Raiders of the Lost Rock Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Raiders of the Lost Rock Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Eden-6
  • Location: Floodmoor Basin – Reliance – Ambermire
  • Level: 27

Dr. Miles Brown’s collection of rocks have been stolen by jabbers and he needs your help getting them back as he loves his collection and really want it back.

Your task is to find a clue as the where the rocks have been taking and track down his most favorite one amongst them while also taking care of the jabbers that keep stealing from him.

Mission Walkthrough

Heading To The Ambermire


You initially get the mission and need to talk to Dr. Miles Brown in the Floodmoor Basin but eventually need to head out to Ambermire as that is where the mission takes place.

Speak with Dr. Miles Brown after accepting the mission and make you way for Ambermire.


There are two things you can do to get to Ambermire quickly, grab a vehicle or drive there or simply fast travel to the location.

Picking Up Clues


As you enter Ambermire you will see one of the rocks near the stairs marked by the waypoint on your map.


Pick up the “brownrock” and you will then be tasked to follow the trail in which you will now need to continue picking up more of the rocks until you find out where the collection has been taken.


Continue your way through Ambermire and keep picking up the rocks and fight any enemies on the way if necessary.

Entering The Jabber Hideout


After picking up several rocks and following the trail, you will find yourself at an entrance which used to be locked if you ever explored Ambermire.


As you get near the entrance, it will open up and there will be jabbers inside which you must then kill to proceed with the mission.


After clearing out the jabbers, head to the next area where you will then find four waypoints marking four rocks that the jabbers have used as decorations.


Collect all four of the rocks that have been use as decorations which will cause jabbers to appear and attack you.

Fighting The Jabber King Gnasher


Jabbers will come out along with King Gnasher, a powerful jabber and they will all begin to attack you which will next require you to kill all of them.


Fight off all the jabbers and put an end to King Gnasher’s reign by killing him which will also prevent anymore thieving jabbers from being sent to steal from Dr. Miles Brown again.


Dr. Miles Brown will have mentioned that his favorite rock had also be stolen which later on is dropped by King Gnasher.


Grab Dr. Miles Brown’s favorite rock which he calls “Abigail” after you have killed King Gnasher and fast travel back to Reliance to complete the mission.


Once you are back in reliance, speak with Dr. Miles Brown to give back his rocks and finish the mission.

Raider OF The Lost Rock Mission Rewards


Completing the Raiders Of The Lost Rock mission will reward you with around 3,838 cash and the “Porcelain Pipe Bomb” rare grenade mod.



  • You only need to kill the enemies once you are in the jabber hideout and may run past most of the enemies while picking up the rocks along the trail.
  • Jabbers are not that hard to kill and can be dealt with almost any weapons, especially ones that hit hard such as shotguns.
  • King Gnasher can do quite a bit of damage so its best to keep your distance and deal with him as soon as possible but don’t kill all the other jabbers before it as you might need to keep some alive for when you are downed.
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