Borderlands 3 Carnivora (Boss Vehicle): Defeating & Weak Spots

Borderlands 3 Carnivora Boss

Carnivora is a boss vehicle that you encounter in the Blood Drive main mission which you need to destroy as Tannis was captured and taken aboard.

It appears as a large mobile outpost for the bandits with wheels and defenses which can simply drive through towns or outposts, making it a huge threat in Pandora.


During the Blood Drive mission, you will need to chase after Carnivora and slowly take it down by destroying parts of it to immobilize it so you can get onboard in an attempt to rescue Tannis from being killed for entertainment.

Fighting & Defeating Carnivora


Carnivora will initially have a head start which will require you to catch up to it as well as fight any bandit vehicles along the way.

Making use of you booster is very importing in catching up to it and it is important to avoid colliding with anything so you don’t get slowed down.


During the fight there will be vehicles being deployed and manned guns onboard Carnivora will fire at you while you attempt to disable it.

Carnivora will have weak spots that must be shot in order to slow it down and eventually completely immobilize it.


To successfully destroy Carnivora, you will need to follow the objectives and order of destroying it in such as destroying certain parts or killing support crew.

After destroying Carnivora, you will need to board it to later on fight another boss called the Agonizer 9000 which is onboard it.

Weak Spots


The Carnivora does not exactly have a health bar but instead, parts that need to be destroyed will glow red which are pretty much its weak points.

There will be a fuel line on the left, right and back side of the vehicle that must be destroyed to proceed with its other parts.


The next target after the fuel lines which you must destroy is the transmission which will cause Carnivora to stop and allow you to fire at its fuel tank later on.


The fuel tank will be the last target which will then completely immobilize Carnivora, causing an opening to appear as well as a bit of loot to drop.



  • Carnivora is more of just a large vehicle that you need to take down which can easily be done when not too reckless.
  • Stay behind Carnivora while firing and try not to drive in the wrong direction so you can take it down faster.
  • Do not take the crew lightly as you may not notice later on if your vehicle health is taking damage.
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