Sacked Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Sacked Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Eden-6
  • Location: Jakobs Estate
  • Level: 26

Aurelia has been getting rid of the hired help in the building and Wainwright suspects that she is up to something that isn’t good.

Your task will be to look for clues to see what she was hiding by searching for hidden information that the helper in the manor have discovered and set aside.

Mission Walkthrough

Searching For Clues


Head to the area where the waypoint is marking to see the clues in the room.


There is a statue near a locked chest that you are supposed to interact with to reveal a clue.


After the statue breaks it will be revealed that there is a button which you are to press to move on to the figuring out how to unlock the chest.


There are three statues that need to be shot to unlock the chest and one of them is across the left side of the bed.


Another will be in the other room near the corridor which is placed on top of a bookshelf.


The other statue will be in the other room on a table next too a chair near another opening.

Be sure to shoot all of the statues so that the chest will become unlocked.


After shooting all of the statues, head back to the chest and open it up to discover what was hidden inside.


The chest will contain a recording of a conversation between Baldrin and Aurelia which proves that she has killed him.

Looking For More Clues


Wainwright will suspect that Baldrin may have passed along some information to the other help in the manor and asks you to keep investigating.


You are to head to the waypoint which will lead you to the quarters where another clue will be waiting for you.


There will be another dead body which you are to inspect which will later on reveal a nearby clue which is an eviction notice.


Grab the eviction notice and Wainwright will once again put together what has been learned and will tell you to continue searching once again.


Head to the theater and either fight the enemies or just run towards the trapdoor which you may have opened previously.

If you have not been here yet, you should kill Billy, The Anointed and solve the puzzle first as seen in the Lair Of The Harpy mission.


Head down the trapdoor once everything is settled and make your way towards the next clue.


As you jump down the cellar and down to the exit of the manor you will be able to notice a clue on top of the barrels in front of you.


Climb up to the barrels and grab the clue that has been left on one of the barrels and continue to head over to the next waypoint.

Clues In Grotto


The clues in Grotto will be a bit different as the waypoints will lead you to an area but you will need to search around for the clues.

The first clue will be on a chest where a lamp is also place and you are to grab this clue which is later known to be a shopping list.


The next clue is a pink slip which is also placed on top of a chest with a lantern and it is behind a pillar in the Grotto.


You will then need to head over to Claire who has been removed from service and given drinks by Aurelia who will then tell you about what happened.


Right after Claire tells you about the next clue she will fall to the ground as it turns out that the drinks given to her were cyanide and a way of Aurelia to kill her.

Finding The Recording


Claire will have mentioned where the recording is stashed before she died which will lead you to an abandoned shack.

There will be enemies spawning in via teleportation similar to Lilith’s method when she was a siren.


Take out the enemies so you can enter the shack or just rush your way towards the inside of it.


Interact with the bed inside the shack to move it to the side which will reveal the hidden recording that Wainwright is looking for.


Pick up the recording which reveals the events of what happened where it turns out that Troy and Aurelia have slept with each other as a sort of sealing the deal type of conclusion.


After you have picked up the recording, head back to Wainwright and talk to him to complete the mission.

Sacked Mission Rewards


Completing the Sacked mission will reward you with around 4,569 cash.



  • Most of the clues can be rushed to as there is barely a need to clear out enemies, making the mission very easy to complete.
  • Enemies will spawn in at large numbers so its either you take them out or you run past them.
  • This mission is best done along with the Lair Of The Harpy mission so you have no need for returning to clear the areas all over again.
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