Warframe Nights of Naberus

Nights of Naberus

In celebration of Halloween, it looks like Warframe has their very own version of it called Nights of Naberus, in short Naberus.

You will find that the Necralisk has for the time being been renamed to Nights of Naberus and you may notice that some Jack-o’-lanterns have been placed around as decorations.

You may celebrate Naberus by heading towards Kaelli (Daughter) who you will find has changed her appearance in order to celebrate the event as well.

Aside from visual changes, Naberus is the time for celebrating life or as in the story context, mock death and to further make things more enjoyable, Naberus Treats are available from Kaelli until the event is over.

Nights of Naberus started on October 15, 2020 and lasts until November 10.

Naberus Treats

There are a bunch of “treats” which can be purchased with Mother Tokens which even includes items from other events such as Operation: Plague Star.

Mother Tokens can easily be farmed, and this gives players the chance to catch up on some gear and some items they have missed.

Among these items is the Whispering Naberus Mobile which may be placed as a decoration inside the orbiter and afterwards, it can be interacted with to reveal a story.

The Naberus Treats available for purchase are:

Naberus Treat

Mother Tokens

Naberus Ephemera

Plague Akwin Blueprint


Plague Keewar Blueprint

Plague Bokwin Blueprint


Plague Kripath Blueprint

Gram Day of the Dead Skin


Basmu Day of the Death Skin

Exodia Contagion


Exodia Epidemic

Stinkeye Naberus Glyph


Rotting Naberus Glyph

Grapeskull Naberus Glyph


Hallow’s Eve Color Palette

Voidrig Day of the Dead Skin


Grim Grin Naberus Sigil

Spinneret Ephemera


Whispering Naberus Mobil


Whispering Naberus Mobile

The Whispering Naberus Mobile may be purchased from Kaelli and once placed inside the orbiter, the player may interact with it to start a cutscene where Grandmother tells a story.

The story speaks of the Orokin and their celebration as a way of mocking death, whereas they would wear masks and masquerade as the dead.

Grandmother tells of three wicked Orokin who became bored of the festivities and decided to masquerade as something more severe, leading them to capturing three Ostron and mutilating their bodies.

The Orokin use Blue Kuva which allows them to transfer into another body, so they may control these bodies as their costumes in the masquerade.

Unfortunately for the three Orokin, a servant girl took a flask of Crimson Kuva and poured some in the throats of the Orokin, which would seal the continuity of them staying in the mutilated bodies.

The morning after Naberus was followed by the three Orokin being the last to scream  out, but this was not due to festivities, but rather because they had not returned to their bodies and would now forever remain in the form of the mutilated bodies they have created.

The servant girl disappeared the previous night and was never seen again.


  • You can purchase all of the items that Kaelli sells with Mother Tokens which can be acquired as a reward for doing bounties.
  • It is a good idea to use a Warframe that can clear large areas and grind the bounties so that you can receive more Mother Tokens in a smaller amount of time.
  • Should you be unable to do bounties quickly or have a hard time, joining with another squad or playing with buddies is suggested, regardless if some objectives are made harder. 


Nights of Naberus is a small event that allows players to celebrate what appears to be Warframe’s version of Halloween.

Players can see minor changes, enjoy good folklore and most of all, purchase goodies that are only available during events for a certain duration of time.

This event is mainly tied to Deimos and players will be spending their time farming bounties and purchasing Naberus Treats from Kaelli.

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