Borderlands 3 The Agonizer 9000 (Boss): Defeating, Location, Attacks, Drops, Weak Spots

Borderlands 3 The Agonizer 9000 Boss

The Agonizer 9000 is a boss that you encounter during the Blood Drive mission and is encountered inside the Guts Of Carnivora.

It is a giant robot that stays in one place as you are free to move around it inside the battle area and will attack you fire its heavy metallic weapons and fire attacks.

Pain And Terror


In the Blood Drive mission, the bandits have Tannis who is going to be killed for amusement of the followers of the Calypso twins.

Pain and Terror are two enemies who control the Agonizer 9000 but do not possess any other threat once it is defeated, leaving Agonizer 9000 as the main boss of the mission.

In order to get to the Agonizer 9000, you need to head to Splinterlands followed by going to Carnivora and then head inside the Guts Of Carnivora.

This will be available after you have finished the Blood Drive mission as you will do all this in a sequence before it becomes available to replay the boss fight.

Fighting & Killing The Agonizer 9000


When facing the Agonizer 9000 you will bin in a dome and the arena will be circular while the Agonizer 9000 will stay in the middle but can rotate as it pleases.

During the fight it will unleash different attacks that can easily hit you which means you need to keep moving or equip yourself with a shield mod that can help you withstand some of the damage.


The Agonizer 9000 has several area of effect attacks which will require a great effort when it comes to dodging since each attack can still hit you regardless if its not exactly hitting you.

The best thing to do is move around and watch for which attack it will use so later on you will know what kind of evasion is necessary every time it does a different attack.


When the Agonizer 9000’s health bar is in its last portion, a quick rest period will be given where a hologram of Marcus will be shown handing out chests which you may open up for additional ammo and health.


After the whole yellow health bar has been depleted, the Agonizer 9000 will resort to using its Eridian core to attack you.

This is easily damaged and can be destroyed with pretty much any weapon but be careful not to stay in one place too long as its effects may make things a bit intense when steady in one spot.

Weak Spots


The Agonizer 9000 will have several small fuel tanks attached to him which will deal critical damage when shot at.

These will eventually explode once they have taken significant damage, preventing a certain attack temporarily or permanently.


A larger fuel tank can be shot on his back but this will require you to get more precise aim or have a decent movement speed since it will tend to face you during the fight.

Sliding will usually get you a few shots off at the fuel tank on it’s back which can later on held deal a lot of damage.


There is another tank near the lower part of its body which also takes critical damage but this can be hard to hit sometimes due to the sawblade launcher that blocks it when it attempts to fire at you.

Notable Attacks

Giant Knife


Agonizer 9000 will use its large knife which it usually holsters in its head and will try to smash you with it with a few chops moving in one direction.

This attack can be evaded by timing when you dodge or moving to the opposite direction where Agonizer 9000 is doing the chopping.

Sawblade Launch


A spiked shield will block the torso of the Agonizer 9000 and it will attempt to either launch a single sawblade-like projectile or three at the same time.

The amount of health that it has determines whether it will use the single projectile or triple once, lower healthy meaning more projectiles.

This can be evaded easily as the sawblades will charge up before being launched, giving you time to move out of the way or move between multiple sawblades.

Floor Fire


From time to time, Agonizer 9000 will cause the fire to spurt out of the ground which can deal damage in a large area.


To evade this attack, be sure to pay attention to the ground to see where fire will be released so you can move to a safer area.

Mega Blender


The Agonizer 9000 will take out a serrated blade chainsaw-like blade and spin around hold the blade either at a high or low angle.

From just viewing where it is held, you will need to either jump or crouch/slide to avoid the attack as it can deal a lot of damage to you.



Taking out its left-hand weapon, the Agonizer 9000 attempts to squish you with a spiked tenderizer which can kill you instantly if your health and shields are not that high.

The moment it holds it over you, quickly run out of the way as there will be a brief moment before it slams it to the surface.

Notable Drops


The Agonizer 9000 will usually drop uncommon to epic items with a good chance of also dropping random legendary items.


There seems to be a high chance for the “Agonizer 1500” to drop when killing the Agonizer 9000 and this is obviously a signature weapon for him due to the name as well as having a resemblance to one of its attacks.



  • You can tell most of the time what attacks Agonizer 9000 will do because of the lines it says or the movement that is shows.
  • Using corrosive weapons can deal a great amount of damage to the Agonizer 9000, especially when targeting its weak spots.
  • Having a good shield mod can allow you to withstands some of its attacks and may change the fight from hard to easy.
  • Try to get different weapon type to hit his weak spots from different ranges to give yourself flexibility and comfort when fighting it.
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