MapleStory 2 Treva Farming Guide (How & Where to Farm, Recommended Gear…)

MapleStory 2 Treva Farming

If you have played MapleStory 2 for quite some time, you may have noticed some shadow shops around which sell several things for Treva.

Treva is a currency that can be farmed efficiently when you know where to farm it as well as have the capability of doing it fast.


You may purchase several things with Treva which you will be able to make use of later on but the important thing is that you stock up on Treva so you can purchase them when you need to.


There are several shadow shops everywhere, mostly hidden where you can spend your Treva, some of the easiest to find are in Queenstown.

There are currently 3 shadow shops which are the Shadow Supply Shop, Shadow Gear Shop and Shadow Mount Shop.

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How To Farm Treva?


Treva farming might sound a bit complicated when people try to explain it and even harder when figuring it out for the first time but the truth is it’s very easy as long as you are properly equipped and get the idea of how to do it.


First thing you need to do is head to one of the PVP maps which are above level 50 as those will be the only ones that allow you to farm Treva.

What you need to do once you are in a PVP map that is higher than level 50 (52 and above) you will see that there are red dots on your minimap.


These red dots indicate that there are elite monsters present which you will need to kill in order to spawn a portal going to the Twisted Pocket Realm.

Take note that there is only a chance for them to spawn the portal but the chance is high and after a few mobs you should get a portal going.


Once a portal has been spawned you may enter the portal to be transferred to the Twisted Pocket Realm where you will be brought into a random situation which will lead to you getting Treva and other resources.


Some instance will require you to defeat a boss within an amount of time before the timer expires as failure to complete the task on time will teleport you out of the portal.


Other instances will require you to fend off waves of enemies in a small area which usually have 3 waves for you to fight against.


There is also a task where you need to destroy a watchtower which is similar to the defeating boss but much easier to accomplish.


Finishing the objective will grant you four chests that you may open up to get Treva along with several more resources that you will need later on.


Other instances will place you into a map where you may freely roam for a small amount of time so you may hunt monsters such as Rainbow Slime which drop Mesos and other goodies when hit.

Being able to kill these quickly will grant you a lot of Treva and focusing on taking out as many as you can will guarantee you a lot of good loot from the limited amount of time.

There are other similar situations that occur when you enter a pocket realm and they are all random regardless of which map you are farming Treva in.

Basically you kill elite enemies inside PVP maps that are higher than level 50 in order to try to get a portal to be spawned.

Where To Farm Treva?


Treva farming can be done by heading to PVP maps that are above level 50 which contain elite enemies that you will be hunting.

There are basically 5 maps where you can begin farming Treva which range from level 52 to level 60 and each of them will provide you the opportunity to farm a decent amount of Treva.

Sealed Forest (Level 52)


The Sealed Forest is the lowest of all the PVP maps that you can farm Treva in which has enemies that are level 52 and may be the best choice for those who are still new to the game and may have a hard time with higher level mobs.

You will be seeking out Frillerlia and Shadowmander elite monsters which will spawn all around the area.

This map also contains Barkback Stalker, Shadowshroom, Cursed Tree Spirit and Abandoned Wood Figure monsters which are all plant type enemies.

Gloomy Forest (Level 54)


Second map on the list is the Gloomy Forest which has enemies that are level 54 which spawn around the area.

Your target for elite monsters would be Oniobu and Tick Tock Rabbits which can be found amongst different mobs.

In the map you will also be able to encounter Panda Trainee, Oniodavi, Red Onionling and Rotpigs which are either beast or humanoid type enemies.

Obsidian Mount (Level 56)


Obsidian Mount is our third map and the middle of all five of the maps with a level of 56 for the enemy spawns.

Heck Hog and Spear Beetles will be the elite monsters that you will need to be keeping an eye out for when farming Treva here.

Other enemies such as Black Birk, Black Mountain Golem, Crowdog, Corvid and Dark Matter Pim may also be found in the area which are a mixture of beast, spirit, divine and fairfolk in one map.

Cozalita Graveyard (Level 58)


Cozalita Graveyard comes as our fourth map with a spawn level of 58 for all of the enemies in the map which may be a bit hard for those who are not properly equipped.

In this map you will need to track down and defeat Proto Constructor and Forgotten Anu enemies as they are the elite spawns in this map.

Several inanimate type monsters will also be roaming about such as Black Master King, Black Master Queen, Black Master Rook, Black Master Bishop and Black Master Pawn.

Melta Dam (Level 60)


Melta Dam is the highest level of all the PVP missions where you can farm Treva which is sometimes a more favorable place for those who wish to farm experience as well as take advantage of the map’s shape as it is easy to get around.

Elite enemies that you will be targeting are the Forgotten Monus and Ancient Gate Keeper which spawn in random spots with mobs.

Some of the monsters that are also lurking about in this map are Giant Sprite, Void Golem, Forgotten Winged Beetle, Ancient Speedy Beetle and Shadow Simian which are a combination of fairfolk, spirit, insect and beasts in one map.

Recommended Gear


Since you will be facing enemies that are level 52 to level 60 based on which map you have chosen, you will need to make sure you have the proper gear to do so.

Remember that you will be timed when you are inside the Twisted Pocket Realm and you will have to be able to defeat enemies efficiently or else you might miss out on good loot.

If you can defeat the enemies in the maps easily then there is a good chance that you will be able to do the same to enemies in the Twisted Pocket Realm.

It’s best to be around level 60 to 70 whereas you should already have collected a pack from the navigator rewards which gives you epic +10 gear and more.

This allows you to hunt more efficiently and improve the damage you do as well as boost your survivability.



  • Make sure that your gear is good in order to survive the different enemies that you may face and being between level 60 to level 70 will guarantee a better farming experience.
  • If you prefer to stay in one map but don’t want to wait for the elite monsters to respawn, you may change your channels to fight the elites on the other channel.
  • Test your damage out on the monsters in the PVP maps that are higher than level 50 to see if you do good damage, if you can kill them easily then the Twisted Pocket Realm will be easy too.
  • Be sure to check the timer to know how long you have to do your objective and try not to waste time as every second counts.



Treva farming is much easier than people think it is and you can get around 5,000 an hour or more easily if you are well equipped.

Making use of the gear from the navigator rewards or higher rating gear that you may have farmed will greatly improve your ability to farm Treva as all you need is speed when clearing maps.

There is no exact best class to use and as long as you can kill the enemies in the map as well as the Twisted Pocket Realm, you will surely farm a lot of Treva.

Treva farming can be done either solo or in a party but most players prefer solo as they claim that they prefer having all the loot.

If you farm Treva, you will surely end up with a large amount of Mesos and other resources that you will need for later on.

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