15 Top Games Similar To The Sims

The Sims is a virtual life simulator developed by EA and other companies. The Sims is one of the most famous game in its genre, the gameplay and needs system is very accurate to real life situations and problems which players have to deal with. The game takes place in the fantasy world. At the beginning the player will create his/her own character also known as a sim, the player can fully customize the sim’s appearance, clothing, behavior and traits which will later on affect the sim’s behavior and gameplay. Players can also have relationships with other Sims and start their own family. The Sims is basically a large life sandbox game where you can almost do real life things in the game.

Virtual Life Simulator games basically simulates the everyday life of a person where he needs to sleep, eat, work, and do other things. Virtual Life Simulator games are one of the most interesting and unique game genres in the video game industry. If you like managing and taking care of your character then these games will suit you.

Here are 15 games that are similar to The Sims.

1) Spore


Have you ever wanted to create your own species of creatures? Well Spore lets you create your own species of creatures and lets you evolve your own creature. The game allows players to customize and evolve their own creature which he can apply different body parts some of the body parts have its own unique ability about them such as dealing more damage or spitting out deadly and poisonous saliva into the enemy. The player must not only survive from hunger and lack of resource but they also need to survive from other deadly creatures in their land that are also searching for food. The player can also choose to form an alliance with other creatures or choose to kill them and eat them. Like the Sims the game allows you to control your creatures and you are obligated not only to take care of yourself but you are also obligated to take care of your family.

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2) Youtubers Life


Youtubers Life is a life and business simulation game, the goal of the game is to create entertaining videos for your viewers and to gain more subscribers and viewers. The game allows the players to choose a genre for his/her own channel such as cooking, gaming and music each of the genre has its own way of making videos. You are allowed to fully customize the appearance and traits of the Youtuber which will later on reflect on the character. The gameplay is very simple you will create entertaining videos in order to become more popular as well as buy items that will help improve your community and channel. The game allows the players to participate in events and it will help boost the reputation of the Youtuber.

3) Cities Skylines


Cities Skyline is a City Building and managing simulation game. The player must create his/her own city, not only does he have to deal with the everyday problems of the city but he also needs to deal with natural disasters and other problems such as electrical shortage and water shortage. The player can put different zones in the city such as industrial zones, commercial zones and residential zones. The player must strategically place down the zones in different areas which will benefit the area and people. To keep the city safe, the player must scatter police departments, hospitals and fire departments in order to keep the peace and maintain a healthy city. It is a is very fun and challenging game to play especially when you are dealing with bigger cities.

4) Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution


Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution is game that simulates the evolution of life. The game allows the player to place different species and life forms in his/her world. The species may be in the marine life, living in the plain lands or live in both biomes keep in mind the some species require different biomes and resource in order to live and be healthy. The game allows players to also evolve their species by customizing how the way it looks where it lives and other different things. The game is very challenging and fun to play especially when you are creating your own set of creatures and species as well as customizing their habitat and your own world.

5) Hobo Simulator


Hobo Simulator lets you become a real life Hobo where you need to face the everyday problems of a homeless person such as finding food to eat, finding shelter, selling items and keeping a healthy life style. The game features a scavenging system in trash bins and other items where players can find different things that they can sell or use.The player is also allowed to sell items and beg for money however it is illegal in certain places. You are able to interact with the AI’s and you can ask them for money or casually talk to them. The game also allows players to construct their own shelter for their comfort.This game is strategically challenging but it is very unique and fun to play.

6) Fallout


Fallout is a single player open world exploration game. The stories of the fallout games are almost similar to each other, your country has been nuked and now your country is a fallout, you wake up 200 years later and realize that everything is gone and radioactive creatures have begun to rise and take over the world some people might survive however some may have bad intentions and attempt to rob you or kill you. Fallout allows you to create your own little settlement which you need to manage and take care of, you must provide them with protection, electricity, water and other necessities. Your settlement might be attacked by other factions like raiders, mutants, robots and other fictional factions or creatures. You can assign the people in your settlement to do different things to carry their weight such as protecting your settlement, gathering food for your settlement, sell items and other things that will benefit your settlement.

