7 Top Games Similar To Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a side-scrolling squad-based RPG with a grim and dark setting. The main objectives of the game are looting and dungeon exploring. You manage a squad of adventurers that take up missions to eradicate the evil that is plaguing throttle land.

As you dive into the maddening darkness of evil to bring light into it, you have to manage not only your heroes’ physical resolve but also their mental fortitude. The heroes may be stronger than their foes at certain times as you slay and eradicate these vile creatures room by room where certainly despair and fatigue will start to take its toll.

This game was developed by Red Hook Studios released by Merge Studios and is playable on PC, PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS.

This game certainly provides the player with great content and a lot of action. Although the gameplay is simple, its themes and artwork are captivating enough to make you want to keep on playing.

Here are some of the games we have selected that bring about a similar ambience to Darkest Dungeon.



MISTOVER is RPG themed dungeon delver, its charm comes from its gothic themes and dark storyline. This game takes you to a world consumed in darkness and at the brink of extinction where you will have to brave the challenges brought before you as you command the last bit of human resistance, the “Corps” to fight against the darkness.

This game was developed by Krafton Inc. and was released for PC, PlayStation, and the Switch. This game provides a different twist on the RPG genre with its dark renaissance themes and its internal conflict is greed and satisfaction making the game more dynamic in its appeal.

As you fight you will notice that the right positioning of your squad can be more beneficial than better loot or gear. Keep in mind to position your heroes to have better synergy with each other regardless of how strong they may be. You must be mindful that your characters have one life to live, so make every decision count or let your Corps be consumed in the darkness of MISTOVER.

2) Robothorium

RobothoriumRobothorium is a Cyberpunk themed dungeon crawler with turn-based gameplay. The story takes place in a futuristic society that has relied on and at the same time abused its robot workforce to the point that they revolted and created an uprising. The humans did not take this lightly and swiftly retaliated by eradicating and destroying the robots that have joined the uprising.

Developed by an indie developer Goblinz Studios released on PC and Switch. This game has simple mechanics that are easy to learn but carries with it a massive arsenal of upgrades for each type of unit, that not only improves your units but also changes their appearance to look more like an effective fighting force.

The humans in this game are the villains of the story as you assume the role of S.A.I.A. a very powerful AI that leads the robot resistance. Gather a team of robots to fight for you and raid human installments like laboratories and other facilities to gain new upgrades for your units to better fight against the oppressive humans in Robothorium.

3) Vambrace: Cold Soul

Vambrace: Cold SoulVambrace: Cold Soul is a Roguelike RPG that is set on a frozen elf punk landscape, in this game you will go on adventures as Evelia Lyric and as you unravel the mysteries of this land, you will be led to eventually facing off against the king of shades.

Developed by Devespresso Games and is currently available on PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, and on the Nintendo Switch. This gothic themed RPG has many aspects going for it mainly you can roam around freely in town exploring and understanding what to do like crafting equipment or finding a place to sleep.

Then the combat itself is a side scrolling turn-based fight where positioning is a key element to any engagement as the game progresses. The “adventurers” you hire may die in battle and are permanent as for Evelia it is not the case for only she holds the way to unlock the mystery of the Vambrace.

4) Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Master

Legend of KeepersLegend of Keepers is a dungeon management game and lets you take the seat of the villain that owns an evil dungeon. You will be setting up traps and employing minions to do your dirty work and of course, no dungeon will be complete without a big bad boss to defend your hard-earned loot from the previous would-be adventurers that have dared to enter your dungeon.

Developed by Goblinz studios and released as an early access game on Steam and GOG, this game is simple but very engaging as you can spend hours and hours watching adventurers of all sorts, visit and invade your home then fall victim to the perils of your evil layer.

You will be in the management side of things, this is quite tricky since you would want to care for your Employees a.k.a. Minions that fall in battle and let them rest for a couple of days or improve their skills with proper work training so that they can kill the invading heroes more efficiently. Working with a diverse group of evil creatures, they tend to work better if they work with their kind so why not try your hand at managing your dungeon in, Legend of Keepers.

5) Mad Crown

Mad CrownMad Crown is a diesel-punk themed Roguelike RPG, where you play as an adventurer in search of a mythical crown. In your quest you will be facing off with the inhabitants of a ruined world from machines that have gone berserk to mutants that just want to rip or cleave you in half.

Developed by S-Game and currently released on Steam, this game has a bit of dungeon exploration mixed in with turn-based fight encounters that give the game a bit of a tabletop feel.

You will be managing a group of adventurers to help you seek the Mad Crown and as you fight and explore the gear you find will significantly improve the chances of your party succeeding although bear in mind that in the quest for the Mad Crown death is permanent.


WARSAWWARSAW is a tactical RPG that is set in the middle of WWII in an occupied city of Poland with the same name. You will be picking out your heroes and lead a group of war-torn civilians in the resistance against the Axis powers that are occupying your beloved city.

Developed by Pixelated Milk and released on Steam, this game lets you control a militia group in the axis occupied Warsaw. Each character you use has meaningful backgrounds, giving the game a lot more depth which is not to be mistaken for just another turn-based strategy game.

As your group progresses in the push back of the Axis forces, it would be essential to manage your supplies to keep your forces alive and able to defend themselves with healing equipment and repurposed weapons as you liberate yourselves and the city of Warsaw.

7) Iratus: Lord of the Dead

Iratus: Lord of the DeadIratus: Lord of the Dead is set in a dark fantasy setting. This turn-based strategy RPG lets you play as an evil necromancer that controls an army of undead that is hell-bent on the destruction or eradication of all mortal life.

Developed by Unfrozen and available on PC and Mac, the game lets you control your undead forces to either inflict pain or maddening fear with some stronger units that can do both.

Progression in the games is simple to understand but complicated to master. Leveling the right monsters as well as upgrading Iratus’s power to be able to conjure up many different horrors and instruments of death. With this game, the death of your minions would not be an issue because they are already dead and expendable.

Final Thoughts

With this list of games, Darkest Dungeon certainly has competition either by design or themes. As for the gameplay, these games have some similar mechanics but overall are very different.

May it be dungeon delving or hunting down mortals, these games each have their good points and bad points that we would recommend that you try out for yourself if you like dark gothic fantasy adventurer, A Sci-Fi resistance leader or you would just want to be the bad guy of the game. These games will certainly be of interest to you.

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