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Ever since Diablo III made came out and was played by fans, the story left being hoping for a lot more after completing the game and for a long-time people have been wondering, will there be another title released.

During Blizzcon 2019 which recently took place, the question was answered and everyone was surprised with the reveal of Diablo IV which a lot have been waiting for.

Blizzard is currently working on Diablo IV and some of the characters were already shown along with a whole new ambience of the world in the game.

Official Gameplay Trailer

The Main Enemy Of The Game


It is known from the trailers that the Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto will resurface after being summoned through the gateway which was seen in the “By Three They Come” trailer.

Lilith is known to those who exist in Sanctuary as she has a very historic past and will most likely be playing a huge part in the game as a protagonist.

Setting of Diablo IV


The game will be taking place years after the events of Diablo III where the world has been plunged into darkness and the appearance of demons once again occur.

We can expect a whole new scenery as well as better graphics for the game with the addition of a whole new story to continue the Diablo series.



A lot can be expected from the game such as new and old locations to fight in for the same nostalgic yet fun experience.

Several monsters to kill and lots of loot to acquire, especially for creating many different builds for each character and more.

We have seen what appears to be some returning characters from the previous title or characters based off of them.

Abilities have also reappeared as seen in the past games and we can expect a lot of amazing effects and strategic gameplay based on items and character skills.

Online Play


Blizzard has declared that the game will now have an open world experience where the towns will serve as public areas for players to chat, trade and team up to venture off later on.

Parties of up to four players have been confirmed and there will also be public events which you and other players will be able to complete together.

There will be different public events to join in on, world bosses to fight along with others and a different PVP experience coming with the release of Diablo IV.

Known Diablo IV Classes


As shown in its reveal, we can guarantee that we will be able to choose from at least three returning classes from the previous titles but it is confirmed that there will be five classes in total when launched.

The characters will most likely retain some of the previous skills but Blizzard seems to have added new ones as well so we can definitely expect a new experience along with different strategies with the skills.

The following are the classes that have been revealed:



“Crush enemies and wade through combat with reckless abandon”

A favorite of those who like brute force and love to take enemies head on, the Barbarian returns once again to crush enemies with powerful blows and overpower monsters with his brute force.


We can expect a lot of smashing, leaping and slamming with the barbarian as in the previous titles where he will most of the time use his brute strength also being one of the more tanky classes in the game as well.



“Freeze, scorch, or shock your foes with immeasurable arcane power”

The sorcerer comes into play along with her well known elemental magic used to cause destruction among those who stand in her way.


One of the all-time favorites of those who love to use the elements of fire, lightning and ice returns to use her many abilities to cause enemies to burn, shock heaps of enemies and freeze her foes in place.



“Shift between primal forms while commanding the fury of nature itself”

The Druid returns and will once again use his control over nature and his shape shifting abilities to take out the forces of hell.


As a master of nature, the druid will return with his loved wolf and bear transformations along with the usage of nature magic skills and summoning his trusted companions into battle.



Diablo IV has definitely gotten a lot of the players excite but it has not been revealed when it will be launched but this will most likely take some time and we won’t be expecting it anytime soon.

In the events that Blizzard has come up with a surprise once more we might not have any clues when its release will be as the start of its production was never told so its best to keep our fingers crossed.

Its been years since the previous titles have been release and we all know there were a few mistakes with Diablo III which Blizzard will most likely have come up with solutions to avoid repetition.

All we know for certain is that we can expect a whole new experience and another amazing story followed by more endgame fun when it is released.

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