Cold as the Grave Mission Walkthrough in BL3

Borderlands 3 Cold as the Grave Mission

Wainwright has figured out where the vault fragment has been hidden and knows where the vault is also located which requires a join effort so you can head over to grab the vault key fragment and open up the vault afterwards.

You have answered the call of The Siren and eventually meet up with Claptrap who gets you started out and eventually meet with the one that summoned you and bring the help get the Crimson Raiders back on their feet.

Mission Walkthrough

Heading To The Blackbarrel Cellars


Head over and talk to Wainwright to get a proper mission briefing before you head out to meet up with Clay who will be showing you the way.


After speaking with Wainwright, head over to meet up with Clay which you can do by simply fast traveling to Reliance.


After talking with Clay, you will meet up with him at a certain area where a hidden waterfall entrance is located.


Clay will open up the way for you that leads into the Blackbarrel Cellars where another vault key fragment is known to be hidden.

Securing The Barrel Delivery Room


Make your way to the barrel delivery room where you are to look for a large barrel delivery pipe that is marked by a waypoint.


Fight your way past the bandits in the cellar who are in your way while you make your way towards the barrel delivery pipe.


Once you arrive to where the delivery pipe is, secure the area and clear out all enemies before you can proceed with the mission.

Riddle For The Vault Key Fragment


After clearing the area, you will be instructed to activate the delivery pipe after a riddle is attempted to be solved and you are told to activate it.


On the first attempt, a cryo barrel will drop and explode resulting in no vault key being found so you are instructed to try again.


This time another code is tried and when you activate it, two tinks come out which you must kill followed by even more bandits arriving in the area that you will need to clear up once more.


Kill all of the other enemies that arrive in the room until there are none left and until another attempt for the riddle is made.


For the third time, the riddle will be solved and you are now to activate the barrel delivery pipe one last time.


The proper container will come out which you will need to destroy to open it up and see if the vault key fragment is really inside.


The vault key fragment will have dropped and you will now need to make your way to Tannis and the vault.

Going To The Vault


You will need to exit the area through the conveyer system that is marked by a waypoint which will bring you out to another area.


On your way out you will come across a room with bandits which you can either run past or kill on your way out.

Facing Aurelia


There will be a drop from the room you are in which means there will be a boss fight that is about to happen, so be prepared.


A cutscene will play and you will meet Aurelia who will then engage you after the cutscene, requiring you to kill her to proceed.


Fight and defeat Aurelia so you and the others may escape the room safely and to proceed with heading to the vault.


After you have defeated Aurelia, check up on Hammerlock and Wainwright which will end in them opening the door and you heading for the vault.

Locating The Vault


After Wainwright opens the doors, head outside as you will need to solve a riddle related to the puzzle that involves statues.


Head for the first statue as you will need to go to each and shoot a specific part related to a riddle that Wainwright will mention.


The first statue must be shot in the head and after doing this you may head to the next waypoint or the second statue.


Fight your way past the jabbers in the area but beware for some of them may be higher in level and capable of dealing a lot of damage.


The second statue needs to be shot in the back as according to the riddle which will also be explained by Wainwright, resulting in you now heading for the last statue.


After the second statue, make your way towards the last one marked by the waypoint and fight through the bandits that are guarding the area.


The last statue must be shot in the private area as this is the sickness that one of the family members had in the past which Wainwright also explains.

Activating The Bridge


After you have shot all of the statues in the correct areas and solved the riddles, head back to where the way point points you and a bridge device will rise out of what appears to be a fountain.


Meeting Up With Tannis


After the bridge is set up, head inside The Floating Tomb and search for Tannis who will already be waiting for you.


Hand over the vault key fragment that you recently acquired to Tannis so she can put all of them together.


Wait for Tannis to put the vault key together and be sure to restock on ammo or upgrade your shield mod since there will be vending machines nearby.


After the vault key has been assembled, head into the room marked by a waypoint which will hold the entrance to the vault where you will need to use the key.

Facing Graveward


There will be another drop going down as you will still need to fight the vault guardian before you can enter the vault.


In order to proceed you will need to place the vault key which will then trigger the fight that will pit you against the vault guardians.


There will be two guardians, Grave and Ward who will team up on you but will easily be defeated as they are not the final enemy.


Once Grave and Ward have been defeated, they will disperse and their energy will transfer to a larger being known as Graveward who you will then need to defeat.


Fight and defeat Graveward to proceed with the mission and be careful not to fall off of the platform since it will attempt to tip it over from time to time.


After you have defeated the vault guardian, Tannis well absorb the powers with her new method in order to prevent the Calypso twins from absorbing it for themselves.

Exploring The Vault


Tannis will tell you that you should go explore the vault which you will then do as the portal appears in the area.


Head to the middle of the vault as you will need to loot an item to progress forward with the mission and don’t forget the other chests in the area as well.


Grab the Eridian Synchronizer that is displayed in the vault and once you have finished your other looting, head back out to meet Tannis so two of you can leave together.

Heading Back Alone


Head back outside of the vault and meet up with Tannis so the two of you can talk before heading back to Sanctuary.


When you talk to Tannis, she will suddenly be phaselocked and teleported away as the Calypso twins have used their siren powers to kidnap her.


Immediately head back to Lilith to end the mission and get started on your next active mission which will be Blood Drive.

Cold As The Grave Mission Rewards


The Cold As The Grave mission will reward you with around 9,019 cash.



  • Be sure to loot each of the bosses as they may drop random items that may be better than the ones you have equipped.
  • Check all the chests in the vault when looting to and try not to leave any good loot behind.
  • The Graveward can be quite dangerous to deal with so make sure you have different types of powerful weapons and a lot of ammo.
  • Aurelia has some pretty basic attacks and they can easily be dodged, anticipated and she can easily be killed.

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