MapleStory 2

MapleStory 2 Mesos Farming

MapleStory 2 Mesos Farming (Hunting Monsters, Missions…)

Michael James

MapleStory 2 has its unique and useful currency which thankfully actually has value unlike in most games where you can ...

MapleStory 2 Golden Chets

MapleStory 2 Golden Chest (Rewards, Locations, Farming…)

Michael James

Golden Chests are hidden objects found within many of the maps which contain goodies for you to have once you ...

MapleStory 2 Gearing Guide

MapleStory 2 Gearing Guide (Basic, Epic & Legendary Gear…)

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As you progress through MapleStory 2, you’ll find that eventually you will need higher gear that can help you conquer ...

MapleStory 2 Leveling Guide

MapleStory 2 Leveling Guide (Basics, Tips, Experience…)

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Getting all of your characters to the max level can be a bit hard, especially if your new to the ...

MapleStory 2 Treva Farming

MapleStory 2 Treva Farming Guide (How & Where to Farm, Recommended Gear…)

PGT Team

If you have played MapleStory 2 for quite some time, you may have noticed some shadow shops around which sell ...

MapleStory 2 Emotes

MapleStory 2 Emotes Guide (How to Get, Purchasing…)

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Sometime typing can be dull and tiring to do all the time and when it comes to communication in the ...

MapleStory 2 outfits

MapleStory 2 Outfits Guide (How to Equip, Outfits List…)

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One way to change the appearance of your character is to equip them with outfits which come in all kinds ...

MapleStory 2 Custom Clothes

MapleStory 2 Custom Clothes Guide (Making from Scratch…)

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When it comes to the way we look in MapleStory 2, we have been given several options to customize our ...

MapleStory 2 Mounts

MapleStory 2 Mounts Guide (Types, How to Get & Use…)

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Tired of running around the place and taking too much time getting from one destination to another just to go ...

MapleStory 2 Strangers House

MapleStory 2 Stranger’s House Guide (Location, Trophies…)

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MapleStory 2 has a lot to offer and when it comes to exploring the game there are a lot of ...

MapleStory 2 House Design

MapleStory 2 House Design Guide (Building, Farming…)

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MapleStory 2 has many features and things for you to do in the game and one of these include building ...

MapleStroy 2 Music Scores

MapleStory 2 Music Scores Guide (Where to Get, How to Compose…)

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If you have seen people around playing instruments and want to join in on the fun, you have most likely ...

MapleStory 2 Crystal Fragments

MapleStory 2 Crystal Fragments Guide (Tips, How to Get, Usage…)

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Improving your gear can make your character very strong but there are also certain resources that you will need to ...

MapleStory 2 Instruments

MapleStory 2 Instruments Guide (Where & How to Buy, Music Sheets…)

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MapleStory 2 has a feature which allows player to play music on a different assortment of instruments that they may ...

MapleStory 2 Classes

MapleStory 2 Classes Guide (Tier List, Weapons…)

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There are currently 11 classes in MapleStory 2, each with their unique abilities as well as their own perks when ...

MapleStory 2 Bosses Guide

MapleStory 2 World Bosses (Locations, How to Check, Drops…)

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One of the fun and sometime dangerous challenges in MapleStory 2 are world bosses, hunting them can be quite confusing ...

MapleStory 2 Enchanting Guide

MapleStory 2 Enchanting Guide (How to Enchant, Resources…)

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As you progress through MapleStory 2, you will come across better gear which will help you out with doing your ...

MapleStory 2 Trophy Guide

MapleStory 2 Trophy Guide (How to Check & Obtain, Skill Points…)

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In MapleStory 2 your achievements do not go unrewarded and with much efforts that you put into the game, even ...

MapleStory 2 Potion Solvent

MapleStory 2 Potion Solvent Farming Guide (How to Get, Best Place to Farm…)

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If you plan on taming some hungry creatures to get pets then you should definitely know that Potion Solvent is ...

MapleStory 2 Pets Guide

MapleStory 2 Pets Guide (Leveling, Taming, Location, Evolution…)

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Sometimes traveling alone in MapleStory 2 gets a little dull and that’s why it’s good to bring a companion with ...

MapleStory 2 Fishing Guide

MapleStory 2 Fishing Guide (Fishing Mastery, Locations…)

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Fishing is one of the Life Skills in MapleStory 2 which is the act of using a fishing pole to ...