Borderlands 3 Billy, The Anointed (Boss): Defeating, Location, Attacks, Drops, Weak Spots

Borderlands 3 Billy, The Anointed Boss

Bill, The Anointed who is also just known as The Anointed is a boss that you encounter in the Jacobs Estate inside the manor theater when first doing the Lair Of The Harpy Mission.

He is very similar to the goliaths in the game but is an anointed and much stronger version, having more health, dealing more damage and having additional abilities.


During the Lair Of The Harpy mission, you will encounter The Anointed in a theater where you are supposed to open up a trapdoor heading to a secret area as you search for a clue regarding the vault key fragment that is on Eden-6 and will have to defeat this boss before you can proceed.

Fighting & Killing The Anointed


The Anointed can become very dangerous at close range so its best to keep moving and keep your distance from it.

It has the ability to teleport and will attempt to teleport to your location, sometimes even ending up behind you and surprising you with its melee attacks or other notable attacks.

It is very tanky and can resist a lot of damage so be sure to have strong weapons and better yet, elemental based weapons.


Billy will attempt to attack you at close range by teleporting near you but if you are far, he still has attacks so be sure to take cover.

Staying on the stage can give you a good advantage as you won’t have anything blocking you while you move around.

Weak Spots


Just like other goliaths, The Anointed take extra damage when you deal a headshot to him but this can be quite hard if you can’t get a good shot at him due to the size of his head.

Aim for the head whenever you can to deal more damage to him and to sometimes disrupt his attacks.

Notable Attacks

Clap Shockwave


At close to medium range, The Anointed will clap his hands which releases a shockwave forward that can deal a large amount of damage.

This can be avoided by moving towards the side or moving away from The Anointed while he is about to do the attack.

The attack will also create a ring that expands outwards that can be avoided by jumping or moving up or down to a different height.

Flaming Skulls


The Anointed will release flaming skulls from his head which you can anticipate as he does the animation where he removes his head or mask.

To avoid getting damage, hide behind cover or shoot the flaming skulls to destroy them before they get to you.

Running Attack


He will attempt to run towards you and hit you with a strong melee attack that can knock you back and take out a lot from either your shields or health.

Once he starts running, its best to make a run for it or go to an area he can’t get through such as running through chairs or going up or down the stage.

Anointed Projectile


If you are far from The Anointed, he will throw a purple projectile which will explode upon impact in an area.

You can avoid this by running the opposite direction or out of the area where its trajectory is set out.

Notable Drops


Aside from dropping uncommon to rare items, The Anointed has a higher chance to drop the “Lead Sprinkler” legendary assault rifle more than other legendary items.



  • Using elemental weapons can be a good way to deal damage over time while you dish out more damage with other powerful weapons.
  • Always keep your distance as he deals a large amount of damage at close range which can take almost anyone out with about three to five hits.
  • Whenever he teleports to your location, keep track of the trail he leaves behind and move to an area where it does not pass which will ensure he has a hard time getting to you.
  • Aim for the head as much as you can to deal a lot of damage to him as he can withstand a lot of damage from weapons.
  • Destroy the skulls that he releases whenever possible to avoid taking damage while you are moving around or shooting at him.
  • Jumping and sliding can save you from several of his attacks so be sure to be as mobile as possible when fighting him.
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