7) Planet Coaster


Planet Coaster is a building and management game. Your goal is to create the best amusement parks and attract people to visit your park. The player must create different attractions and rides such as roller coasters and fun rides. The more attraction and rides you have, the more people will visit your amusement park. The player can also place down souvenir shops, food shops, rest rooms and other buildings that will help your amusement park. The game is very fun and challenging to play because the game offers a variety of rides and decorations in order to make your park beautiful. Players may fully create the roller coaster and they can choose the tracks and customize the them.

8) Prison Architect


Prison Architect is another build and management game where you act as an architect of a prison where you must manage and take care of your prison, staff and prisoners. The player must make sure that the prisoner has all the necessities he/she needs such as prison cells, kitchens, showers and other things that will comfort them. The player must also provide the staff with their needs such as their office, game room and other things. The gameplay is very challenging and exciting because anytime the prisoners can form a riot or gangs and attempt to escape the prison. The player must hire staff in order to keep the peace and order of the prison, the player can assign the staff in different locations or order them to do different things. There are many game modes and events that the game offers to the player which will give them a full experience of managing a prison or playing as a prisoner.

9) Jurassic World Evolution


Jurassic World Evolution is a build and management game however this game is very unique and challenging because you need to create a park that contains deadly dinosaurs which anytime a dinosaur can escape if the park is not well protected and constructed. The game features various dinosaurs which you can breed and customize to create your own dinosaur. The game allows players to create their own habitat and place down buildings that will attract people to visit their park. The dinosaurs can escape and ruin your park if you did not construct it right. The player must provide the dinosaurs with food, water and other necessities in order for the dinosaurs to survive. The game allows the player to get fossils from other islands to unlock different dinosaurs. This game is very unique and challenging which is fun to play but hard to manage.

10) Tropico


Tropico is a Build and Management game that takes place in a tropical island where you need to build your city and manage it, there are many events like politics, invasions and other things that that you need to deal with. The game allows the player to construct many buildings which has its own unique way to boost the reputation of your city. The game is very challenging but fun to play and it also features different game modes which are very fun to play.

11) Two point hospital


Two point hospital is another Build and Management game however you are in charge of managing your own hospital which you will need to treat your patients, take care of your hospital, improve your hospital and create amazing staff. The player must deal with the problems of the hospital as well as keeping an eye of the staff if they are doing their job right. It is very fun to play as it is for cute and it is cartoonish however it is challenging in its own way.

12) My time at Portia


My time at Portia takes place in the vast lands of Portia where the player mainly grows crops, upgrading your farm and interacting with life in the game. The game allows the payers to explore the map where he can meet NPC’s and interact with them he can do quests for them or sell items to them in return for some resource or currency which he can later on use to upgrade his/her farm. The game also features enemies which players can encounter and kill. The game is very cartoonish which makes it fun and exciting to play.

13) Second Life


Second Life takes place in the futuristic virtual world where you can fully create and customize your character. The player is obligated to take care of the character as well as making him happy by making him participate in clubs, parties and other activities. Gameplay allows players to freely roam the area and interact with AI’s. This game is very futuristic for its genre but it is fun and exciting to play.

14) Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicle


Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicle that takes place in an open environment where you can construct your own house and take care of your character. You can encounter different enemies which will give you different resources once it is killed. You can upgrade your house once you get the right resources to upgrade it. The game is in an open world environment which means you will have a large world to explore and a lot of enemies and things to be unlocked.

15) Parkitect


Parkitect is another carnival build and management game where you build a fun amusement park and manage it to attract people so that more may come to visit your park. The game has various rides that you can place and attract more visitors which will mark a great reputation to your park. The game features cartoonish graphics and it is also challenging because you need to always find ways to improve you park.

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