Akarius 2022 Guide (How to Get, Builds, Characteristics…)

The Akarius is a secondary weapon combination of launchers which fire target seeking rockets which are the secondary weapons of Gauss that came out with his release.

Akarius Warframe Secondary Weapon


The Akarius fires seeking rockets which home in on enemies and explode upon impact after travelling a certain distance.

Sprinting will cause the weapon to reload much faster and when used by Gauss it will be even more quicker as it is his signature secondary weapon.

After being fired the rockets will home in on nearby enemies to where the projectiles will impact.



  • Accuracy: Has an accuracy of 26.7able to accurately hit enemies at low to medium ranges.
  • Critical Chance: Has a 6% chance to deal critical hits per shot.
  • Critical Multiplier: Shots deal 1.8x more damage on critical hits.
  • Fire Rate: Fires around 4.25 projectiles per second.
  • Magazine: Capacity of 10 shots per magazine.
  • Noise: Shots are alarming and will alert enemies when fired.
  • Reload: Takes 3.4 seconds to reload a new magazine.
  • Status: Has a 28% chance to proc status effects per shot.
  • Trigger: Burst – fires two shots every time trigger is pulled.
  • Damage Types: Deals 419 Blast and 68 Impact damage.

A mastery rank of 8 is needed before the Akarius may be used.

  • Very high base damage
  • Has innate blast damage
  • Moderate impact damage
  • Large area of effect
  • Projectiles home in on enemies
  • Has status chance
  • Faster reload speed when sprinting
  • Low magazine capacity
  • Low maximum ammo capacity
  • Slow reload speed

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How To Get Akarius?


The Akarius may be obtained in the Ur disruption mission which is located on Uranus.


Akarius as well as Gauss’ primary signature weapon Acceltra has a chance to drop from demolysts that are encountered in the mission.


Once a demolyst is killed, there is a chance that it will drop the blueprint for the Akarius may be dropped and picked up to keep upon extracting form the mission.


Based from our runs, it is highly expected to acquire the Akarius blueprint after killing around 8 – 24 demolysts.

The Akarius may also be purchased fully built for 225 platinum in the market located on the orbiter.

Sample Builds

With the benefit of homing rockets, it is easy for this weapon to hit enemies and even strategically be used to target enemies in corners or behind cover.

The area of effect of the blast radius of the weapon is large and it can help clear out several enemies.

Since the Akarius already has blast as one of its damage types, it is possible to have 3 different combined elements.

Its high base damage can scale up to great amounts of damage with different mods easily.

The Akarius is definitely a good weapon for taking out groups of enemies as well as those that are very sturdy.

Elemental Damage Build


The Akarius Elemental Damage Build is mainly built up do deal a large amount of damage instantaneously.

It combines mods that increase and scale off of its base damage allowing a higher damage output.

With an innate blast damage as a main damage type, this build allows the Akarius to have 3 different combined elements.

This build can deal a large amount of damage in an area as well as still having the chance to cause status effects to occur.


(Elemental Damage Build damage)

Status Build


The Akarius Status Build has similarities with the previous build except it uses elemental damage and status mods instead of just elemental damage mods.

Due to the innate blast damage that the weapon already has the four elemental damage and status mods allow a configuration of 3 different elements.

This gives the build a 100% status chance and focuses on dealing not only large amounts of damage but also inflicting enemies with status chances.

Using this build is very effective against stronger enemies at it can weaken them and make them more susceptable to damage, deal damage over time or both.


(Status Build damage)

Rapid Fire Build


The Akarius Rapid Fire build aims deal a lot of damage as well as fire successive shots by having a faster rate of fire as well as a faster reload speed.

This build allows you to deal a lot of damage as well as use the impact from the projectiles repeatedly.

This may be consuming but with a Carrier sentinel or other means of converting ammo, you can easily replenish the Arkarius’ ammo quickly.

This will allow you to fire several shots and reload easily so that you may unload a barrage of rockets in mere seconds.


(Rapid Fire Build damage)

There are many other ways to build the Akarius and these can be used as base or basic builds which become situational in many missions.

The Akarius can be modded in different ways based on the preferences of the user and these are good choices to pick from when starting out as they provide good reference and have a good damage output.


The Akarius is great for dealing large amounts of damage in a big area and with the help of the seeking rockets, enemies are much easier to hit.

It may mainly focus on dealing status damage but the initial damage is already very strong and with the bonus of additional mods it gains a huge damage output.

A lot of elemental damage can be dealt with the Akarius making it powerful against specific types of enemies.

For a secondary weapon, the Akarius produces a very large amount of damage making it a great back up weapon as well as main.

Enemies won’t have a place to hide due to the large area of effect as well as the seeking rockets.