Malevolent Practice Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Malevolent Practice Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Eden-6
  • Location: Floodmoor Basin – Knotty Peak – The Anvil
  • Level: 24

Hammerlock banded together with a gang back when he was a captive of the Children Of The Vault and is wondering how the gang is doing.

Your task is to head over to The Anvil and search the area for clues about the gang and what has happened to them after the events of Hammerlock’s rescue.

Mission Walkthrough

Heading To The Anvil


Drive over to The Anvil or use fast travel to get there much quicker as the mission takes place there.



The first clue that will be marked by a waypoint belongs to Jenson which is identified by his ECHO log which later on reveals they have been tortured by Troy.


Take the clue so that you listen to it and Hammerlock will tell you to keep searching which sends you after the second clue marked by a waypoint.



As you make your way towards the second waypoint there will be two anointed enemies which you must defeat.


These enemies will be much stronger and will also appear to be enhanced by Troy with siren or Eridian in a way.


After defeating the two anointed enemies, another clue will have dropped which you are to pick up.


The ECHO log will belong to another of Hammerlock’s buddies, Vercuvio who appears to have been experimented on by Troy.



Continue your way towards the higher part of The Anvil and make your way towards what appears to be a helipad.


You will notice a dead body lying on the ground which you are then to inspect for clues as it appears to be one of Hammerlock’s buddies.


The person will appear to have been playing dead and will jump to his feet and begin attacking you.


This anointed enemy can transform into a fireball and bounce around the area and will end with him getting thrown after, giving you free shots.

Dispatch of the anointed enemy so you can acquire the next clue when he dies and drops it.


After killing the anointed enemy, grab the clue which is revealed as Beckett’s ECHO log which later on reveals more to what has been going on inside the prison.



The last of Hammerlock’s buddies is believed to be in one of his cells which is where your next waypoint is marked.


As you arrive to his cell, an ECHO log will be there which will reveal that Dean may still be alive and you are to head to his location immediately.


Run towards the waypoint, killing or just rushing through the enemies that are around the area until you reach the place where the gang has been experimented on.


As you reach the area, Dean will be in a cell and slightly out of his mind, making Hammerlock tell you to hurry up and free him.


You are to first talk to Dean before you can free him but while he starts explaining what has been happening, Dean will hear a familiar sound.

After Dean realizes what is coming, he begins to panic and this means its ready for you to get ready for a fight.

The Anointed Alpha


The Anointed Alpha will appear out of a hole in the wall and will begin to attack you but just like all the other anointed enemies, he can be dispatched of easily.


When the Anointed Alpha starts to create a barrier, copies of himself will start to attack you which you simply need to destroy.


Once destroyed, you may fire at the Anointed Alpha once more and eventually you will kill him after he does his barrier 2 to 3 times during the fight.


After the Anointed Alpha has run out of health, it will become crystalized in an Eridian kind of form which you may smash for rewards.

Releasing Dean


Once the fight is over, head over to the prison controls and interact so that you can release Dean from his holding cell.


After Dean is released, you can talk to him and he will give you a weapon as a reward, asking you to shoot Troy with it.

Talking to dean will end the mission, giving you your rewards as well.

Malevolent Practice Mission Rewards


Finishing the Malevolent Practice mission will reward you with around 3,642 cash and the “Dead Chamber” epic pistol.



  • The anointed enemies will be stronger than most enemies and will possess abilities but can easily be defeated by keeping a good distance.
  • Aiming for the head can take out anointed much easier as well as all the other humanoid enemies in the area.
  • You do not necessarily need to fight all the enemies but instead you just have to head to the waypoints and complete the objectives.
  • The Anointed Alpha can be a bit sturdy and in case you get downed from it, taking out one of its copies will gain you a second wind.
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