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Subnautica is an underwater first-person survival game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. The game provides you 4 different modes: Survival, Freedom, Hardcore & Creative. You can start playing by selecting anyone of the mode.

  • Survival – In this mode, your spacecraft called “Aurora” will crash-land on a dangerous alien ocean planet. You need to manage your oxygen, thirst, health & hunger. If you die by playing this mode again you will reappear but without much items in the inventory.
  • Freedom – It’s same like Survival but here no need to worry about hunger/thirst.
  • Hardcore – It’s like a Survival mode with just one life. There won’t be any oxygen level alerts and you can’t respawn again.
  • Creative – In this mode constraints are eliminated like food, death, oxygen and pressure.

This game is all about surviving in the ocean by collecting the required oxygen & other resources. The player will lose their life, once the oxygen level reaches the minimum.

The game allows one to craft different tools & weapons in the water. The player will come across beautiful adventure, dangerous sharks, and tough challenges. It’s one of the best among the solo games that was released recently.

Let’s see below some of the games that are similar to Subnautica:

1) Stranded Deep

  • The plot of the game is the plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean and you need to save yourself with the help of the resources available.
  • You need to start off with the building equipment, find an island and construct a shelter over there or else, you can use it for constructing a raft to come across the ocean.
  • With the help of the available harvesting equipment you can gather resources for crafting.
  • Major constraints in this game will be managing health, hunger, thirst and sleep.

2) The Long Dark

  • This game is all about, the player who’s a crash landed bush pilot lands in the frigid Canadian wilderness. You need to fight for your survival after the Geostorm.
  • You will come across the challenges to manage the environment surrounded with more chillness, hunger, thirst and fatigue. The game is available in two modes Story & Survival.

3) Raft

  • The game starts with, you will be on a raft that is not very strong. You can’t find any land around you but all you can see is the deep sea. Suddenly, the raft throws you in the deep sea from there your fight starts for your survival with more thirst and hunger. With the objective to stay alive in the game, all you need to do is to build a floating home that can help you for your survival.

4) The Forest

  • This game is based on the two characters Eric LeBlanc (Father) and Timmy (Son). The players control Eric who searches his son Timmy who has lost him in the heavily dense Peninsula forest due to plane crash. The players should take care of their survival at the time of search in the forest.
  • The players will come across so many hurdles in the forest and they need to survive from all of those by creating the shelters, finding out the foods, creating the required tools for survival and at the night time they will come across the mutants.

5) Astroneer

  •  As a player in this game your end goal should be to clone different planets, mine resources & create structures.
  •  In this game you will control as an astroneer. Each and every planet in this game has different challenges. You can pass through by spacecraft, rover or by foot.
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