MapleStory 2 Trophy Guide (How to Check & Obtain, Skill Points…)

MapleStory 2 Trophy Guide

In MapleStory 2 your achievements do not go unrewarded and with much efforts that you put into the game, even without knowing, these achievements bestow trophies upon you.

Trophies are rewards in the game which are received once you complete certain tasks that can be either simple or quite difficult.

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What Are Trophies?


Trophies act like rewards for certain achievements you do within the game and are bound to your account and may be affected each of your characters.

When you receive a trophy, you also get a title for it as well as another bonus reward depending on which trophy you receive.

Depending on the trophy that you unlock you may receive items, titles, attribute points, skill points, gear & outfit unlocks, furnishing unlocks, cosmetics, dyes, faces, hairstyles, emotes, and more.

How To Check Trophies?


Trophies may be checked by heading to the second menu in the lower right of your screen which has the icon of the world map.

Selecting trophies from the menu will open up your trophies window which can also be done by pressing the “Y” key which is the default key for the trophies menu.


You may then search for certain trophies to find out what they are for as well as what rewards you will get from completing them.

Trophies also have different ranks which go from 1 to 9 shown in roman numerals where certain rewards may be obtained depending on certain ranks of the trophy that is obtained.

Using the search option can help you find a certain trophy as well as help you search for desired rewards by showing you the trophies that give them.


You can also filter your trophies to show which ones you want to see by using the “Filter Rewards” feature which will allow you to find whatever awards you wish to focus on obtaining.

This will allow you to find specific rewards you want which you can focus on early during the game such as skills and attributes as they can be a big help in both early when you begin the game or in the long run.

How Are Trophies Obtained?


Trophies are acquired by completing certain challenges which can be seen in the trophy menu.


When a trophy is about to be received after completing a certain achievement, it is shown in advanced above your health and spirit bar as well as the percentage.


When you finally complete an achievement a trophy will be rewarded to you and you will notice the notification above your health and spirit bar.

Trophies With Rewards


There are many trophies and some people prefer to pick out which ones they aim for and put those in priority before others due to the awards that are achieved.

List Of Notable Trophies

Attribute Point Trophies

Trophy Name

Trophy RankTrophy Challenge

Trophy Reward

A Grave Affair

1Defeating 100 undead type enemies1x Attribute Point
A True Marathoner1Running 5 kilometers on foot

1x Attribute Point

Boing, Boing

1Jumping 100 times1x Attribute Point
Float1Flying 100 meters

1x Attribute Point

Living off the Edge

1Falling 9 meters 10 times1x Attribute Point
Oh the Humanity1Defeating 100 humanoid type enemies

1x Attribute Point

Positively Beastly

1Defeating 100 beast type enemies1x Attribute Point
Shopaholic1Spending a total of 10,000 Mesos in shops

1x Attribute Point

Spring Cleaning

1Defeating 100 inanimate type enemies1x Attribute Point
Time Among Friends4Playing for a total of 100 hours or more

1x Attribute Point

Victorian Pathfinder

1Exploring 100 island maps in Victoria1x Attribute Point
Welcome to Ellinia1Discovering Ellinia

1x Attribute Point

Welcome to Henesys

1Discovering Henesys1x Attribute Point
Welcome to Kerning City1Discovering Kerning City

1x Attribute Point

Welcome to Perion

1Discovering Perion1x Attribute Point
Welcome to Tria1Discovering Tria

1x Attribute Point

Hero of Henesys


Completing the “Elder’s Request” quest

1x Attribute Point
Rain of Fire1Throwing bombs and missiles in the Watchtower Rampart dungeon

1x Attribute Point

Beacon of Hope

1Restore gate and heal wounded soldiers in “Cusp of Life” dungeon1x Attribute Point
Warming Up1Gain rank 1 trophies: A True Marathoner, A Seal at Heart, Keep on Trucking, Float and Spider-Mapler

1x Attribute Point

Turtle Trouble

1Gain rank 1 trophies: Blargh and I Cant’t Breath1x Attribute Point
True Power1Level Up to 50

1x Attribute Point

Defying Limits

1Level Up to 701x Attribute Point
Mysterious Medicine


Cleanse poision in Poison Cave dungeon 10x

1x Attribute Point

Exorcist Extraordinaire

1Defeat the spirit of rage in the Testing Grounds dungeon1x Attribute Point
Future Tech1Fix Andy’s time machine in Ludible Time Hall dungeon.

1x Attribute Point

Palace Undercroft Custodian

2Open a door to clear debris 10x in Palace Undercroft dungeon

1x Attribute Point

Freedom Regained

2Rescue 30 slaves in Katramus Depths dungeon1x Attribute Point
The Boro Code2Remove thorny vines and save 10 boroboro in Cherry Blossom Hill dungeon

1x Attribute Point

Skill Points

Trophy Name

Trophy RankTrophy Challenge

Trophy Reward

Arbiters of Chaos

1Defeat agents of chaos in Victoria Island1x Skill Point
Friend of the Fairfolk1Clear Cherry Blossom Forest and Toxic Garden (normal adventure)

1x Skill Point

The Journey Continues

1Acquire 1,000,000,000 experience1x Skill Point
No Mystery Too Big1Investigate strange occurrences in Mapleworld (clear Lubidirium Clock Tower, Moonlight Fortress and Muros Studio

1x Skill Point

Vigilante Justice

1Defeat miscreants of Golden Tower (clear 4F, 7F and Tower Elevator)1x Skill Point
Exterminator1Defeating 100 insect enemies

1x Skill Point

Killer Instincts

2Defeating 3,000 enemies1x Skill Point
Self-Motivated1,2,3,4Reach level 20,30,40 and 50

1x Skill Point Each

Trophy Maniac

1,2,3,4,5,6Gain 50,100,150,200,250,500 trophies1x Skill Point Each
Disperse the Chaos1Overcome the monsters of chaos (clear Frostpillar temple, Madrakan Spire and Hard Rock ‘n Rollin’ Oink Bean chaos raid once each)

3x Rank 2 Skill Points

There are other rewards such as items to choose from and each can be filtered out through the “filter trophies by rewards” feature.



There are several trophies to collect which go over 2000 and for those who love to get achievements, this can be quite challenging.

It’s good to be sure to check the trophies to see what you might like o you can work on it while playing the game.

Eventually most trophies are acquired while you play but focusing on certain ones may give you an edge later on.

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