MapleStory 2 Custom Clothes Guide (Making from Scratch…)

MapleStory 2 Custom Clothes

When it comes to the way we look in MapleStory 2, we have been given several options to customize our characters when it comes to the things they wear.

We have dyes to color our armor and costumes that we can wear as skins instead of our armor being shown but what is unique about the game is there is also a choice of making your own clothing.

The UGC making and Maple Workshop basically can have their files edited with common applications such as paint for their designs.

This allows us to create our own clothing to wear which can easily be done by either creating the design ourselves or getting some user generated content online.

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How To Make Custom Clothing?


Creating your own skins for your items is easy as long as you understand the process of how to do so, the first thing to do is open up the Maple Workshop which can be done by clicking the icon on the lower right of your screen.

From here on you will be able to choose what you want to create and how it will look, allowing you to use custom made designs or to create your own.

Choose Your Base Item


Select what kind of item you want as your base item as there are different kinds of clothing you can make and the base will determine its shape as well as the compatibility with other UGC designs if you plan to use them.

You can filter out which items you want to choose from using the dropdown menu above the listed items to see what are the specific types for each.

Starting From Scratch


If you want to start from scratch or edit a premade design you can do so by clicking “New” which will open up a basic file for you to edit.


The basic design will show you how the outfit will be stretched on the model and allow you to edit or draw on the premade design.

This allows you to freely edit what it will look like when it is used in the game and from here on you can edit the file to your liking.


Begin to edit or get creative and modify the base file for your custom design which you may then save when you are finished.

As an example we have edited the shirt by drawing a random smiley face on it to test out this feature.


After you save the file it will then be available in your selection, as you can see the smiley face is now worn on the shirt.

Basically the image from the file that you had edited will be what appears on the design you have made so for those who want something more complicated, you can follow the image and carefully work on it.

You can always check its appearance anytime while you are editing it so that it comes out just the way you want it to.

This leads to several opportunities when it comes to making your own designs and can be done with different base templates.

User Generated Content (UGC)


A lot of users have made designs and have generously uploaded these for our convenience and they may be used to fill in the designs for us.

This is known as User Generated Content or UGC in short and is mostly used for creating custom outfits and skins in the game.

To get UGC you may simply search for it online and use websites such as Musical Nexus to find designs that you may like.

Most of the time there is UGC with all of the available templates but the more popular ones usually get UGC made for them so it’s best to browse most of the time for different designs.


Musical Nexus and other websites have UGC that can be downloaded and used as designs for your clothing as well as other customizations through the workshop.

In Musical Nexus you can search for MS2 Templates and open it up to view what designs they have to use for your design or to get inspiration.


You can browse through their selection of UGC and check for designs that you may interested in using for your custom clothing.

There are several designs made and you can check through the different categories if you are looking for a specific type of clothing so it matches the one you are making.


Once you have found a design that you like, simple download it so you can use it for your custom clothing.


After downloading the custom design, click on “Open File” which will open up a window for you to navigate and find the file that you downloaded.

Once you have found the file, open this and it will import it to your Maple Workshop for you to select when making your custom clothing.


Once it is in your Maple Workshop, you can now choose this as a design for your custom clothing by clicking on it.

All of the files you previously selected will be there for you to look at as well as any files you have edited or designs that you have made.


The design from the file will be applied to the base outfit that you are customizing and you may decide if you like the results or not.

Once you are finished, name your outfit and click create and proceed with finalizing the outfit.

That is pretty much how you import and use UGC files for your custom clothing, try it out and be sure to check other sites for more designs as you might have a lot of choices and want a specific look.



Creating a custom design is great way to make your character look unique and there are a lot of different designs to choose one as long as you search for it.

If you want to get creative you can make your own designs to use or even upload them to share with other people.

Having custom clothing can really make your character stand out and can really bring color to your experience playing MapleStory 2.

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