10 Top Games Similar To Plague Inc

Plague Inc. originally was a flash game developed by Ndemic Creations and published by Miniclip. It is currently available on Steam, Android & iOS App stores.

This Real-Time Strategy game allows you to create a modified plague, then control its evolution, and ability to spread in the hopes that it will bring the eradication of all human life which is the objective of the game.

As your plague spreads throughout the world, you have complete control of how you would like the plague to affect people. From making them, cough to making them insane and appearing to have zombie-like qualities, or turn them into zombies or vampires altogether.

The plague you create will eventually be discovered and in response, the world will attempt to fight back by creating a cure to save what is left in your wake.

With the current real-life outbreak sweeping the world, Covid-19, this game has surged in popularity with mobile and PC users alike. Although, kind of dark in its themes Plague Inc, in turn, can shed some light on how a pandemic would spread and how quickly it affects people.

With that said, if this game interests you but you want a different way to play, here is a list of some games that have similar themes in mind.

1) Global Outbreak: Doomsday Edition

Global Outbreak: Doomsday Edition

Global Outbreak is a mix of Real-Time-Strategy with a Top-Down Action Shooter, developed and published by ShortRound Games that is currently available on Steam.

The game lets you take control of a Black Thorn Industries after an alien meteor dropped down on earth and released a deadly pathogen that may bring the end of the human race.

This game will require you to manage your military organization, taking over key points, then setting up outposts and turret locations to keep the Zompods at bay while taking control of your squads keeping them alive in combat to save the human race.

2) Bio Inc.: Redemption

Bio Inc: Redemption

This game lets you be the good or bad doctor in this realistic medical simulation game. Developed and published by DryGin Studios that is available for PC and mobile devices.

You have the choice to either save the life of your patient with a life-saving procedure or be an evil person then inflict as much pain and suffering as possible while slowly killing your patient.

You will have to race against life and death to control the outcome of your patient whether they live or die is in your hands in this medically realistic simulation game.

3) Zombie Outbreak Simulator

Zombie Outbreak Simulator

An augmented reality game developed by Binary Space games and is available for android devices. This game takes real-life locations from Google Maps to provide very accurate locations to choose from to play your campaign.

You will be playing as a commander with the power to deploy troops and send in tanks while sending air support to bombard zombies or help civilians.

This game lets you modify pretty much everything from the number of civilians present, how many defensive units will be in place to stop the hordes of zombies, and even how accurate your deployed units are with their weapons.

4) X-CORE. Galactic Plague.

X-CORE Galactic Plague

A strategy game that let’s you take the side of alien invaders. This game was developed by Gyro-Games & available for android devices.

The game is on the point of view of alien invaders that want only one thing from the earth which is the extinction of all human life.

Take control of an alien hive where you evolve and improve your units while trying to prevent humans from any retaliation. The objective of the game is to collect points to use to improve your unit’s combat effectiveness or infiltration and establishing a foothold on earth to eventually conquer it with little to no effort.

5) Slay


This is a simple turn-based strategy game with a mix of match two. In this game, you will be taking control of some territory and it is your mission to take over and conquer the island.

The game was developed by Sean O’connor and is currently available for both iOS and Android devices.

This simple and addicting game is about taking over territory. While in your turn, you can place your units within your current territory or match them together to make a more powerful unit to help you attack or defend against other kingdoms.

A very simple game yet addicting in its charm, conquer and unify your island to come out victorious in this indie turn-based strategy game.

6) Trojan Inc.

Trojan Inc.

This real-time strategy game was developed by WalkBoy Studio & available on Steam.

Armed with sophisticated malware with the mission of stealing and infecting as much of the world’s tech infrastructure.

This real-time-strategy game lets you take the seat of a hacker with their only goal is to infect and steal encrypted data from all over the world. Choosing the delivery method of your malware you can modify and change it to let it infect more devices or focus on a type of cyber attack.

Simulate the feeling of joining the ranks of world infamous hackers in this real-time strategy hacker simulation game.

7) Supreme Ruler 2020

Supreme Ruler 2020

This real-time strategy game gives you command of a nation’s defense force to lead an ultimate victory against your rival nations either by political views or Warfare.

This game was developed and Published by BattleGoat Studios & available on Steam.

Amass great wealth and conquer nations through peaceful talks then eventually forging great alliances or by being a master of warfare by controlling your army and taking over the world one nation at a time.

8) Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc

From the great minds of Ndemic Creations, this real-time strategy game is available for PC and Mobile platforms.

As a spinoff of the successful Plague Inc. game, Rebel Inc. puts you in control of a paramilitary organization given the task to defend the demilitarized areas of a war-torn nation and its interests from destabilization, corruption, and even attacks of rebel insurgents.

Win the hearts and minds of the local people and re-stabilize their war-torn nation by providing basic needs, securing the government, and protecting the welfare of the people.

9) Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

Grab this game now for your favorite devices from PC, Console, even on mobile and handheld devices from the creators of the Fallout series Bethesda Game Studios.

After the world ended in nuclear fallout only you as an overseer of a Vault-Tec corporation’s standard Vault that comes without any experimentation or horrible tests conducted in them.

Given the task to oversee your underground facility, build and create an elaborate dwelling for your survivors complete with an exercise room, diner, and even an indoor swimming pool with the occasional rad roach attack.

10) Pandemic: The Board Game

Pandemic: Board Game

The objective of the game is to save the world and preserve human existence against an invisible enemy. Take control and assemble a team of specialists and use your limited resources to research and find a cure for the pandemic and win the game.

The popular board game Pandemic comes to Steam in digital form & available for PC, Console, iOS and android devices. Developed by Asmodee Digital this video game adaptation carries the favorite tabletop experience with the organization of a digital platform.

Final Thoughts

Some of these games give you the opportunity to be in the point of view of a diabolical genius and with a flick of your finger or a push of a button, end all life as we know it.

On the other hand, some of the games let you be the hand of good to save, serve and protect people either from the horrors of the zombie plague or just from the abuse of an unhealthy lifestyle.

With the current state of the world and the mounting tensions at home and abroad, why not fuel your creative forces and find out how you can change the world for good or for bad with this awesome list of recommended games.

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