Rumble in the Jungle Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Rumble in the Jungle

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Eden-6
  • Location: Voracious Canopy
  • Level: 30

Marcus’ Guns Vending Machine is unpowered and he needs your help to investigate the cause of the problem and needs you to fix it.

You will figure out the cause of the power outage for his vending machine and find solution so that it will be powered on again and available for usage.

Mission Walkthrough

Heading To The Outpost


Make your way towards the outpost and you will notice a warning sign saying that the place is an experimental forest which will give a hint why the enemies appear as they do later on.


You will come across technologically enhanced saurians and strong jabbers that are fighting each other which later on are revealed to have been experimented on.


As you make your way towards the outpost, the entrance will be destroyed by one of the uplifted saurians, giving you access to the outpost.

Clearing Out The Jabbers


A robot named Failurebot will begin to communicate with you and explain what had been going on which ends up in it asking you for helping clearing the place of enemies, specifically the jabbers.


Head to each of the locations and kill all the jabbers to remove the waypoint, making the area considered to be clear.

Finding Clues


After wiping out your first area full of jabbers, the Failurebot will also ask you to search for clues about the scientists that are now missing.

There will be a few shacks with clues that you must find a way to get inside of or else you won’t be able to pick up the clues.


Once of the shacks will have a generator outside which means there will be something electrical connected with the shack.


Head over to the window of the shack that has a generator outside and shoot at a target which will open the door.


Once the door has been unlocked after shooting the target which triggers the electronically powered door to open, grab the scientist journal that is lying on the floor.


You may have noticed a large dome in the middle of the camp and inside this dome will be one of the scientist journals as well.


Head inside the dome and follow the waypoint that will lead you to the scientist journal that is in the dome and pick it up.


Another shack will be nearby which is full of ratch that you should kill to make things less annoying when you get inside.

There will be no windows for you to shoot to open the door from or entrances that are easy to get inside.


What you will do instead is head up to the cliff at the side of the shack and jump from it to the top of the first-floor roof.

This will give you access to a window which will allow you to enter where there will also be a ladder for you to exit later on.


Once you are inside, open up the refrigerator and take not that a ratch will be in the freezer so be sure to kill that and afterwards grab the scientist journal.

Meeting Failurebot


After finding all the clues, you are to head over to a shack as you will be looking for Failurebot, which is the robot that has been communicating with you during the mission.

You will need to shoot the lock that is glowing red to release Failurebot since the scientists have locked it inside the shed for basically being a failure at everything.


Once you have destroyed the lock, Failurebot will come out and talk to you, giving you more info about what is going on and eventually asking you for more help. 

Searching For The Scientists


You are to follow Failurebot or just head over towards the waypoint where there will be a clue about the whereabouts of the scientists.


There will be a cage at the waypoint and you will need to pick up the bloody scientist journal to proceed with the mission.

The Jabber Tribe


Your objective will be to find the jabber tribe which has become a result of the experimentation done by the scientists that caused them to become more enhanced.


The jabber king will demand that you complete some trials before you can seek an audience with him which you must complete.

For the first test you must complete the Trial Of Agility which simply requires you to head to the waypoint by making your way across several bridges.

You may have to clear out a lot of jabbers to properly be able to progress with all of the trials.


After you pass the Trial Of Agility by reaching the waypoint, you will then need to complete the Trial Of Strength which requires you to face some of the king’s strongest warriors.


You will need to kill the jabber champions that have been sent to fight you in order to complete the Trial Of Strength.


After the Trial Of Strength will be the Trial Of Wisdom where the king will tell you to jump into the chasm which will obviously end with your death.


You may either jump in, which would be a waste of time and pretty dumb to do so instead you may wait it out for a bit or just simply head over to where the king is.

This will prompt the completion of the Trial Of Wisdom and you will then be able to speak with the jabber king.


Once the jabber king speaks with you, there will be a slight conversation going on before he gives you a scientist journal that was left behind.

The jabber king will also demand that you challenge the saurians to combat which you are to carry out when you reach their location.


The scientist journal will give a clue as to where the other scientists are which will set your waypoint to the next location you need to head to.

The Uplifted Saurians


As you make your way towards the secret lab where the scientists have been running experiments on saurian creatures to counter the jabbers, there will be a cage hanging.


Climb up onto the other cages and shoot the lock on the hanging cage to open it up where you will then need to jump as the remaining scientists are inside.


The scientists will be dead and Failurebot will ask you to check what is inside the secret lab which it refers to as a bunker.


As you approach the bunker a robotic eye will appear and you will speak with the Scaleon Hivemind who explains a bit about what happened.


In order to speak get an audience, you will once again be tested but this time by just fighting off a bunch of uplifted saurian enemies in the area.


After you have proved yourself, you will be able to talk to the saurian queen who you then pass on an insult and state that it’s from the jabbers.

This will anger the saurian queen and result in her accepting the challenge, making her head over towards the camp.

The Deathmatch


Once you have talked to the saurian queen, head back to the camp and meet Failurebot at the dome who will claim that it has failed once more.

Out of nowhere the Failurebot will get an idea and say that it wants you to fight as its champion and if you succeed then it will no longer be a failure.


Head inside the dome where Failurebot will begin announcing the fight and soon after you, the saurian and the jabbers will be in an all-out deathmatch.


Kill everything in the dome until there is nothing left so that you will be the last one standing and the victor of the battle.


After all the enemies have been defeated and nothing else is left alive, head back to Failurebot to complete the mission and get your reward.


Failurebot will declare itself with a new name, Triumphbot and will then give you your reward, ending the mission.

Rumble In The Jungle Mission Rewards


Completing the Rumble In The Jungle mission will reward you with around 7,190 cash.



  • You won’t need to clear some of the areas except for the ones that require you to kill the jabbers or fight to prove yourself to either of the races.
  • The mission objectives may tell you to follow Failurebot but you can instead head to the waypoints to complete the mission faster.
  • During the final fight, it is best to keep your distance and let them hurt each other until you can make the killing blow or handle whoever is left.
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