MapleStory 2 Leveling Guide (Basics, Tips, Experience…)

MapleStory 2 Leveling Guide

Getting all of your characters to the max level can be a bit hard, especially if your new to the games as most of the traditional ways we know how to do so are different in MapleStory 2.

Of course you can always defeat monsters and stick to quests but there is a way to efficiently reach 70 without it taking up so much time so you can enjoy using your characters when they are at their strongest and ready for end game progression.

You start out as level one and gain a bunch of levels at the beginner and reach level 70 which is the max level in MapleStory 2 through a lot of quests as well as other methods which can gain you experience when you play.

Here is a guide which can help you reach level 70 in only a few days as we have been able to hit 70 in approximately 2-3 days following the same methods for faster progression.



In order to level up you need to accumulate enough experience based on the total amount you currently have which will result in you gaining another level and your character becoming stronger.

The higher your level, the larger the experience needed is required which will need you to continue with higher quests and venture into areas with higher levels.

Monsters will give experience but it is not the best idea to grind them to gain levels, instead its best to stick to certain tasks such as doing quests, killing world bosses, playing music, fishing, exploring and more.

There are many ways to level up but it’s best to choose which tasks you target first to be sure you can make the most of the different tasks as some become unavailable or hard to do later on.

Best Ways To Get Experience


Although there are many ways to level up, these are considered the best ways due to the availability as well as the amount of experience they can provide.

It’s better to level up in ways that are more convenient in term of you doing less hard tasks for a greater amount of experience and figuring out which ones are most applicable to your situation can make it easy for you to level up.

Doing Quests


Quests are the main way for you to level up your characters as they give a large amount of experience and there are enough to get to certain levels in the game.

Most of these begin at a certain level and will give you experience to reach the next and take up the quests related to those levels.

There are mainly 2 types of quests aside from the special ones that you may partake as daily quests are limited per day while these quests are available and needed for you to progress through the story.

Most of these quests usually have you travel to a location, talk to an NPC, defeat mobs, collect items and other simpler tasks which are easy to finish, allowing you to progress quickly.

World Bosses


World bosses may be tough to be but they do provide a lot of experience as well as a good amount of loot for players that join in with the battle.

It’s common for players to begin hunting world bosses when they run out of epic quests that they have available and hunting world bosses with a party is a popular way to level up.

The more players fighting the world boss, the easier it is to defeat them as trying to solo will take up a lot of time and if you have no one to fight them with you then it might be better off resorting to other methods of gaining experience.

Playing Music


Playing music is great way to level up, especially if you are multitasking as this can be automatically done by playing a song and coming back after a while or using an auto-performance voucher which will make your character play for an amount of time.

This gives an amount of experience based on how long the song is that you are playing so either choosing long or short songs will give a good amount of experience.



Exploring is another good way to level up however its best to save these for later on as they give a percentage of experience based on your current level.

This serves as an alternative way of gaining experience when you need to reach a few last levels and should be used for leveling from 50 to 60 as there are not many quests when nearing 60.



Another good way to earn experience is fishing which can be done automatically with an auto-fishing voucher that lets your character make attempts on fishing on their own.

You can leave your character fishing while you do something else giving you time to focus on other things while gaining levels.

Reaching Level 50


Most of the experience you will get when you start out are form quests so you should stick to the epic quests that you are given.

It is optional to take up some side quests but following the epic quest which is your main set of quests will eventually get you to level 50 in no time.

If you follow the main quests, you will be able to reach level 50 or more within a day depending on how much time you have to play.

The higher your level gets the more experience that is given by the quests so don’t be fooled if it looks low at first as the experience from the main quests actually are higher later on, making it easy to level up.

You won’t need any expensive gear or upgrades as you will eventually get items from the quests that you do so it is wise to save up for later on.

The only time you should upgrade weapons is when you receive vouchers for a specific level item so that you can upgrade it to speed up defeating enemies.

Leveling 50 to 60


Probably the most annoying part but rewarding when it comes to leveling up is going from level 50 to level 60 as you run out of epic quests sooner or later and need to resort to other methods in able to reach level 60.

It’s rewarding as once you gain level 60 you get a set of epic gear that carries you all the way to level 70 along with new quests.

You may resort to fishing, playing music and exploring but try for world bosses too if you have others with you to speed things up.

Doing side quests that are around level 40 to 50 will also contribute a good amount of experience but most find it easier to just fish, play music or explore.

Reaching 70


Once you reach level 60, things get a bit easier again and you gain a quest to follow up with your rank, giving you knew and stronger abilities to go with the navigator reward that gives you the epic set.

From here you can follow the set of quests that are given to you as well as do more fishing, playing music, exploring and killing world bosses to finish up.

The epic gear will help you finish your quests quickly and can even be used to normally kill enemies that are high level so you can farm loot and experience at the same time on your way to 70.



  • Always stick to your quests as a source for your basic experience and only resort to optional quests if they are nearby or if you run out of main quests to work on.
  • You do not need to purchase gear or farm dungeons until you are 60 or 70 since most quests will provide you with good gear and eventually doing them brings you to dungeons that provide you with gear as well.
  • Stick to one build and avoid getting all the skills until later on as you want to be able to do as much as damage as you can to progress quickly.
  • Resort to using vouchers when you plan to level up when you are AFK so you can save time and use them to their full extent.
  • Save the exploration goals for last as they will give a percentage of experience which works as a good last options for when you have no other ways to level up.



Leveling up is quite easy in MapleStory 2 where most of the challenge is actually getting from level 50 to level 60 but the rest is all quick and easy.

Following the right methods and having a strategical way of getting experience by planning out what tasks you will do in the right order can guarantee you reach level 70 within 1 to 3 days depending on how long you play.

Do not worry if you do not do damage at the beginner because later on majority of players deal almost the same amount and in the end, once your 70, it’s all about grinding that endgame equipment.

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