Death Stranding Is Not As Good As People Thought It Would Be

Death Stranding

Following its release on Nov 8 for the PS4, a lot of negative comments have come out when it comes to Death Stranding.

Several players were unhappy with the gameplay due to it being different and not what they expected the game to be.

Some of the negativity about the game revolves around repetitiveness or lack of early combat as most players were expecting a kind of horror and sci-fi version of Metal Gear but got a more movie-like game instead.


The game has repeatedly been called a walking simulator, delivery simulator and other terms that usually relate to collecting, carrying and delivering objects.

This is mostly due to the fact that players may have expected more weapons, action and easy to kill enemies rather that a more cinematic-like game.

Although some players enjoy the whole game perhaps after playing for a longer amount of time or by simply enjoying the mechanics, other definitely were expecting it to be a lot more different.


The game is not usually based on combat as you usually need to avoid the enemies since supplies are short and the first way you get to retaliate properly is the usage of a strange assortment of weapons.

Later on, in the game you do get actual weapons which you may use but due to the lack of this in the beginning of the game, players already decided that it was boring.

Death Stranding is not one of those pure action games but more of a simulator of a alternate future with anomalies that are a mystery at the beginning.


In a PlayStation Access interview with Hideo Kojima he said that he is expecting different reactions but says that it will be natural just as he did with his Metal Gear titles.

Since this is a new type of game with a whole new system and different mechanics, players will be new to it and it will be considered mainstream for a time.

Kojima is still confident that years later people will look back on the game and still appreciate it even though right now Death Stranding has been taking some hits through feedback.


Death Stranding may not be exactly what the players expected but you can expect the graphics to be quite astonishing and some of the scenes and gameplay are pretty intense for most players.

People may say the game is only about carrying things around but there is actually a good story behind the game and still combat but probably not as well introduced or the game doesn’t have enough of it.

A big deal with those playing it now is that it feels repetitive but this also depends on the players as some would like to just get on with going to the next mission and kill everything while others want to get stronger, upgrade and eventually go for achievements.

The game has several mixed comments at the moment, a bit leading towards the negative side but this may surely change once the game is played.

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