15 Top Games Similar To Minecraft

Games Like Minecraft

If you are a hardcore fan of Minecraft, you know why gaming critics have termed it as one of the greatest and most influential sandbox games in the history. Living in an infinite world, creating simplest homes and castles, well, the list goes on and on.

There is no doubt that Minecraft has revolutionized the gaming console. Created by the Swedish game developer Markus Persson, this game was released in 2011. One of the interactive features of this game is that it allows you to build various blocks (in 3D) and includes various activities like combat, resource gathering, crafting, and exploration.

Like most games, it has a multiplayer mode too where you can play with ten friends in cross platform at anywhere and anytime. In the Xbox version, you can play with four friends free using online account.

Games Similar To Minecraft

Now let’s come straight to the topic. If you have enjoyed playing Minecraft, then you are surely going to have a great time playing games similar to it in terms of gameplay and enjoyment. The following are 15 best exciting games that are somewhat similar to Minecraft.

1) LittleBigPlanet


Fans of puzzle games will really like the LBP. The game is based on the adventures of the individual Sackboy. Just like Minecraft, here the more emphasis is on the gameplay rather than the plot.

The game takes place in an imaginary world called LittleBigPlanet. You play as a curator who has to take care of each part of the LittleBigPlanet. Plus you can customize Sackboy like costume, hair after unlocking certain levels.

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2) Volcanoids


If you have enjoyed playing games where you need to escape or run away from volcanoes, then this game can pretty make up in that list. Just like the name, you play this game in a first-person mode where you need to explore the volcanic islands and escape from the creatures living in it.

Of course, the gameplay is similar to Minecraft and the unique as well as interesting aspect of this game is that volcanic eruptions will occur frequently.

3) Super Mario Maker


Fans of Super Mario will have a great time playing this game. Well, this is different from your traditional Super Mario game as you end up creating levels from the Super Mario series.

Similar to the Minecraft’s gameplay, here, players have to base their courses and visual style on the Super Mario Word, Super Mario Bros, etc games.

4) My Time At Portia


Now if you are a fan of survival games and ones that test your instinct, then the My Time At Portia game is the perfect choice. Here as a human character, you need to rebuild the city of Portia which got destroyed after the decay of civilization.

Just like the Minecraft, you need to gather resources and gain various tools which can help you to advance in the game. Resources like getting chainsaws to cut trees, getting machines to harvest seeds, etc will help you to create and flourish the Portia city.

5) The Blockheads


Like the Minecraft, the Blockheads is a two-dimensional game where you need to explore, craft, build, and perform other basic functions. Here, you will be controlling avatars known as blockheads which can either create or destroy blockheads as well as craft or develop material resources.

In addition, similar in the Minecraft, you have to dodge various non-aggressive creatures that are living in the underground, land and water bodies.

6) Subnautica


Now many of you would like to play survival and adventure game that has the ocean environment. Well, you can try the Subnautica game. Here your main aim is to explore the ocean present in an alien planet. Along with the exploration, you need to collect unique resources which will help you to advance in each level as well as survive.

Like Minecraft, you must battle all sea creatures and survive as well as follow and move along with the story plot.

7) Guncraft


Interested in a first person shooting game? Well, try out the Guncraft that has a similar gameplay of Minecraft. It uses the voxel style which is commonly found in Minecraft.

8) Unturned


As a survival based game, Unturned is surely one to try out. Created by Smartly Dressed Games, which is  headed by Canadian game designer Nelson Sexton, this involves you to survive and fight against zombies.

Similar to Minecraft, it has various difficulty settings. You need to search for weapons as well as supplies to survive the zombie apocalypse.

9) Don’t Starve


Some of us like dark fantasy game that gives us goosebumps as well as chills. Well, in that list, you can add the Don’t Starve game. It is a wilderness survival game similar to Minecraft but the only difference lies is that this is filled with magic and science.

Here you will be playing a character called Wilson who is a scientist. He is trapped by a demon and gets transferred to some mysterious world. The gameplay involves in learning about the environment you are and exploiting it as well as the inhabitants to get back home.

10) Blox 3D Junior


If you are looking out for some kiddie games which children might like to get hooked on for a long time, then try the Blox 3D Junior. Here the gameplay is simple. Kids must create and print 3D models in intuitive and simple way.

Now most kids might not be interested or happy with the gameplay of Minecraft, especially the little ones. For them, this game will be very much interesting and easy to play too.

11) Dragon Quest Builders


Among the various action-role playing games, you might want to try out the Dragon Quest Builders. Developed by Square Enix, this is a sandbox role-playing action game designed for PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita.

Here you are playing in a friction world called Alefgard. You are assigned the task of rebuilding the world after it got destroyed. Just like Minecraft, this features an aesthetic style which is blocky. And it even has the same Minecraft kind of gathering and building elements.

12) CastleMiner Z


The sequel to CastleMiner, this is a block-building sandbox game. Released in 2011, it was introduced on Xbox Live Indie Games. Here you will be using Xbox Live Avatars as players. Similar to Minecraft, you need to mine your own resources rather than creating them. In addition, you can craft various kinds of weapons like assault rifles and shotguns.

13) Stardew Valley


The Stardew Valley is one of the best farm based simulation games that is inspired by the Harvest Moon gaming series. Like Minecraft, this has an open-ended country kind of RPG.

You play as a character who has inherited his grandfather’s farm in Stardew Valley. You have to begin a new life using hand-me down tools and some few coins.

14) Hovercraft – Build Fly Retry


Like its name, this is a game based for kids. The gameplay is that you need to design a hovercraft, make it fly and rebuild it once it crashes. Like Minecraft, this game has an easy to use and interactive interface. What can make the kids hooked up is the crashes that occur as it is in a cartoon-styled and pixelated manner.

15) Trove


Initially released on 2015 for the macOS and Microsoft Windows version, this is a voxel based game designed by Trion Worlds. It is a same sandbox based game like Minecraft, where the players must take up the role of various classes that have different kinds of abilities and styles.

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