Capture The Frag Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Capture The Frag Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Eden-6
  • Location: Capture The Frag
  • Level: 27

The Calypso twins are sporting a little competition between the two of them where they pit their Children Of The Vault followers to fight each other to make Tyreen or Troy the victor out of their amusement.

Your task is to interfere with the battle and kill both teams to reduce the overall number of followers that the Calypso twins have.

Mission Walkthrough

Heading To Tyreen’s Camp


Tyreen’s camp is near Knotty Peak so its best to just fast travel over there and take the lift heading down to grab a vehicle.


Drive your vehicle over to the camp which is a short drive followed with a jump heading to the bottom where the camp will be located.

Killing Team Tyreen


Once you arrive at Tyreen’s camp you will need to continue by foot as vehicles won’t fit through the entrance.


Kill all of the enemies that are on Tyreen’s team and afterwards you are to head over to Troy’s camp to do the same.


Surprisingly, Tyreen’s team has prepared a bomb that they were planning to move over to Troy’s camp using the crane which Clay says you should use to your advantage.

Using The Bomb


The bomb will usually get stuck so you will have to shoot the crane every now and then as it is in transit heading over to Troy’s camp.


You are then to follow the crane as it is in motion which can be done on foot or easily by heading back to your vehicle and using it until you reach Troy’s camp.

Heading To Troy’s Camp


Follow the bomb as it is being carried by the crane and continue to fire at it whenever it stops movie to keep it pushing towards Troy’s camp.


Troy will send enemies to stop you from pushing the bomb towards his camp so you will have to deal with them.

The enemies will be using vehicles so make sure you have a strong weapon or follow the method where you also use your vehicle to escort the bomb.

Killing Team Troy


Once the bomb is above Troy’s camp, head inside the camp and start killing all of Troy’s team until no enemies are left.

Dropping The Bomb


After you have cleared all of Troy’s remaining team, head over to the control area and drop the bomb.

Getting Your Rewards


The bomb will be a dud since the Children Of The Vault are not that smart and perhaps couldn’t make it right.

Nevertheless, there will be a lot of loot that comes out where the bomb dropped which you can grab before making your way back to Clay.


Head back to Reliance and speak with Clay to finish the mission and get your just rewards for taking care of both teams. 

Capture The Frag Mission Rewards


Upon completion of the Capture The Frag mission, you will be rewarded with around 3,838 cash.



  • The only time you really need to kill enemies is when you arrive at each camp and everything else may be rushed.
  • Most of the enemies can be easily killed as they appear to be the weaker types of bandits which can easily be dealt with using headshots or incendiary weapons.
  • Keep a vehicle handy so you can use it to kill enemies while escorting the bomb and even when you are at each camp’s entrance.
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