The Impending Storm Mission Walkthrough in BL3

Borderlands 3 The Impending Storm

You and the Crimson Raider search for a fragment of the vault key which you have figured out is on Athenas.

You get contact from an old friend of Lilith’s who says she knows where the key is but Maliwan has already arrived and is assaulting them so its up to you to back them up and grab the key before they do.

Mission Walkthrough

Contacting Maya


You first return to Sanctuary after your mission on Promethea and talk to Lilith to figure out your next steps in hunting for the vault key fragment.


As the Crimson Raiders attempt to contact Maya who knows where the vault key fragment is, they find out that Maliwan has already begun assaulting them and you are sent to back them up.

Traveling to Athenas


Head to the cargo bay where Ellie is and take the drop pod which will bring you down to Athenas.

Meeting Up With Maya


Once you have arrived on Athenas, make your way towards the waypoint where Maya is waiting for you.


Along the way you will come across several Maliwan troops and once you reach the courtyard, you will need to kill all enemies before meeting Maya.


Once the courtyard has been cleared out, ring the bell at the side of the gate which will then be opened up and a cutscene will play where Maya is introduced.


To proceed with the mission, speak with Maya who will then lead you through the area to your next task.

Heading Through The Town


Follow Maya and fight back against any enemies that are stationed in the area until you reach the waypoint at the end.


There will be several Maliwan enemies around the area so be sure that you are prepared to fight them and stock up on ammo.


You will need to ring two bells on your way which open the gates heading to each area after you clear the enemies in your current area and there will be one bell per area that you go through.

Tomb Raiding With Ava


After reaching the last area, you will be instructed to continue along and search for Ava, Maya’s apprentice.

You and Ava will head off to go loot some tombs in search for Eridian that Maya needs to open the location where the vault key fragment is hidden.


On your way to each tomb, you and Ava will encounter Maliwan troops that will try to stop you and Ava from finding what you need.

Kill them and follow Ava until you reach all of the tombs where you will search for the Eridian.


Ava will unlock the tombs that you will be searching and you will need to wait for her before you can open so be sure to fight off enemies before or during the time, she is doing this.


The first tomb will have 4 containers that you need to check for Eridian and after checking them all, you are to move along to the next tomb.


Next tomb will be nearby but this time there will be ratches inside and the tomb will appear to be infested which will require you to kill the ratches and continue to head to the last tomb.


At the last tomb you will find Maliwan and ratches along with a ratch nest fighting outside which you must kill.


After you kill the ratch nest, an item called “Burial Eridian” will drop which you must pick up and bring to Maya who will be waiting for you in the courtyard.


Follow Ava and make your way to Maya which leads you to a bridge heading to the courtyard where Maya will meet up with you.

Taking Care Of Captain Traunt


When you reach the bridge, Maya will tell Ava to head back and instruct you to proceed on to meet with her.


As you head to the courtyard you will fight several Maliwan troops while Captain Traunt will be taunting you for a fight.


As you reach the end head down to and be prepared to face Captain Traunt who is already waiting for you.

Before making the jump down, try to loot around so you can restock on ammunition as well as health.


Deal with Captain Traunt but be careful as he deals a lot of damage and can fire his projectiles around the area which makes hiding not always the best choice for a strategy.

Taking The Vault Key Fragment


Once you kill Captain Traunt, Maya and other monks will arrive at the area and you are to hand over the Eridian to her so she can open up the way to the vault key fragment.


Wait for Maya to open up the entrance and follow her inside afterwards to obtain the vault key fragment.


Follow Maya who will lead you to the vault key fragment and pick it up where you will then head back to Sanctuary.


Once you are aboard Sanctuary, head over to Tannis and give her the vault key fragment and go to Lilith.


Speak with Lilith who is having a conversation with Maya about Ava being a siren someday and after a talk with Lilith, the mission will be complete.

Finishing this mission will cause the Space-Laser Tag mission that you will do next.

The Impending Storm Mission Rewards


After completing The Impending Storm, you will be rewarded with around 1047 cash and a rare submachine gun.



  • Captain Traunt can be a tough boss to fight if you are not prepared for it so it would be best to get a few ammunition SDUs as well as gear that matches your level to put up a good fight.
  • The Maliwan troops will be swarming the streets so try to take cover when necessary or stay near enemies that you can kill for a second wind.
  • Doing side missions before facing Captain Traunt is a good way for you to prepare for this fight so you stand better chance against him.

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