Borderlands 3 GenIVIV (Boss): Defeating, Location, Attacks, Drops, Weak Spots

Borderlands 3 GenIVIV Boss

GenIVIV is an enemy that you encounter that is similar to a boss and already considered to be one due to the complexity of the fight with her which takes place during the mission called The Family Jewel.

She is an AI that has uploaded herself into an advanced Maliwan mech which she will use to prevent you from obtaining the vault key fragment during the mission.


GenIVIV can be encountered during The Family Jewel which brings you to the Voracious Canopy and to the Jacobs crash landed ship. During the mission she will annoyingly attempt to stop you by controlling several functions in the ship and later on utilizes her mech to physically fight with you.

Fighting & Killing GenIVIV


GenIVIV is all offense with only a tiny amount of defense and you can easily kill her by dishing out the right damage against her.

She will attempt to spam her attacks and cause a lot of multiple sources of damage to be present in the room which you can shoot at or evade.

Using shock weapons to deplete her shields and corrosive weapons for her armor can quickly make the battle end.


GenIVIV is not that tough when it comes to her health and shields but she can dish out a lot of damage if you get careless.

Aim to get rid of anything that she throws or summons to avoid getting overwhelmed by the multiple sources of damage that are present.

Weak Spots


GenIVIV’s weak spot is around her torso between where her chest and thighs are which is visually shown by a bit of less armored material.

Shooting repeatedly on at her weak spot can cause her to stagger and dealing enough damage can cause her to completely be stunned for a few seconds.


GenIVIV can create shields that can block your projectiles but they do not last long if you fire at them which is shown by the color changing from green to red when they are about to break.

Notable Attacks

Burst Discs


GenIVIV’s main attack is her usage of disc-like projectiles which she fires in a burst-fire pattern which can hit you at a great distance.

This can be evaded by simply moving to the side as the projectiles take quite some time to travel.



GenIVIV summons drone-like floating objects which will position themselves at first and begin firing at you once a few seconds go by.

These can be destroyed by shooting them and after a basic amount of damage is dealt, they will be destroyed.

You will have to destroy each of them or else they will keep firing at you.

Bouncing Projectile


GenIVIV releases a projectile which will continue to bounce until it collides with you or something else, dealing area damage where it makes impact.

These can also be shot at or simply dodge but it is important to always watch out since a lot of these may exist at a time which can make the fight very difficult.



While dashing around, GenIVIV may hit you with any of her attacks and may use this to reposition herself or to set up shields later on to block your projectiles.

She is quite vulnerable while doing this so be sure to take advantage and fire at her while she is dashing around the area.

Notable Drops


With a chance to drop uncommon to rare equipment, GenIVIV has a good chance of dropping a the “Echo-Shelter Messy Breakup” shield mod.



  • It is ideal to bring a shock weapon for her shields if you want to take them out faster and a corrosive weapon for her health.
  • GenIVIV has fight patterns that are someone predictable and by being careful, you can dodge most of her attacks.
  • You can temporarily disable GenIVIV by dealing enough damage to her or by dealing successive critical hits.
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