Get Quick, Slick Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Get Quick, Slick Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Eden-6
  • Location: Floodmoor Basin
  • Level: 24

Prisa is looking for someone who can be the new face of Grog Lube and would like you to do some stunts to prove that you are worthy.

Your task is to do a series of stunts by driving on ramps to make jumps and eventually make the big jump that no one except her father was able to do.

Mission Walkthrough

The Speed Demon


After accepting the mission and having a little introduction with Prisa, the vehicle will be spawned in their garage.


Head to the garage and the gates will open, revealing the Outrunner that Prisa wants you to use.


Drive out and head towards the waypoint where you will be doing a set of stunts that Prisa has requested you to perform.


Drive over each ramp and make the jumps by getting air and also landing properly or else you have to redo the jump.


Complete all of the jumps before you will be instructed to do one final stunt, the big jump which only her father has been able to finish.


Drive to the opposite direction of the ramp to give yourself enough space to drive towards it later on.

Once you have a good runway distance, make your way to do the jump and drive straight but be sure to check for the moving objects as there are logs being transported above.


Time your jump carefully so you can make it successfully which can easily be done by looking ahead if there are any claws passing.

Timing is everything and if you don’t have enough speed or if you run into one of the claws, you will end up falling but can still try again.


Once you have made the first part of the big jump, continue on to the last area where the Outrunner that Prisa’s father used to use is parked.


Prisa will congratulate you on making the jump and tell you about her father, the big jump and how he died.


Prisa will ask you to destroy her father’s Outrunner as a favor which you need to do to complete the mission.


As a reward she will tell you to help yourself to his stash which is inside a refrigerator that will unlock vehicle parts and soon complete the mission.

Get Quick, Slick Mission Rewards


Completing the Get Quick, Slick mission will reward you with around 3,642 cash and some vehicle parts will also be unlocked.



  • Always use your boosts when making a jump to get more speed and move further during the jump.
  • The Outrunner has no weapons so you will have to dismount it if you are going to deal with any enemies.
  • Time your jump right when doing the big jump so that you won’t collide into any claws or the logs that they carry.
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