Borderlands 3 General Traunt (Boss): Defeating, Location, Attacks, Drops, Weak Spots

Borderlands 3 General Traunt Boss

General Traunt is the older brother of Captain Traunt who you face in the Footsteps Of Giants mission where he will be waiting for you to take revenge and prevent you from getting to the vault.

Similar to his brother, General Traunt is also a heavy enemy but uses corrosive and shock type attacks unlike his younger brother.


General Traunt is encountered on the way to the vault in Nekrotafeyo during the Footsteps Of Giants mission and will be waiting for you in a small arena-like area to kill you.

Just like the fight with his brother, you will need to watch out for enemies that spawn as well as his roaming elemental attacks that can get you off-guard.

Fighting & Killing General Traunt


General Traunt will come at you with different elemental attacks which will range between corrosive or shock types.

Each of his attacks may be avoided when distance is kept from him while others will need to be dodged since they have their own movement.


General Traunt will attempt to always face you and close in on you if you keep distance but roaming around him while aiming to shoot his back and hit his weak point can repeatedly stagger him.


During the fight, other enemies will come to assist General Traunt, using these enemies to bring you back up after getting downed is vital for those who may not be able to withstand his other attacks.

Weak Spots


Like other heavy enemies, General Traunt’s weak spot is the device on his back which will deal critical damage when fired upon.

He will often be staggered when it is hit, making him very easy to kill if you get behind him.

Notable Attacks

Far Shock Projectile


When you are at a distance from General Traunt, he will attempt to hit you with a long-range small shock projectile.

This can easily be dodged as it travels at a slow speed and barely hits anything but does have a small area of effect.

Burst Fire Shock Projectiles


General Traunt will fire multiple shock projectiles in an arc in front of him which mainly hits you quicker the closer you are to him.

This can be dodged by moving gout of the way when he raises his weapon and when it is charging up.

Roaming Elemental Boulder


After charging up his weapon, General Traunt will unleash a giant projectile which is either shock or corrosive.

This projectile will move around the boss fight area repeatedly for an amount of time.

Corrosive Bouncing Bomb


General Traunt lobs a large projectile that blows up on impact and also bounces, causing additional area of effect damage where it ends up.

He will charge this up before tossing it in your direction, giving you time to move around to avoid it.

Shock Pillars


Large shock objects will be created in certain areas which will deal shock damage to you if you approach them.

In order to avoid taking damage, keep your distance from these objects.

Notable Drops


Captain Traunt is known to drop uncommon to rare items with a small chance to drop random legendary items.



  • General Traunt is pretty much the same as his younger brother who is Captain Traunt and may easily be compared when it comes to defeating.
  • Aim for his weak spot to quickly defeat him as he will easily become staggered and with several hits to the back, his health can easily be depleted.
  • Try not to get too close if you are not well equipped to face him and if your level doesn’t give you an advantage.
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  1. I found a Moze build that SHREDS traunt. Equip Miniguns and the first mod for them, and then get the dual weapons perk later down the green tree. Then get the double fuel perk and you are set. Enter the fight, Pop Iron Bear and hold both triggers. Once his shields are down let your miniguns recharge to about half and decimate his health. Boss done. In about a minute.


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