme.

The Naberus Ephemera creates a visual aura causing bats to fly around you from time to time.


Aside from the Naberus Ephemera you will also receive the Stratos Emblem.



The Hallowed Flame tactical alert or event is another great small addition to the game that the developers have provided us and the Naberus Ephemera looks pretty cool so be sure get your hands on it while it’s still there.

All rewards will be sent to you via mail which usually opens up automatically after completing each mission.

Aside from the ephemera, the other rewards are quite useful, especially for those who are working on their equipment.