Lair of the Harpy Mission Walkthrough in BL3

Borderlands 3 Lair of the Harpy Mission

Aurelia has offered you a large amount of cash if you leave the planet so that she may carry out with her sinister work which also involves her helping the Calypso twins.

You and Wainwright are going to trick Aurelia where you will pretend to accept the offer and Wainwright will infiltrate the estate.

Mission Walkthrough

Going To The Jakobs Estate


After you and Wainwright discuss the plans on how you will accept the offer and he will sneak into the manner, head down the lift or choose another way as you head towards the Jakobs Estate.


Make your way towards the waypoint which will point you to the direction where the Jakobs Estate is located.

Its best to bring a vehicle since walking of foot may take a while and keep in mind that the map is a bit crazy so check your path first.


Once you arrive near the waypoint you will have to continue on foot, head to the Jakobs Estate and enter the location to enter the mission area.

Heading To The Jakobs Manor


You will be in a swamp like biome and will need to make your way towards a lift that will bring you over a large crossing where the Jakobs Manor is located.

Either fight your way through the enemies or make a rush to the waypoint but keep in mind that either way you will have to face enemies as there is a waiting time for the lift.


Once you make your way towards the lift you will see the Jakobs Manor at a distance and are to make your way to the button that calls the lift.


Activate the button so the lift will head over to your side and take care of any enemies that have followed you.

If you are in a rush you can head over to the button as soon as you can and activate it followed by killing any other enemies that arrive so while waiting for the lift, you get to kill the enemies.


The lift will take some time so its good to do a bit of looting or killing for experience and ammunition, health and even some gear.


Get on the lift and activate the lever which will cause the lift to head back to the other side where the manor is.


Once the lift has arrived, make your way towards the manor which is across a bridge.


Head up to the Jakobs Manor and look for the doorbell which will be on the right side of the door when you approach the manor.

Entering The Manor


Press the doorbell and Aurelia will greet you and tell you to come in via a hologram where soon after the doors open.

Meeting Aurelia


Aurelia will instruct you to wait for her in the dining hall so you are to make your way towards the hall which is marked by a waypoint.

You can explore and loot as much as you want but the next part of the mission requires you to enter the hall marked on your map by the waypoint.

The Ambush


As you open the door to the dining hall, Troy Calypso will be waiting and will phaselock you as a cutscene begins.

Apparently, Aurelia has betrayed you and handed you over to him as part of a deal they have struck.


As soon as Troy is about to kill you, Wainwright will appear out of nowhere, taunt Troy and aim at him.


Wainwright hits Troy with his shotgun and taunts him once more which causes Troy to chase after him just after releasing you from the phaselock, allowing you to escape.

Searching For The Vault Key Clue


The plans have changed and instead of Wainwright searching for the vault key clue, he will distract Troy while you will do it instead.


Head further inside the manor in search for the vault key clue and follow the waypoint showing your next destination.


Make your way towards the theater where you will soon encounter a boss that Troy has created in an attempt to stop you.

Billy, the Anointed


Troy will create an enemy similar to a goliath name Billy, The Anointed who you must fight to proceed to the next part of the mission.


Once you have defeated Billy, you can smash him just as you would other Eridian shards to make his loot drop.


Once you have dealt with Billy you can head on towards the second floor where you need to solve a puzzle to open up your path to the vault key clue.

Hidden Rooms Under Theater


Turn on the set in the theater before you can start solving the puzzle which is to open up a trapdoor that leads to the vault key clue.


You will need to arrange the stage props according to clue hidden around in the room to put the correct combination together.


The combination will be Typhon DeLeon who is portrayed holding a whip, a vault gate which looks like an inverted letter “V” and the vault background.


The passage will be opened and you are to head down to search for the clues which are under the theater.

The Vault Key Clue


Search the room that you have just jumped down into and look around for the vault key clue which will be shown by a waypoint.


As you enter the room at the end there will be a skull on a bookshelf which you are to interact with to open up a hidden passage.


A hidden room will open up and you will find a record which is an audio recording that will need to be played by Wainwright as he is the only one with a working record player.


After retrieving the record, head to the cellar exit which will then prompt you to head back to Wainwright after exiting the manor.


Fast travel back to Wainwright in the Floodmoor Basin – Knotty Peak and hand over the record to him which will cause a small dialogue to occur and the mission will be completed.

After completing this mission, the mission named The Guns Of Reliance will become the next active main mission.

Lair Of The Harpy Mission Rewards


Completing The Lair Of The Harpy mission will award you with around 4,569 cash the “Whispering Ice” epic grenade mod.



  • There will be several enemies at certain times and its ideal to at least have some weapons with good area of effect for enemies caught in tight areas for easy kills.
  • Keeping an eye out for the chests and other interactable objects in the manner is advised as you can get a good deal of loot in the Jakobs Manor.
  • Billy, The Anointed can be a pain to deal with since he is very tanky and does a lot of damage if he gets too close, be sure to keep a good distance and aim for his head.

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