Witch’s Brew Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Witch’s Brew Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Eden-6
  • Location: Jakobs Estate
  • Level: 26

The bog witch needs help with something but Murl is uneasy about it even though he has not gotten any evidence if something evil is happening.

Your task is to help the witch out and help Murl figure out if she is up to something by aiding her with gathering some ingredients for her concoction.

Mission Walkthrough

Meeting Azalea


Head to the witch’s location which is not that far from Murl but beware of the bandits nearby which you might need to take out if they become too bothersome.


Communicate with the which using the mysterious pipe that is outside the entrance to her area.


A strange magical image in the appearance of a green hologram will represent Azalea who will then ask you to help her collect mushrooms in a nearby cave known as Grotto.

Following Pippie


She will send her little pet out named Pippie who you will follow into the cave and who will lead you to the mushrooms.


Follow Pippie across the bridge heading into the cave and keep close to him to finish the mission faster as he will only act when you are close by.


The mushrooms will not be in the area unless Pippie arrives to dig them up so follow him around inside the cave and move to each waypoint with him so he can dig up the mushrooms.

Enemies In Grotto


There will be several enemies in the cave as well which may need to be taken care of so you and Pippie can collect more calmly.

Pippie can be hit but won’t really die from enemies although this can make things slower but you can still proceed to each mushroom while fighting.


Keep note that there is a large enemy known as a tyrant which is pretty much a large saurian, resembling a tyrannosaurus rex which can be very deadly if you are not equipped.

You can kite this creature and evade its attacks by moving in areas that it will have a hard time reaching.

Collecting Mushrooms (Swamp Blooms)


Originally Azalea will ask you to go and collect the green swamp blooms which Pippie will be digging up.

The reason she needs you to collect them is because Pippie can’t differentiate the red and the green swamp blooms.


As you enter the cave to collect the swamp blooms, Murl will ask you to also collect red swamp blooms just in case which you will also need to do.

Once you have 3 of each swamp bloom, you are then to head back to Azalea to get your next instructions.

Mixing The Green Concoction


As you head back to Azalea, she will tell you to toss in the green blooms into a boiling concoction which you can do by interacting with it.


Once you do this Azalea will begin to laugh and later on reveal her true intentions while an enemy comes out of the vat.


Her mixture has apparently mutated a tink, enlarging t and making it tougher which you are too kill before reporting back to Murl.

Change of Plans


Murl will tell you that he had a feeling something was not right and that is why he asked you to collect the red blooms.


You are going to head inside the shed he leads you to so that you can add the red blooms to a concoction that he has been working on.


Toss in the red blooms into the vat that Murl has been mixing ingredients in so he can make a special weapon for you.


After you have mixed the red blooms in the vat, Murl will give you a weapon that is meant to counter Azalea’s plans.

Destroying The Mutated Mixtures


Use the weapon that Murl gave you to destroy Azalea’s vats to prevent future usage for her mutated minions.


Once you destroy the first vat, the entrance to Azaleas location will be opened where you will need to find and destroy 4 other vats.


Head to each of the vats and shoot them at least once with the weapon that Murl gave you which will deactivate them.


You will come across many enemies so it is up to you to deal with each set of enemies per vat or rush to destroy all vats and deal with all of the enemies at the end.

Regardless of how you progress, destroying the 4th vat will cause Azalea to come out and attack you and you are to kill her just like you would any other pesky bandit.


Kill her and then you may head back to Murl who will then speak with you and give you the rewards for completing the mission.

Witch’s Brew Mission Rewards


Completing the Witch’s Brew mission will reward you with around 3,427 cash as well as the “Fungus Among Us” epic grenade.



  • Collecting the red and green blooms is easy regardless of how you proceed which can be either clearing the area or simply following Pippie so he quickly goes to the next bloom regardless of present enemies.
  • You do not need to wait or clear enemies when destroying the vats and may simply rush to the next one after destroying them.
  • Area of effect weapons can be used to easily take out the groups of enemies in the area since there will be a lost spawning and limited spaces to overwhelm you.
  • The tyrant in Grotto can deal a lot of damage so its best to shoot at it from afar or kite it so you get easy shots at it.
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