15 Top Games Similar To Diablo

Diablo was a huge hit back in the day and made a huge change in gaming. Ever since Diablo came out there were a lot of other games as well but Diablo was able to make a huge impact not only for the story but the game mechanics as well. This dungeon crawling role playing game brought a lot of fun and replicating that joy is not hard with other games. Here is a list that others may be able to enjoy which have similarities with Diablo in sense of either ambience or gameplay.

1) Path of Exile


Path of Exile is an action role-playing game. The players may create one of the seven characters (Duelist, Marauder, Ranger, Shadow, Templar, Witch and Scion) along with a total of 19 advancement classes.Each character has 3 core attributes, strength, agility and intelligence as well as their own unique passive tree which allows you to customize the build of your character to a very large extent guaranteeing several builds for each character based on the choosing of the player. Players progress through leveling up and following quests leading them eventually to higher zones which provide greater challenges. Players have access to a hideout which they can also customize as well as a play to store and choose their personal crafting and upgrading stations.

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2) World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft takes place in the fictional lands set in the Warcraft universe.Players choose one of the 12 classes to play as. Each class will have its own unique skills and abilities which can be improved by leveling up the character by obtaining experience points from killing enemies. The game contains weapons and armor that have different rarities.Gear can be obtained by killing specific enemies that will drop the loot. The game also features a PvP mode where players can fight each other.

3) Torchlight 2


Torchlight 2 is a fictional role-playing game that features dungeons, forest biomes and other location where players can explore and fight different enemies. The players must kill the enemies in order to get loot and experience points to upgrade their character. The characters can be accompanied by a companion that has that will help them during battle, store gear and even bring excess items to sell them and return to the character. The players will have to explore dungeons and other biomes in order to kill specific set of creatures to drop different rarities of weapons and equipment. Torchlight 2 is more cartoonish compared to other games but has the same challenge and competitiveness as other games.

4) Grim Dawn


Grim dawn is set on an apocalyptic isolated world. The game features 6 different character class each character has its own unique skill and abilities. The players must instead kill undead creatures and enemies. The game offers players various quests that will help them level up faster. Players must kill enemies in order to get loot and kill specific enemies in order to get a high rarity item. The maps of the game are very wide and fun to explore there are different caves and dungeons where players can explore and find new undead creatures to kill.

5) Titan quest


Titan quest takes place in the ancient Roman Empire. Players must complete quests and stories of the game in order to level up and gain gold. Players can also gain experience and gold by killing enemies from different zones of the game. The game offers various weapons that enemies drop once they are killed. The weapons have different rarity that can reach up to Legendary. Players can equip relics which can improve the character’s ability. Players are able to unlock classes by combining different masteries. There are 36 possible classes and each will have its own unique set of skill and abilities. Players can also interact with merchants to give them quests and missions. In exchange for gold, players can also buy and sell items to the merchants. The game features different zones and biomes like Egypt and Silk Road that leads to Asia.

6) Vikings – Wolves of Midgard


Vikings – Wolves of Midgard takes place in a fantasy world where you play as a Viking and explore an open world map. The game features different biomes and zones where there are different enemies you can kill. Instead of experience points players will obtain blood by killing enemies and completing quests.Blood can be used to increase the character’s skills and abilities.Blood is also offered to the gods in the altar. The play can choose different ways to gain gold and blood they can repeat missions or they can farm it by killing enemies. The village can be upgraded by the use of metal and Iron and it will unlock new skills and equipment for the character.

7) The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing


The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing takes place in the 19th century with the mix of creatures and magic. The game allows players to choose from 6 different classes each with its own unique skills and abilities. Players will explore a large city that has creatures that have been experimented on. There are different technologies and magic that will help the players kill the creatures. Players will need to kill the creatures in order to gain experience and obtain different gear. Upon gaining experience, the players will be able to improve their character.

8) Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr


Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr is an action role playing game that takes place in different universe and vessels. The game has different types of weapons ranging from melee weapons to ranged weapons that players can use. The game features different character classes which has different unique of natural skills and abilities and magical abilities as well. The classes also feature different equipment such as weapons and armor. The players can destroy some destructible things around them to move from one place to another faster or strategically take out enemies. Players must kill enemies in order to get loot and players can upgrade their skills and make their characters more powerful.

9) Victor Vran


Victor Vran is a demon hunter Victor Vran will attempt to fight off the demonic infestation in the city of Zegoravia. The game features dodging and jumping these will help avoid the attacks of enemies as well as help solving puzzles in the game. The game does not have a specific character class players must equip Victor Vran with weapons that will suit the gameplay of the player. The demonic creatures will drop loot that contains equipment like weapons, armor, or money which can be used by the players. The players can also use potions to add effects on Victor Vran. The game has a wide map that contains districts and other areas of the city.

10) Magicka 2


Magicka 2 lets you play as a powerful wizard. The game is set in a fantasy world where you need to kill enemies and other evil wizards each enemy will give different loot. Players are able to utilize their weapons and magic to kill enemies. The players can pick up different weapons from the enemies they killed or chests that contain loot. Magicka 2 allows you to improve your skills and abilities through experience points. The game has different skills such as electrifying enemies or healing your teammates. You can play with 3 other friends in Magicka. The game has a wide map where you can explore dungeons and come across different enemies.

11) Exanima


Exanima takes place in the deep fantasy dungeon world where players must survive not only from creepy undead creatures like ghouls but they have to survive from other players as well. The game is very unique because of its ragdoll gameplay where characters in the game will wobble around when they hit an object or they get attacked by an enemy. Players can also pick up different items in the game such as chairs and buckets which they can use as a weapon or armor. Same as other games, players will get different weapons by killing enemies and looting their bodies or getting them from loot boxes like chests. The game has a mixture of humor and darkness because of its ragdoll engine and its enemies. There is also a clothing system where you can wear layers of armor to add protection to your character.

12) Lost ARK


Lost ARK takes place in a fantasy word where you play as one of the seven hero classes each with different and unique skill set. Lost ARK features a wide map where players can use ship to sail and venture off to another island that contains different enemies and resources. The game also has different weapons and armor with different rarities. The game features different mini games like mining, cutting down trees, fishing and other normal activities for players not to get burnt out from the game. Players are able to set sail in their own island and manage their own little island. The game is very unique compared to other games because of its wide map and gameplay.

13) Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity -Original_Sin_2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 takes place on the fantasy world of Rivellion where players face off different fictional creatures. Players can sneak by enemies by the use of camouflage where such as using bushes to hide and move around. Players can get different loot by checking barrels, chests and other loot boxes which can give them items and help fight off the creepy crawlies in the game. The game also allows players to craft and improve their weapons and equipment. There are different pre-made characters but players can also create their own character and add a backstory to their character.

14) Lineage Eternal


Lineage Eternal is an action game where players kill enemies in order to get better equipment and improve their skills. The game features different characters each with different skills, abilities and weapons players can use. The game is on early access and still being developed however players cannot wait for it to be released because of its gameplay and characters.

15) Wolcen Lords of Mayhem


Wolcen lords of mayhem takes place in a fantasy world where you are being hunted by humans and not only that but you need to survive monsters. Similar to other RPG games, players must gain loot and experience by killing NPC’s and completing quests. The game is unique because you can create your own home where you can settle and everything is customizable as well as your character. The game allows players to improve their skills and abilities like increasing attack speed, damage and critical hits. The characters of the game are also customizable. The game features an open world map where players can explore and find hidden and secret things about the game. There is also a mini game where players can craft their own weapons and equipment. The game features destructible environments such as walls and other things. The game also allows you to create your house to dungeon and challenge other players to survive your dungeon.

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