Hammerlocked Mission Walkthrough in BL3

Borderlands 3 Hammerlocked Story

As the Crimson Raiders set out for Eden-6 they are informed that Hammerlock has been kidnaped and that Jakobs is under attack, resulting in the need for them to respond since the next vault location is knowledge that they have.

You are tasked to head to Eden-6 and head over to the Jakobs estate to back them up and set out to rescue Hammerlock from his captors.

Mission Walkthrough

Heading To Eden-6


After the mission briefing, navigate Sanctuary headed for Eden-6 where Jakobs is being attacked.


Take the drop pod going down to the surface so you can make your way towards their mansion from the landing zone.

Going To The Jakobs Estate


Once you arrive at the landing area, head towards the nearest catch-a-ride which will be at the base of the area you have arrived at.


Jump down and use the catch-a-ride to digistruct your vehicle which you will need since the distance from your location will be quite far if travelled by foot.


Drive whichever vehicle you have chosen to digistruct heading for the waypoint marking your way to The Jakobs Estate.


On your way you may encounter several enemies, you can simply drive by these enemies or kill them for additional experience, especially if your level is lower than theirs.

Reaching The Jakobs Estate


Once you are near the estate, you will need to dismount and make your up several ledges which you can simply climb up on.


Fight through the enemies that are along the way towards the estate while you head over so there won’t be enemies bothering you as you proceed to the waypoint.


Once you reach the estate, clear out all the enemies so that you can proceed with meeting Wainwright.


After the enemies are all cleared out, a cutscene will play where you meet Wainwright for the first time and he will then invite you in for a talk.

Going To The Anvil


After a brief introduction and explanation on the situation at hand, Wainwright will ask you to head over and rescue Hammerlock who is at The Anvil, a prison location.

There will be a team already set out to finding Hammerlock which you will team up with that Wainwright has sent out.

You are to meet up with them and work together to rescue Hammerlock from the prison.


Head over towards the lift so you can get easy access to a passage that will set you on a good course towards your waypoint as well as provide you with a vehicle via the catch-a-ride station they have under the estate.


Grab a vehicle and go straight towards the waypoint and don’t mind the barrier as you can simple destroy this with your vehicle weapons.

Most people often find this unbreakable and set out for another route so keep in mind that it is destructible and can provide an easier passage to several locations.

Entering The Anvil


Once you arrive at The Anvil, you will need to dismount your vehicle due to the road and bridge being blocked.


Approach the entrance to The Anvil and interact to be brought to the prison location where you will continue on your way to finding Hammerlock by teaming up with the team Jakobs has mentioned.


Fight your way towards the gate controls so you can open up the gate which you can either do by rushing through the enemies or clearing them out.


Open up the gate so you can meet one of the team members you are supposed to work with.

Meeting Meatslab


A short cutscene will play where Meatslab is fighting off some enemies and soon after he will welcome and team up with you.


Along with Meatslab, you are to clear out all of the bandits that are in the location so you can proceed with the mission.


Once the first set of enemies are cleared out, reinforcements will arrive and you are to do the same thing until none are left.


After you and Meatslab have dealt with the reinforcements, talk to him so that he will open up the gate which is locked.


Meatslab will smack the controls and pull the gate up which allows both of you to proceed inside the facility.


Fight your way through the bandits that are attacking you and Meatslab and head for the next door which he will also unlock with brute strength.


Meatslab will once again deal some punches to the controls and lift up the gate for you to pass through.


As you enter an open area, bandits will begin to ambush you and Meatslab and you are to clear them out before you can proceed to meeting the next member of their team.


The third door will be the last one that Meatslab opens up for you which is where you will part ways as he needs to check up on another member.

Meeting Crunk Bunny


As you head into the facility a cutscene will play where you will meet Crunk Bunny who has a plan to open up a one of the entrances to where Hammerlock is being held.


Crunk Bunny, also known as Tina will ask you to retrieve some ingredients for her special pizza which she actually means parts for her bomb.

Collecting Pizza Ingredients


Make your way towards the other Central Security building where you will be able to acquire all of the ingredients that Tina has requested you to get.

There will be bandits all around the area which you should probably deal with so they don’t follow you as you head inside as well as make your way back.


As you enter the Central Security building there will be bandits inside which you can clear out for experience and to make your ingredient collection less troublesome.


On the second floor there will be a firebrand which holds a detonator that Crunk Bunny tells you to take which simply means just kill him and to make it drop.


Pick up the detonator which Crunk Bunny calls the “ham” and proceed towards the next waypoint which leads you through a smaller passage.


There will be supplies on the shelves and you can collect the wires which Crunk Bunny has referred to as “onion slices” for the toppings for her pizza.


Grab the wire and make your way towards the next waypoint which brings you on the roof of the security office.


Jump down and activated the gate control which will open up the door on the first floor which leads to a storage area.


Jump down the storage area and proceed inside to look for the “sauce” for Crunk Bunny’s pizza.


There will be three boxes that you will need to search, the third will always contain the “sauce” which is actually nitro.


Grab the nitro and take the lift where you first jumped down going back to the surface and make your way back to Crunk Bunny.


Hand over the ingredients to Crunk Bunny so she can make her special pizza which you will use to open up a locked entrance.


Wait a few seconds while Crunk Bunny starts crafting her bomb and be sure to restock your ammunition at the nearby vending machine.


Once Crunk Bunny is finished with her pizza, get it from her and make your way to the waypoint where one of the other team members is waiting.


There will be a bridge that you will need to fight your way across as it is full of bandits that will start attacking you.


With the help of Mordecai, the team’s sniper, clear out the enemies so you can safely deliver or place the bomb.


Head up to the closed gate and deliver the pizza which mean you will place the bomb on the gate.


Once you have placed the bomb move back and take a shot at it which will surprisingly open up the sides instead of the gate.


Head inside and make your way to the boss fight area where you will then fight against the Warden.


Kill the warden and clean up any other leftover bandits that are in the area so you can rescue Hammerlock who is in a cave above you.


In order to drop the cage, you need to shoot the glowing part above it which will release the cage, dropping it to the ground.


The cage door will also open when it drops and you are then to talk to Hammerlock to complete the mission which will set the next mission to Lair Of The Harpy.

Hammerlocked Mission Rewards


After completing the mission, you will be rewarded with around 3,642 cash as well as an epic sniper rifle.



  • Its best to clear out all the bandits before heading for other objectives so you can get both experience to catch up with level is you are at a lower level or to get additional experience so you don’t get left behind.
  • Be sure to make use of Meatslab since he can tank the enemies while you take cover so you can avoid too much damage at first.
  • Take care on the bridge as Mordecai may not be able to properly cover you and you will end up doing most of the work.
  • The Warden is very tough and you may need more accurate weapons later on when he changes form.
  • Bringing weapons that can either do good elemental damage or high base damage along with bonus from critical hits such as Jakobs weapons can help you clear enemies quickly as well as provide good damage during the boss fight.

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