15 Top Games Similar To Agar.io

Agar.io is a massively multiplayer online game.

The gameplay of Agar.io is very simple yet challenging.

The players will start as a small cell that must eat blobs which will make them bigger and allow them to eat smaller cells than them.

Agar.io features many game modes such as a Free for All, Battle Royale, Teams and Experimental.

The game allows you to invite other players so you can play with your friends.

Here are 15 games similar to Agar.io

1) Slither.io


Slither.io is another massively multiplayer online game that is similar to Agar.io.

Instead of playing as a giant cell, you get to play as a worm or snake also known as a slither.

Slither.io has similar gameplay and objectives to Agar.io because the player’s goal is to become large slithers and be on toe top leaderboard.

However the game mechanics of Slither.io is very different from Agar.io because instead of eating other blobs you must maneuver your body and let them hit you.

Once the slither’s head touches the body of other players they will instantly die and you can eat the blobs that their carcass left.

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2) Diep.io


Diep.io is a massively multiplayer online action game.

The players will start off as small pea shooting robots that will later on get stronger and bigger as they progress.

As you earn points by killing other enemy players you can improve your robot as well as their weapons and stats.

The game features many game modes that is available to play and similar to Agar.io you can invite your friends.

3) Hole.io


Hole.io has its similarities with Agar.io such as its characters and gameplay.

The gameplay is very easy to understand, you must eat buildings, structures and other players to get bigger and eventually be in the top leaderboard.

However you must complete this in a limited amount of time and compete with other players.

There are 2 playable maps in the game which are City and Island each with different structures but with the same mechanics and gameplay.

4) Surviv.io


Surviv.io is an online Battle Royale game however it still has some similarities with Agar.io

At the beginning of the game players will be spawned in different regions of the map and they will be only starting with their fists and wits.

There are loot boxes that contains different equipment such as weapons, armor, ammunitions and fir aid kits.

Similar to other Battle Royale games Surviv.io features a danger zone which will slowly enclose as time passes by.

The player’s objective is to be the last living person to leave the battlefield.

5) Krunker.io


Krunker.io is an online multiplayer action game.

Krunker.io features a wide array of game modes the player can choose from and each game mode require specific objectives to be completed in order to become victorious.

The game features different and unique classes and each class contains a set of different abilities and weapons.

Krunker.io offers the player multiple maps that can be played as well as allowing players to create their own maps and host a server.

6) Brutalmania.io


Brutalmania.io is a massively multiplayer online action game.

The game takes you back to the stone-age where cavemen beat each other with large clubs however as you progress your era will change and will give you different sets of weapons.

At the beginning the players will start of as cavemen and they can upgrade their equipment by killing other players and earning points.

The players can choose to improve different stats of their character.

Similar to Aga.io you need to be in the top leaderboards in order to get the satisfaction of winning.

7) Warbrokers.io


Warbrokers.io a massively multiplayer online roleplaying action game that takes you in the brutal military wars.

Warbrokers.io features different game modes which you will need to complete various objectives in order to win.

There is a wide array of weapons to choose from in the game and the game even features military vehicles such as helicopters and tanks.

The gameplay is very unique and fun to play and it will give you a new taste in playing io games.

8) Pacman.io


Pacman.io is a massively multiplayer online game that is very similar to Agar.io.

Instead of playing as large cells you play as Pacman who needs to eat small blocks and eventually eat other players in order to get bigger.

However you must not only worry about other players but you need to worry about Pacman’s greatest enemy the ghosts of the game.

Your goal is to survive and be in the top leaderboard.

9) Oceanar.io


Oceanar.io is a fictional massively multiplayer online game that takes place in the deep blue sees.

In Oceanar.io the players will be playing as a fish leading his group and breeding more fish.

The goal is very easy yet again it is very challenging the players must collect fish by eating different cells as well as recruiting other fish that is near him.

The players can also eat or attack other players which will give him more fishes and make them stronger.

10) Tileman.io


Tileman.io is a massively multiplayer online game.

The objective of the game is you must take over as much tile as you can and expand your land.

The combat mechanics is very tricky the combat mechanic has it similarities with slither however you should be the one who touches their line or body.

Once you get used to the combat mechanics you will not have a hard time playing the game.

The game is very relaxing and fun to play however it can get a little frustrating because of other players competing against you.

11) Snowball.io


Snowball is an online multiplayer game.

The goal of the game is very simple yet hard to accomplish because the players will be set on a large iceberg and you must knock off other players only using your snowball.

The ice will be melted and be destroyed as time passes by which makes the iceberg smaller and smaller.

You can unlock various skins by playing games and winning.

12) Krew.io


Krew.io is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying action game that takes place in the pirate era.

The payers will be pirates that ride their battleships in the seas in search for treasure and destroying other battleships.

Through your progression you can hire players to be a part of your crew making you stronger and harder to defeat.

You can pick up many things in the game such as wood, shells, crabs and other things which you can be rewarded for gold and later on buy your necessities and improving your battleship.

13) Paper.io


The game mechanics and gameplay has its similarities with tileman.io.

However instead of being tiles you play as colorful papers that must take over large lands and make your color take over the whole land.

The combat mechanics is also tricky but once you get the hang of it you will have no problem playing.

14) Pikes.io


Pikes.io is a massively multiplayer online action game.

The game mechanics of the game is very similar to Agar.io however instead of playing as blobs you will be playing as people that are carrying large pikes.

You must collect the small blocks provided by the game to improve your pike and make it longer.

Killing enemies will also make your pike longer and stronger.

15) Creatur.io


Creatur.io is very similar to Agar.io however instead of playing as large blobs you get to play as big ugly creatures.

The goal is to be the biggest and scariest creature and you can achieve that by devouring other players or eating small blocks that is provided by the game.

If you want to play a game that has the same mechanics of Agar.io but with different characters then try Creatur.io

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