Skag Dog Days Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Skag Dog Days Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Pandora
  • Location: The Droughts
  • Level: 7

Chef Frank needs your help supplying him with ingredients so he can continue making his skag dogs for everyone to enjoy.

You are assigned with the task of collecting different ingredients to supply Chef Frank to make better tasting and more realistic hotdogs for his business as well as eliminate some of the competition in the process.

Mission Walkthrough

Obtaining The Big Succ


The Big Succ is a weapon that Chef Frank says can help you gather succulents more efficiently and tells you that you need to acquire it.

Head over to a blocked of area which is shown later to be a memorial dam created by DAHL that has become a nesting ground for varkids and continue on foot to get through.


Follow the waypoint that pinpoints the location of The Big Succ but beware of the badass varkid that lurks in the area.

You may either kill the badass varkid for some additional experience or make a run for The Big Succ.


The Big Succ will be located inside a container and you must pick it up to continue with the next task for the mission.

Finding Cacti


After obtaining The Big Succ, you may fast travel to your vehicle if you used one to reach the destination or run back.

Make your way to the waypoint that points you to the area where you are to find cacti that you will collect using The Big Succ.


Once you reach the area, you will have to continue on foot as vehicles will not fit through and you are to make your way towards the area that has cacti in it.

Collecting Cacti


Cacti that have succulents that you may collect will be glowing red and you are instructed to use The Big Suck to get them.

To use The Big Suck to collect them, switch its firing mode to grenade launcher as the succulents which later known as cactus fruit, will drop from the cacti when splash damage is done to them.


Once splash damage is done to the cacti, the cactus fruit will fall and you simply need to pick it up until you get 5 in total.


Since cacti drop the cactus fruits upon taking splash damage, you may also you slam attacks or grenades to cause the cactus fruits to drop.

Collecting Skag Meat


The area will be crawling with skags which you will need to fight off and once you kill a skag, a collectible piece of its meat will be obtainable.

Chef Frank will then give you an additional task to collect skag meat as well since you are already there and he could also use the meat for his skag dogs.


The skag meat will appear as the limbs of the skags that you kill which you may pick up and might even end up collected enough before the cactus fruits.

Collecting Alpha Skag Meat


After collecting 5 cactus fruits and skag meat, Chef Frank will make yet another request asking you to get alpha skag meat.

Head to the waypoint which leads to a cave, there are two entrances which are the one above it which you can reach through climbing or the front entrance below.


Find the Succulent Alpha Skag and kill it like you would any other creature since it won’t be that hard to kill as it only sports a higher amount of health but is pretty much harmless like its fellow skags.


After killing the Succulent Alpha Skag, head to the meat that it dropped and pick it up to continue the mission.

Dealing With Mincemeat and His Skags


After collecting the Alpha Skag Meat, Chef Frank will mention Mincemeat, who appears to be his competition that he wants you to deal with.

Head over to the location marked by the waypoint where you will find Mincemeat as well as his skags which you also need to kill.

Killing Mincemeat


Mincemeat is a bit tougher than most bandits and you might even recall the first boss, Shiv when fighting him.

Let loose a bunch of bullets at him and even aim for his head to kill him faster and he should go down in no time.

Killing Trufflemunch and Buttmunch


Trufflemunch and Buttmunch are Mincemeat’s pet skags who are stronger than normal skags and possess features of elemental skags.


You may simply kill any of them in any order you want as long as you end up killing all of them but be careful since a bit of recklessness when taking them all at once can get you downed.


It would be a good idea to try to fight them separately and to do this you can try to be more mobile when fighting them so eventually they split up.


Since Mincemeat’s skags are special, Chef Frank tells you to grab their meat as well which appear to be special flavored skag meat.

Dropping Off The Ingredients


Once you have collected all the ingredients and possibly eliminated all of Chef Franks competition, head to the designated drop off location and place the ingredients in a box to complete the mission.

Skag Dog Days Mission Rewards


Chef Frank will reward you with around 795 Cash when you turn in all of the ingredients, he asked you to collect.



  • Bring weapons that have high damage or a good ammo supply as you will be doing a lot of killing during this mission.
  • Its best to get a vehicle since you will be moving from place to place collecting and dropping off the ingredients.
  • During the fight with Mincemeat and his skags, try to keep your distance from the skags to avoid taking too much damage and stick to one at a time to avoid getting overrun.
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