MapleStory 2 Stranger’s House Guide (Location, Trophies…)

MapleStory 2 Strangers House

MapleStory 2 has a lot to offer and when it comes to exploring the game there are a lot of interesting things that you may find.

One of these would be the Stranger’s House which is actually an exploration goal in Henesys which is indicated as “Defeat Mushmom In Stranger’s House” in the exploration goals section.

Now this might sound easy but apparently people have trouble actually figuring out where this exactly is as it’s not just some open area you can find amongst the building in Henesys but actually it’s hidden.

If you’re someone who likes to complete things in games or if you are aiming to get a star for completing this goal, then you’re in luck.

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Head to the top of the map in Henesys just above the area where there is water and head to the orange tree that is sitting in a corner.

If you search for Stranger’s House in your map using the search function you will be shown that the location is in Henesys although the exact location is not shown.

Even checking your mini map when in Henesys, there will be no location shown or any portals that show the entrance to the Stranger’s House.

Don’t bother searching the town where houses are as the location is actually hidden somewhere else so it’s quite a discovery coming across the Stranger’s House.


Move up to the orange tree in the corner and you will notice that there is an option to move to Stranger’s House.

In order to enter the Stranger’s House, simply interact with the tree and it will transport you to the hidden location.


Upon entering the hidden location which the whole area is basically called Stranger’s House, even the outside of it as well, your view will be changed to a side-scrolling view.

You will earn the be rewarded with 1,000 Mesos upon entering the Stranger’s Home for the first time and you will get the “Su Casa Es Mi Casa” trophy.

The words “Su Casa Es Mi Casa” translates into “Your House Is My House” from Spanish and is a reversal of the welcoming phrase “Mi Casa Su Casa” which is what people say tell people “My House, Your House” and instead it appears as someone is claiming this house.


If you talk to the little mushroom named Mushikid, it will tell you that Mushmom has claimed the Stranger’s House for herself.

Nothing really happens after talking to Mushikid except just figuring out a bit of what’s going on as a bit of lore for the house.


You’ll notice some Iron Hogs wandering the area as mobs for the area, they shouldn’t pose any threat so either kill them and continue or just keep going down the ladders.


You will come across Mushimom, the giant mushroom who has claimed this house for herself and whom you may fight and defeat.

It’s actually pretty connected that you face Mushmom in the Stranger’s House, seeing that Henesys has a mushroom theme about it.

Mushimom is a level 21 Elite plant type enemy who does not really pose much of a threat so defeating her should be quite easy.


Upon defeating Mushimom you will get a percentage of experience based on your level along with 1,000 Mesos and earn the “Mush Ado About Nothing” trophy.

The phrase “Mush Ado About Nothing” appears to be a reference to a play written by Shakespeare called “Much Ado About Nothing.


If you continue on heading to the house after defeating Mushmom you will notice that there is a pile of rocks that you can interact with.


If you interact with the pile of rocks it will drop an item called “Nomm’s Deed” which will go to your misc inventory once picked up.


Nomm’s deed certifies the land belongs to Nomm and it is said that this item is used later on for a quest, possibly relating to returning it to him.


Once you are done with the area you can simply head back to the entrance and interact with the statue of a mushroom to exit.

Related Trophies


This area can be used every once in a while to acquire the “Mush Ado About Nothing” trophy which will unlock the Mushroom Souvenier (Rank 2 defeat Mushmom 10 times) and the Mushroom Facepaint (Rank 3 defeat Mushmom 50 times) making them available for purchase.

If you are hunting Mushmom for some reason you can use the Stranger’s House to repeatedly defeat her by switching channels each time she is defeated.

This will allow you to complete the “Mush Ado About Nothing” trophy much faster if you aim to get the trophy and its rewards.



There you have it another star for your exploration goals and a place to defeat Mushmom every once in a while.

The Easter Eggs related and that are in this area are fun to check out and finding the location itself is worth the rewards.

The Stranger’s House is pretty much one of the most hidden things in MapleStory 2 so if you haven’t been there yet, you might want to head over for that extra star as well as some rewards.

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