15 Top Games Similar to Harvest Moon

Harvest moon is a role playing farm simulation game which sets the player in a little harbor town where the player has the goal of restoring a lighthouse.

The player will be able to harvest resources, build up a farm, take care of animals and do other real life activities in this game.

Additionally, the player may also have his character get married, have a family and more.

Being a farm simulation game, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope has many elements related to farms and such tasks and activities done to maintain and improve a farm.

This game features mostly farming and living a life on a farm near a town where the player not only interacts with their own farm but can interact with NPC’s and additionally get quests.

Here are 15 games similar to Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

1) Stardew Valley


Stardew Valley is a role playing farm simulation game that takes place in a small town known as Pelican Town.

At the beginning of the game the player can create and customize his character.

Following the creation of the character the player will then choose from five different farms and each farm will give an extra resource or an environment that either has more foraging spot or a river which he can catch fish.

Knowing that it is a Farm Simulation game the player must generate revenue by growing livestock, planting crops and other real life things you can do in farming.

Aside from planting crops and growing livestock the player can interact with other NPC’s which can be later related and married.

The resource you harvest will help upgrade and expand your farm.

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2) Staxel


Staxel is a multiplayer roleplaying farm simulation game developed by Plukit.

The player will start in a small residence where you are tasked with restoring a farm, growing livestock, and other real life farm activities.

Harvesting resource, crops, selling livestock will make you gain income and help you expand your farm and later on expand your little residence.

Staxel allows players to invite their friends to have fun and help run their farm.

The game features a sandbox game where you can fully customize your world and control the events happening in the world.

3) My Time At Portia


My Time At Portia is a roleplaying farm simulation game that takes players to the charming post-apocalyptic island of Portia.

At the beginning the players will choose between Marco and Linda whom the player will control throughout the whole gameplay.

Your goal is to construct a farm, raise livestock, grow crops and participate in other real life farming activities.

The game also allows players to engage with other NPC’s and later on be in a relationship with them.

Aside from running a farm the player can also interact with NPC’s and complete quests and later on unlock secrets that the island holds.

4) Gleaner Heights


Gleaner Heights is a roleplaying farm simulation game that takes place in the lands of Gleaner Heights.

At the beginning of the game the player will have the freedom to choose between a male or a female and later on customize its look.

Gleaner Heights has the mixture of farming and combat elements where you can do different farm activities as well as engage in combat scenarios with the NPC’s or different creatures in the game.

The NPC’s of the game has different likes and dislikes which will heavily revolve around the player’s decision and interaction with them.

There is also a skill system where players can upgrade their different skills in combat, farming and other things.

5) Stranded Sails


Stranded Sails is an open world exploration farming adventure game that takes place on a unknown archipelago.

The player must venture of different islands, caves and other areas to unlock secrets and find treasures.

Aside from exploring and undergoing different adventures the player can also start and grown his own farm.

Overall the gameplay is completely up to the player as he can do different things.

6) Alchemy Story


Alchemy Story is a roleplaying fictional farm simulation game that takes place in a small town that has been struck by dark magic and all the villages have been turned into animals.

The player must help recreate the village by growing crops, raising livestock and other real life farm activities.

You can brew different chemicals and spell and use it to your advantage to grow crops and do other activities.

7) Farm Together


Farm Together is a roleplaying farm simulation game that takes place in the modern era.

Growing crops, raising livestock and doing other farm activities will help you gain income and later on expand your farm.

Farm Together allows players to invite their friends and open their park to strangers.

Aside from doing farm activities you can also go ahead and start different hobbies such as cooking, painting and composing music.

8) Harvest Life


Harvest Life is a roleplaying farm simulation game that takes place in a small town.

The player must establish his own farm and take care of it and later on expand and improve his farm.

Aside from growing crops and raising livestock the player can also engage with other NPC’s and later on be in a relationship with them.

There are also different random events that you can participate in and you can also complete different side quests given by NPC’s.

9) Stone Hearth


Stone hearth is a roleplaying farming simulation game where you create and take care of your own little settlement.

However Stone Hearth is more violent than the normal farm simulation games because without food and water your settlers will slowly die.

Aside from farming and other activities you can also engage combats with creatures and other settlers.

10) Robot Farm


Robot Farm is a fictional farm simulation game.

Robot Farm features different hostile creatures you can battle with.

Upon harvesting crops and raising livestock you will be able to sell them and earn income and expand your farm.

The world of Robot Farm is very gigantic which you can freely explore and find many things.

11) Ooblets


Ooblets s a farm simulation game that has a mix of pokemon because you can go ahead and capture creatures known as ooblets.

Aside from doing farm activities players can also engage with other ooblet trainers and have dance battles with them.

The lands of Ooblets is gigantic meaning you can explore different biomes and land.

12) Summer In Mara


Summer in Mara is a fictional open world farming exploration game where you play as a little child that explores an archipelago and meet different creatures and people.

Aside from farming you can also craft different items and trade with other NPC’s.

The game features a day and night system as well as climate changes that will affect the gameplay of your character and the game.

13) Deiland


Deilhand features a lot of common game mechanics such as farming resources, crafting things that you need and building shelter.

Players must survive after arriving on a planet and must start from scratch to ensure their survival by building a home from resources they gather and much more.

There will be hostile creatures as well so the players must be prepared to defend themselves when traveling the land.

The map of Deiland is gigantic allowing players to explore and unlock different secrets and stories of the game.

14) Story Of Seasons


Story of Seasons is a roleplaying farm simulation game.

The player must establish and constantly improve his farm by earning money and to do this the player must harvest crops, raise livestock and other do other farm activities.

You can also be in a relationship with other villagers that will help you run the farm.

There are various quests that you can complete and get extra income.

15) Farm Folks


Farm Folks is a farm simulation game that is very similar to harvest moon because of its gameplay.

The player must farm crops, raise livestock and other farm activities.

Later on the player can also be in a relationship and your spouse can help run the farm.

Farm Folks also allows players to adventure its large lands and discover many things.

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