Pandora’s Next Top Mouthpiece Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Pandora’s Next Top Mouthpiece Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: Ascension Bluff
  • Level: 31

The Calypso twins are having tryouts for who the new Mouthpiece, which you killed on Pandora a while back will be.

Your mission will be to join in on the tryouts in an attempt to prevent another Mouthpiece from being crowned Pandora’s Next Top Mouthpiece.

Mission Walkthrough

Finding The Entry Requirements


After getting the mission from Ellie, fast travel to Ascension Bluff where the mission takes place and follow the waypoint which will lead you to the entry requirements.


Make your way towards the entry requirement location where you will find a list of what the Calypso twins have required those who wish to join to acquire.


Once you acquire the entry requirements that are recorded on the “Information ECHO”, the next objectives will be displayed and you will be tasked to acquire all of the items listed.

Acquire Entry Items


Be sure to grab a vehicle before you head out as you will need to go to 3 different locations which can easily be reached in a small amount of time if you have a set of wheels.

Trophy From War Pig


One of the items you will need to obtain is a trophy from War Pig who is said to have a powerful rig that you must fight off.


War Pig’s steering wheel can be found in the water as it appears, he may not have spawned or may have already been destroyed.

The Hammerclan Banner


One of the items you will need to obtain is the Hammerclan banner which is located in a bandit outpost in the area called The Sty.


You need to head to the very top and climb up around to grab the banner which is hanging outside out the front.


Grab the banner and proceed heading to the other items in order to collect and proceed further with the mission.

Loot From Puttergunk’s Strongbox


One of the last things mentioned that you should get was just some random item in Puttergunk’s strongbox which is not specifically mentioned but will be discovered later on.

You will find yourself later on in Puttergunk’s Perch where the item will be locked away in and on your way to it you will have to fight through some bandits.


At the end of the area, there will be a small shack that is locked by an electronic loc which needs to be powered.


Follow the wire which leads to a target which needs to be shot to generate power to the electronic lock which will open the door.


You will be able to head inside after the target has been shot and may then open and loot Puttergunk’s Strongbox.


After opening Puttergunk’s strongbox, take the Puttergunk’s Prize Gunk inside and leave the area afterwards.

Heading To The Event


After you collect all the entry items, make your way towards the Holy Broadcast Center where the ceremony for the new Mouthpiece will be held.


Fight your way inside through any enemies that you may encounter and proceed to the waypoint where the new Mouthpiece will be waiting.

Defeating The New Mouthpiece


Proceed down the path leading to where the previous Mouthpiece was fought as you will now need to fight and kill the new one.


Once you kill the new Mouthpiece, make your way up to the stairs to where a waypoint will be set which marks his Organ instrument.


Play Mouthpiece’s organ to unlock a secret room which will contain containers and loot, including a red chest.

Completing The Mission


Once you are done looting the secret room, make your way back to Ellie by fast traveling back to Sanctuary.


Talk to Ellie to complete the quest and receive the rewards for carrying out the mission.

Pandora’s Next Top Mouthpiece Rewards


Finishing the Pandora’s Next Top Mouthpiece mission will reward you with around 8,053 cash.



  • Be sure to bring a vehicle with you so you can move around quickly as you need to pick up 3 different items and later on head over to the Holy Broadcast Center.
  • If the enemies are near your level its would be good to kill as many as possible, otherwise ignore them if they provide no experience.
  • The new mouthpiece will be just like the once you faced earlier when you first started out but will have a higher level than before.
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