15 Games Similar To Fortnite

A Battle Royale Game is a last man standing gameplay with a little mixture of survival, exploration, and scavenging elements. Normally in a Battle Royale game you start off with many players and with minimal equipment. You need to scavenge for your own equipment and eliminate other players. You can play a Battle Royale game in many ways, you can rush for equipment and lessen the players by yourself or hide in a bush or building and wait for the opportune moment. Almost all of the Battle Royale Games are played online with other players where you are either in a squad, duo or solo.

Fortnite, like any other Battle Royale game is a 100 player PVP gameplay which you need to scavenge for equipment, explore the map and eliminate other players. However Fortnite is very unique because of its free building gameplay which you can build different things such as walls, ramps and use it as your advantage to eliminate and defend yourself from other players.

Here are 15 other games similar to Fortnite

1) PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 


PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds also known as PUBG is very similar to Fortnite because of its classic 100 player PVP Battle Royale. PUBG is more serious and realistic than other Battle Royale game. Unlike Fortnite you cannot build in PUBG that means you need to utilize buildings, roadblocks and other things for your cover.

Fortnite features two maps Erangel and Miramar both of which are larger than most Battle Royale maps since the maps are very large you need to utilize vehicles in order to move to other areas much faster. PUBG focuses on long and close range fire fights, you can use different weapon attachments to upgrade your weapons sight, damage, accuracy and noise. PUBG also focuses on tactical play and scavenging. PUBG won the award Best multiplayer game in 2017 with 500,000 active players playing PUBG and has sold over 6 million copies.

Available on: PC, Xbox One, Android, iOS

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  2) Ring of Elysium


In this Battle Royale game, you are sent down with 59 other players to an island with active volcanoes and avalanches and in order to survive you must scavenge for weapons, armor, health aids and other equipment that will help you survive the harsh elements and other players that that want to evacuate the storm freezing the island via chopper. Take note only 4 players can evacuate and survive and all other players are considered enemies and must be eliminated. Ring of Elysium has a great character creation engine and has a great graphics quality. There are many vehicles in the game which you will help you move around faster and reach the extraction point easier.

Available on: PC

3) Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Blackout


Blackout is a very realistic Battle Royale game because of its mechanics like bullet ballistics, weapons, vehicles and the player movement and actions. Players need to scavenge for weapons, armor and utilities in order to survive other enemies while avoiding hordes of zombies. You can play blackout in many ways and its rapid movement can help you rush the enemy and secure a kill or use strategy and wait out enemies or try to set an ambush. Its bullet ballistics makes it necessary to have a good idea of how things work and may require skill for some players.

Available on: PC, Xbox one, PS4

4) Maelstorm


Maelstorm is a fast paced naval battle game. Defeat other ships in Maelstorm by utilizing your cannons to tear their ship apart or enclose them to sea creatures and watch as the creatures tear their ships apart. You can play as a dwarf, human or orc and all of the three classes have different ship specs that you can use as your advantage to defeat other players. Although Maelstorm can only include 15 players, its unique naval battle makes up for the lack of players and gives a great experience.

Available on: PC. Xbox one, PS4

5) Realm Royale


Realm Royale is another Battle Royale game however it a spinoff of Paladins and maintains visuals and a similar era to which the Paladins occurred. Similar to other Battle Royale games, in 100 players are dropped from an airship and must fight each other while trying to stay within a safe zone which shrinks over time until all other enemies are defeated.

Available on: PC

6) The Darwin Project


The Darwin Project is not your typical Battle Royale game that has a circle and will enclose you. In The Darwin Project you need to be able to hunt down tracks of the enemy or wait for the map to reveal their hiding place and eliminate them. You need to scavenge for items that will help upgrade your weapons. The only weapons in this game is your bow and axe.

Available on: PC, Xbox one

7) The Culling


The culling is basically like the Hunger games where 16 players are dropped off at a jungle like forest biomes where they need to craft and scavenge for weapons and equipment in order to eliminate other players to survive. You can add poisonous chemicals to your bullets to add a dazzling effect on the enemy or you can buy airdrops to get more advanced equipment.

Available on: PC, Xbox

8) Fear The Wolves


Fear the wolves takes place in a hostile radioactive wasteland where survivors must survive from not only other players but anomalies, weather and mutants. Players must scavenge for gear to not only fend off enemies but also to survive the wasteland and must eliminate their enemies to come out victorious and be extracted by a helicopter.

Available on: PC, Xbox one, PS4

9) Radical Heights


The setting of Radical Heights takes place at a 80’s game show building. Radical Heights is more colorful, silly and cartoonish type of Battle Royale game. You can utilize silly things such as BMX’s Ramps and other comedic action while trying to get rich to be able to purchase things that you require to achieve victory or to bank and for your character customization.

Available on: PC

10) Apex Legends


Apex Legends takes place after the events of the famous Titanfall 2 game and includes unique characters, weapons and great experience for gameplay. You will be playing as one of the eight legends of the game and each character has different and unique skills and abilities that you can utilize to defeat other players. The gameplay is a 3 v 3 PVP each time you win you will face off another squad until you come up as victorious.

Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One

11) Last man Standing


Last man standing is a different Battle Royale game where a lot of players spawn into a warzone and must battle out until the last person standing reigns victorious. Players must scavenge and loot from other players that they defeat in order to acquire better gear in order to survive their encounters with even deadlier enemies and may customize their gear to suit their visual preferences.

Available on: PC

12) Totally Accurate Battlegrounds


Totally Accurate Battlegrounds parodies the Battle Royale gameplay to the max. TABS like any other Battle Royale, is where players are sent it to scavenge for weapons and equipment and eliminate each other however TABS is 100% more goofy and funny players wobble around like sausages they sometimes can even fall to the ground because of the firepower of the weapon and though the graphics are not that high in quality it makes a hilarious and fun experience for gameplay.

Available on: PC

13) Z1 Battle Royale


This Battle Royale stays true to the classic king of the hill style game play where players are pit against each other in desolate town or land where they must face each other with unique gun and combat mechanics, ridable vehicles and fast paced shooting. This game allows you to play as solo, duo or join in groups of 5 to defeat all of the other players in an attempt to be the last one/s standing.

Available: PC, Xbox One

14) Rules of Survival


Rules of Survival is very similar to Fortnite because of its PVP gameplay except with more realistic weapons and a less cartoonish world. Scavenge for weapons, armor, health aids and utilities in order to survive in what seems to be an abandoned city or land. Rules of Survival can contain up to 120 players and you can play with 4 other friends. By winning games you will level up and face other skilled players.

Available on: PC, Android, IOS

15) SOS


SOS Battle Royale is another Hunger Games theme Battle Royale type of game where 16 players are dropped off in a treacherous island with creatures, monsters and other dangerous players ready to kill you. Only three players can survive at the end of the 30-minute match which means you can team up but with the chance of having someone betray your team if they choose to come out alone. There are audiences viewing similar to it being a gameshow and may sometimes give tribute to the players via airdrop.

Available on: PC

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