Warframe Valence Fusion Guide 2024 (Transferring Railjack Parts & Kuva/Tenet Weapons)

Kuva and Tenet Weapons can be some of the more powerful weapons in a fight and if you have already obtained more than one of the same types, you might want to alter them.

The good thing about these weapons is that there is a feature in the game called Valence Fusion, which allows you to combine two of these weapons to get one with better stats. (Valence Transfer)

Not only can Valence Fusion be used for Kuva/Tenet Weapons, but you can also use this to combine Railjack Parts to get better stats for them.

Warframe Valence Transfer

Kuva/Tenet Weapon BonusWVTK-2

The Kuva/Tenet Weapon Bonus can be seen when you are viewing a Kuva Lich that gives you a hint on what possible stats it will have once you have defeated your target.

It is wise to always check this to determine if the bonus for one Kuva weapon might be better than another which can be a good reason to do a Valence Fusion later.

Before you get a target, you can always check what weapon it will be providing you if you decide to kill the Kuva/Tenet target once you have defeated it.

How To Use Valence Transfer? (Kuva/Tenet Weapons)WVTK-4

The first thing to do is select the weapon to which you want to do a Valence Fusion (Valence Transfer) which means you will be using that weapon as your base weapon and consume a second weapon.

Select the Upgrade Option and this will bring you to the Mod Selection for that weapon, which will then allow you to select Actions to open up additional options for the weapon.

In the actions menu, you will see an option called Valence Transfer which will be available if you have a weapon similar to your Kuva/Tenet Weapon.


Select Valence Transfer and you will be brought to a screen to select a weapon that will be consumed and that will have its bonus transferred to the first weapon you selected.

Once you have confirmed the Valence Transfer, it will be complete, and you will now have replaced your first selected weapon’s bonus with the second one.

Valence Fusion (Railjack Parts)Swivel Turrets in Warframe

Valence Fusion is similar to Railjack Components, which allows you to combine two weapons of the same manufacturer to get better stats.

You will need to first open up the Railjack Configuration at a Dry Dock and this will allow you to see what parts you have.

Select the component that you want to improve and choose the Valence Fusion option to the lower right of the screen.

Valence Fusion available parts of a weapon

This will allow you to see the available parts you have that can be used for the Valence Fusion, where you will need to select one.

You can view the stats of the components by selecting/hovering your mouse over them and comparing the first one before you open this menu.

Take note that performing a Valence Fusion will require resources and this will be shown on the confirmation screen that comes after.

Confirmation screen of the Valance fusion process in Warframe

After selecting the part you want to fuse with the first part, the menu will show which one will be upgraded and which one will be consumed.

The confirmation screen will also show you the stats of each part and what the stats of the finished product will be afterward.

To confirm the Valence Fusion process, you will need to type “FUSE” and select “OK” before everything will be finalized.


With Kuva/Tenet Weapons being some of the most collected equipment in the game, being able to fuse two separate weapons into a better one can make a huge difference when you get good stats.

Eventually, you will obtain a lot of parts when you do Railjack Missions and this will later provide you with what you need to continuously upgrade to get better stats.

The use of Valence Fusion/Transfer can sometimes seem costly as it consumes a similar part but with better stats, everything becomes worth it.

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