MapleStory 2 Mesos Farming (Hunting Monsters, Missions…)

MapleStory 2 Mesos Farming

MapleStory 2 has its unique and useful currency which thankfully actually has value unlike in most games where you can have a lot of currency but not use it for much.

The Black Market uses this currency as well for trading between players and you need this to purchase materials from vendors for supplies and other needs.

Mesos can be troublesome to get at times and most situations will require you to have an abundant supply to be able to upgrade, purchase and do much more.

A good question though would be how do you farm Mesos, well we have come up with some of the easiest and fastest ways for you to get extra coin for your everyday needs in MapleStory 2.

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Hunting High Level Monsters


This may not be the most favorable way because it may take a bit of time but you are guaranteed to get a good amount of Mesos when hunting high level enemies.

If you can find a good spot that constantly allows you to lure enemies and bring them all in for a kill such as in Lulu Village then that’s a good place to start.

To efficiently farm Mesos from enemies you want to make sure you get a large amount of enemies and manage to kill them easily so they respawn again and you may repeat this.

Grinding like this can get you a decent amount of Mesos and is pretty good if your aiming to get some experience or work on getting trophies that have not been unlocked yet.

Defeating World Bosses


If you have fought a few world bosses, you might know that they give a good amount of experience as well as Mesos.

Another bonus is that aside from the initial amount you get for beating them, you also get to beat more Mesos out of their body, sending coins flying around and even elixirs for you to collect.

This works much faster if you are with a group and you decide to hunt the world bosses together.

A great way to farm world bosses is to go as a group, take one down, swap to another channel and repeat the process until you finish the world boss on each channel.

This can guarantee a very large amount of Mesos and if you have a lot of people with you, this can be done very quickly.

For a guide about world bosses visit this link:

Treva Farming


When it comes to farming Treva, there is no down that you will get a good amount of Mesos due to the drops from the elites when they die as well as the Mesos from the high level monsters you fight.

Aside from farming Treva and other resources you will come up with several items you need for endgame later which can be a good all in one farming routine for you.

Be sure to watch your health though as some enemies can get pretty nasty and may deal more damage than you expect them to do.

Not only can you farm the enemies in the PVP areas but once a portal drops, you can also head inside and complete the tasks there which will give you even more Mesos as well as a lot of other goodies.

For a guide on farming Treva visit this link:

Daily Missions


You can check daily missions as well as they have a few missions that give rewards which require you to hunt enemies and such which will reward you after.

Basically you get loot from the enemies as well as a bonus from the rewards so that’s 2 for the price of one and a good bonus when hunting.

All you need to do is head to Queenstown to get them and after that you may do them whenever they become available during the day.

Not all missions will be available to finish because of enemies that have not spawned yet but it’s good to pick up the emission so later you will be notified once there is a spawned enemy relating to your mission.

Dungeons and Raids


Doing dungeons and raids can get you a fair amount of Mesos as well as give you things that you may sell later on in the Black Market.

Being able to farm different items will give you wide variety of things that you can sell later on and since the different dungeons give a different array of items, you can select what you prefer to focus on.

Most items that are from level 50 and above are worth a lot so you can make a lot of profit after selling such items while also getting a reward in Mesos from completing the dungeons themselves.

Life Skills Crafting


Focusing on life skills, you can later on craft several items that other players need when they play the game for additional effects or stats.

These can be easily crafted once you have put effort into leveling up your crafting life skills and later on sold in the Black Market.

You can make a good deal of Mesos by mass crafting popular items and placing them in the market for a fair price and expect to reap your rewards sooner or later.

Selling In Black Market


A great way to make Mesos in MapleStory 2 is to get a bit more into the trading of the game which allows you to sell gear that you can easily acquire for a decent price or legendary gear for loads of Mesos.

Even a level 50 weapon can be sold for hundreds of thousands of Mesos, so it’s all about your pricing and supply and demand.

There are a lot of things for you to sell so just list up all those extra gear you don’t need and soon enough you’ll be getting Mesos in no time.

You can also sell materials and other resources that people need such as potion solvents or onyx for a reasonable price to take of some extra resources and get you Mesos.

A lot of people need something and expanding your list to accommodate the needs of many will make sure you earn from selling your extra things.

Premium Dungeon


If you have a premium membership, you can head to the Premium Dungeon for a small mini game which can get you a large amount of Mesos in merely a few minutes.

You can do this once a day if you have a premium membership so be sure to make use of it to maximize your gain from purchasing it.

This can be accessed through the challenge map just like any other dungeon and chosen from the dropdown box.



There are several ways for you to make Mesos in MapleStory 2 and while some are faster than others, all it takes is a bit of time and dedication and maybe a few alternate characters.

Basically you can earn a decent amount of Mesos in hours by actively playing or by selling things later on to collect the Mesos once you have made some sales.

By checking for all the possible tasks you can resort to, you can maximize your daily profit by giving time for each task and once you get the hang of it, making Mesos will be a regular routine for you.

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