15 Top Games Similar To Fallout

Fallout is a post-apocalyptic game where different nations waged nuclear wars against each other.

Luckily, you and your family has been granted access to vaults that will protect you and your family from the nuclear bombs.

However upon waking up seeing the world that is now a Fallout you see that there are only a few people that made it and now radioactive creatures began to rise and take over the apocalyptic world.

Now your goal is to search for your missing family and survive the harsh wastelands.

Open world games are one of the biggest and most successful game franchises.

The reason to it is because there is possible endings and engagements you can do with NPC’s, every decision and interaction you do will matter.

Other reasons may be the story and gameplay of the game almost every open world games have great storylines.

Here are 15 similar games to Fallout

1) Skyrim


Skyrim was created by the same developers who created Fallout.

The setting of the game takes you back where you fight different mythological creatures using your powers or enhanced weapons.

Skryim allows players to engage and interact with the game’s NPCs and every decision, engagement and interaction they make will affect the game.

The players must complete different quests in order to progress and they can also complete different side quests to explore more on the story of the game.

Skyrim is still one of the greatest open world games because of the events that may occur and great storyline.

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2) Far Cry


The Fa rcry franchise is another successful open world game made by Ubisoft.

There are many stories to far cry but the gameplay is almost similar to each other.

Your goal is capture enemy outposts and slowly retake a region that is taken over by the enemy and replace it with your own.

Aside from taking over outposts you can complete different quests and side quests which will reward you with money that you can use for many things.

There are vehicles which can be utilized in the game and different guns that you can buy.

The game is very successful because of its amazing graphics and storyline.

3) Bioshock


Bioshock is another successful open world game developed by 2k Games.

Bioshock takes place in the late 1960s in the deep underwater city of Rapture where the main character encounters hostile people.

The excellent graphics of the game and the disgusting gore really gives the players an exciting and fun experience.

Players can choose a wide array of weapons each with different combat style, you can also choose to kill enemies using your suit which has different weapons that are attached to it.

Bioshock is one of the most successful open world games in its genre because of the great storyline, amazing graphics and creepy feeling the game gives.

4) Dying Light


The Dying Light franchise is one of the most successful zombie open world game that was released during its time.

Dying Light features a parkour system which makes the game very unique and exciting to play.

The players can craft and create their own equipment they can also buy from different traders scattered across the map.

Dying Light heavily revolves around melee combat which makes it very intense and challenging.

Dying Light is known for its fun game combat and parkour mechanics but it also has a great storyline to it.

5) Horizon Zero Dawn


Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the top video game hits of 2017 because of the ridiculously great graphics shown in the trailer.

Horizon Zero Dawn takes place in the post-apocalyptic world where futuristic and prehistoric elements combine, because your enemies are robotic dinosaurs and creatures.

Horizon Zero Dawn offers the players a variety of prehistoric and futuristic weapons and equipment.

Its great graphics, gameplay and storyline makes it one of the best open world games to be released in the industry.

6) Red Dead Redemption


Red Dead Redemption is an open world game that takes place in the western times.

Red Dead Redemption features a variety of quests you can accomplish.

The game features a lot of historic western weapons and equipment you can use.

There are a lot of random historic events that you can come across which you can participate in.

The players can do a lot of things in Red Dead Redemption such as killing all the people in a town, getting chased by the police and all of these things are what makes Red Dead Redemption one of the greatest games.

7) Dishonored


Dishonored is another successful open world games developed by Bethesda because of its amazing gameplay.

Dishonored heavily revolves around stealth gameplay however the character contains a wide array of weapons and equipment he can use.

Completing missions and side quests will give experience points to the player which will improve his stats and the player will also be given money and he can use that to buy more equipment and weapons.

8) Mad Max


Mad Max is a post-apocalyptic game that was influenced by the movie Mad Max.

The game is set on a post-apocalyptic word that is divided into several large regions where the player can explore different biomes that has its own background story.

The vehicle system of the game is said to be one of the most focused thing in the game because it was said that 60% of the game focuses on driving.

You can attach different weapons and technology to your vehicle.

There are also various weapons and equipment you can use to kill other settlements.

9) Metro


Metro is an open world action game that was developed by 4A Games.

Metro takes you in the post-apocalyptic world where you fight off hordes of radioactive creatures and ghouls.

The players must shelter in different Metro stations in order to stay alive.

There are various objectives and quests in the game which you need to complete and each quest will get harder as you progress.

Metro allows players to scavenge for parts and craft weapons and equipment.

Metro is in one of the top open world games because of its amazing graphics and gameplay.

10) Borderlands


The Borderlands franchise is one of the highest rated open world game in its genre.

Borderlands features 4 different classes and each with different set of skills, abilities and weapons.

Completing the quests from NPCs will reward players with money, items and other things.

You can encounter various enemies and bosses throughout your adventure killing them will reward you with experience and other things.

The game also has a coop mode where you can play with 3 other friends, it also features a duel system where you can battle other players.

The graphics of the game is a little bit cartoonish however the intense gameplay and all the fun things you can do makes up for it.

11) Deus Ex


Dues Ex is an open world action role playing game developed by Eidos Montreal.

Dues Ex is set on the futuristic world where different factions and companies are battling each other.

The Game and the NPC’s behavior will revolve around the player’s decisions in the game.

There are 4 factions the player can choose to join which will affect the game and NPC’s later on.

Dues Ex received great reviews from players because of its amazing storyline and freely choose what happens in certain events.

12) Generation Zero


Generation Zero is set on the post-apocalyptic world where robots have taken over the world.

The robots can be defeated using handcrafted explosives or weapons however the robots are very strong and sometimes vulnerable to normal weapons.

The players are allowed to make ambush points, utilize stealth and other strategic ways to take out the robots.

You must scavenge for weapons and your necessities in order to survive the robots as well as surviving your hunger and thirst.

Generation Zero can support up to 4 players which means that you can play with 3 other friends.

13) Rage


Rage is an open world game that takes place in the post-apocalyptic world.

The player is offered with a wide array of upgradable weapons to choose from as well as different bullets which can provide more damage and other effects to the enemy than normal bullets.

There are some drivable vehicles which will help players move from one place to another a lot quicker.

Rage features different apocalyptic enemies and bosses as well as hostile people from different settlements.

14) Zombi


Zombi takes place in the post-apocalyptic world where the brainless undead has taken over.

The game is set on London where the players must complete objectives to progress.

The players must find safe houses, equipment and other technologies that will help him fight off the undead.

Zombi allows the players to choose from a wide array of weapons, including ranged weapons.

15) Homefront: The Revolution


Homefront: The Revolution takes place in the futuristic post-apocalyptic world.

The players must take over the strongholds and bases of an enemy government who wishes to violently rule their nation.

Aside from taking over enemy strongholds players can also complete the main missions of the game as well as completing side quests that will reward the players with money.

The weapons of the game have a system where you can attach different specs to it or even make it another weapon.

There are many chapters in the game which you need to complete the first chapter and finish the last to clearly understand the story.

The graphics of the game is great and so is the storyline of the game.

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