14 Top Games Similar To Red Dead Redemption

Games Like Red Dead Redemption

If you are a fan of gun slinging and open-ended western game, you would really like the Red Dead Redemption game. Well, it is a game that offers something new to the gaming fanatics and the western outlaws and gun shooting gameplay is something that you won’t want to miss.

Red Dead Redemption

Before you start playing games that are similar or at least provides the same kind of excitement like Red Dead Redemption, you need to have a basic understanding of this game. Developed by Rockstar Dan Diego, this is a western action adventure game. What makes it more special is that it is the successor of the 2004 popular and exciting game Red Dead Revolver.  Also, it is the second game in the Red Dead series.

In this game, you play as John Marston. He is a formed outlaw whose family is kidnapped by the government. In return to get back his wife and son, John works as a hired gun and sets out to bring justice to three former members of his group.

Games Similar To Red Dead Redemption

1) West Gunfighter


Want to try a game where the Wild West looks real and exciting. Well, that is what West Gunfighter is all about. Here you can either play as a cowgirl or cowboy. The gameplay involves in going on missions, earning rewards, finding hidden loot, challenging and fighting duels with bandits, and more. This 3D action is something that Wild West gaming fanatics will find difficult to put down.

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2) Grand Theft Auto V


Now this game might not be based on Wild West still it is an action-filled and adventure game similar to Red Dead Redemption. Similar to the Grand Theft Auto series, you can play either as a first person or third person perspective. You need to complete various missions that have a set of objectives to move forward along with an impressive story line. As a player, you will be using firearms, melee attacks, explosive, and other deadly weapons to combat enemies.

3) Red Dead Revolver


As a third person shooter game, the Red Dead Revolver is truly one of the best Western action games. Developed by Rockstar San Diego, who are the creators of Red Dead Redemption, this is the first entry of the Red Dead series.

You play as dangerous Red Harlow, who is on a revenge spree to kill and punish Colonel Daren for killing his parents. This adrenaline filled revenge game is very interesting as it is filled with an arcade kind of shooting style, best mini duels, and various mission that are quite interesting and fun.

4) Guns and Spurs


For Wild West gamers, they would like a game where they can ride horses in open world, that too in a stylish 3D graphic. Well, if you really want to try such kind of game that is even filled with a lot of action, then go ahead with the Guns And Spurs. As a player, you need to travel from one town to another and compete in the ten Wanted missions to fight and kill your enemies.

In addition, you get to ride your horse and compete in ten challenging events of horse races. Along the game you get to use (unlock) various powerful weapons which includes dynamites and dual wield pistols.

5) Call of Juarez: Gunslinger


Do you like a first-person shooting game? Then you need to try the Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger game. Similar to the previous Call of Juarez game, this has various objectives that needs to be completed to progress to other levels.

Like most of the shooting game, this has various elements like bullet-time and gunslinger duels. Even the best part or you can the most enjoyable feature is the ability to avoid bullets through the quick time event.

6) Max Payne 3


A hardcore Max Payne fan will never miss out the latest and the most interesting game of the century.  Just like the previous versions, this is a third-person shooting game, where you play as the main character Max Payne. Unlike the previous versions, in this game you get to gain tactical advantage, which helps you to avoid getting damages from your enemies.

The interactive cut scenes filled with the story line continues with the gameplay, so you remain hooked up the entire time. Another important feature is the cover system and auto-aim which can be used against your enemies. Plus, you get to restore your health using painkillers.

7) Six-Guns: Gang Showdown


Unlike other Wild West games, Six Guns: Gang Showdown is somewhat different. Here you get to explore time where the Wild West was in a new frontier. The game is filled with interesting bandits and cowboy character. You play as Buck Crosshaw who is a man of principles, which being never shoot a man who does not deserve the bullet.

The game starts in a phrase where you are an outlaw who is presumed dead. You are traveling to Arizona to find redemption, without realizing that to escape one evil you are going to face one of the wicked and ancient forces that is present in the mysterious region.

8) Westland Survival


The Westland Survival game is one of the best survival and western themed MMORPG. Here as a character, you have to explore the life as a Lone Star ranger who needs to fight against robbers and do trading business with the Native Americans.

9) Fallout: New Vegas


Want to play an amazing open-world, fantasy, action packed game? Then you need to try the Fallout: New Vegas, which is one of the interesting RPG. This is the spin-off of the Fallout series and you need to explore the desert, get face to face with mutants and other dangerous creature. The gameplay is similar to the Red Dead Redemption where you play as Courier who is in the pursuit of taking revenge against the character Benny and retrieve the Platinum chip.

10) Watch Dogs


One of the best action-adventure filled video game that is developed by Ubisoft Montreal is the Watch Dogs. This is a revenge saga game where you play as hacker Aiden Pearce who is on search of the person who killed his niece. This has a similar gameplay like Red Dead Redemption and you play from third person view. In this game, you navigate either by vehicle or on foot.

11) Metal Gear Solid V – The Phantom Pain


Now most of you might be the hardcore of the Metal Gear Solid series. Well, this latest one from the Metal Gear has the similar story line and gameplay like its predecessor.  You play as Snake (Punished ‘Venom’ Snake) who is also called as Big Boss. In this game, you travel to the Soviet occupied Afghanistan and even Angola-Zaire border to take revenge on people who disseminated your forces and even almost killed you.

12) Western Two Guns Sandboxed


Taking place in the era of the Wild West, this is an action-filled and exciting game where you end up with the task of looking for two bandits. You play as a bounty hunter who has to capture two notorious bandits. In this mission, you have to take the help of local residents which can be only fetched by doing some assistance for them.

13) Guns


Experience the craziest Wild West game where you roam around lawless and find enemies in the action packed and adventure stories. You get to wage war, hunt people, protect citizens and do other interesting activities. Just like the name suggest, the only companion whom you can rely is your gun.

14) Bioshock Infinite


If you are interested in playing a first- person shooter game, then you need to try the latest one from then Bioshock franchise. Here you play the character of Booker DeWitt who enters the independent city of Columbia in 1912. Your major objective is to retrieve a girl who is held hostage in the tower by the self-proclaimed prophets. All through the story, you will come across various stories related to racism, violence and fatalism.

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