Steam Halloween Sale and Events 2019

Steam Halloween Sale and Events 2019

Halloween is in the air and Steam has found a way to make things a bit more exciting for us gamers with more discounts and the addition of events.

A lot of games are now on sale, especially ones that are horror, mystery and thriller themed which you can buy for around 25%-85% discounts.

Several updates to bring the Halloween spirit to the games are now available and a lot of content can be seen which helps celebrate the spooky season.

Halloween Events In Horror Games


Many games have also become updated with their Halloween DLCs and updates which offer several changes, rewards and fun things to do in the games.

As if the horror games were not terrifying or thrilling enough, a touch of Halloween will definitely spice up the experience when playing the horror games.

Horror Games On Sale


If your one who loves to enjoy games that are bound to give you chills or a good scare, it would be a great idea to check out the horror games that are on sale.

You can expect some of the cheapest prices as you discover some of the greatest games available.

Check out the Steam Halloween sale here :

Halloween Events In Non-Horror Games


Even If you’re not playing a horror game, some of the games will of course still feature their own bonuses for Halloween.

You can see skins, visual changes, bonus content in more in some of our favorite games which will also share the Halloween spirit.

Horror VR Games On Sale


If you’re a fan of VR, there are also several virtual reality games that are on sale for you to enjoy and several games.

Nothing makes a better scare than a game that feels realistic brought by a good dose of virtual reality.

More Halloween Events In Non-Horror Games


Although not all games will have big DLC or events related to Halloween, you can still expect some to hold certain missions, small changes and even a little additional design to at least commemorate it.

Even the smallest bonus content in games can bring about a bit of Halloween spirit and some ingame goodies and rewards can be enjoyed regardless if they are non-horror games.

Free To Play Horror Games On Steam


Not all games come with a price, some are here for you to enjoy at your own convenience for a nice scare which you can download anytime you want.

Since Halloween is in the air, now would be a great time to explore the different free horror games that are available on steam.

New, Updated and Upcoming Horror Games


If your looking out for the newest horror games or games that have been updated recently, there is also a section for such games.

For all those horror fans and thrill seeker, a great time to check for those games would be in this section and you will be surprised what great games you can discover.



A lot of other games are on sale, some even are the most favorable games that many have been playing over the years.

Be sure to take a look at the discounts so you don’t miss your opportunity to get some of the best and popular games out there.

Take a moment to check it out on Steam so you can make the most out of the Halloween Sale Plus Events of 2019.

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